(Currently there are 51 different boxes)


P'Radikus Conflict - A generic space ship cover.  About what you would expect from Color Dreams.

Pacman Tengen - Very colorful and cartoony box.  A favorite of mine!  Great job, Tengen!

Pacman Namco - Another Pacman box. 

Pacman Tengen Re-Release Box - Yet another Pacman box.  Popular little bugger.

Pacmania - While it is one of my favorite Nintendo games, this box is average at best.  Guess they all can't be gems.

Pacmania European box - It is different from the US box and that is good enough for us.

Palamedes - This is one bizarre box.  It sorta reminds me of a Saturday Morning commercial that they used to make for healthy food.  You know like "Hankerin for a Hunk of Cheese" kind of thing.

Panic Restaurant - I really like this box.  Have yet to play the game (it is quite rare) but it looks like a weird version of Burgertime from the box.

Paperboy - Who thought that such a dull job could be made fun and exciting in a video game?  Take it from a former paperboy, this game was alot more fun than any route.

Paperboy 2 - I hate the color scheme.  An ugly box.

Parodius - This is one busy cover!  Very nice though!

Peek-A-Boo Poker - Want to see the box cover for a game that complete with the box would set you back over $500.00?  Then look at this and the other two Panesian Adult Nintendo games (the other two are Hot Slots and Bubble Bath Babes).

Pesterminator - Man with mallet versus mouse.  Always bet on the mouse.

Peter Pan & the Pirates - Anyone remember this mediocre movie?  How about the mediocre game?  At least Peter is consistent.

Phantom Fighter - Ever eat a weird combination of food before bed and had bizarre dreams?  I am guessing the artist who did this box had a strange dream induced by some strange food combo.  Can you come up with a better explanation for this box?

Pictionary - When the artists got together to decide how to create a box for Pictionary, they must have been stumped.   No clever cartoon or funky characters.  Just a picture of the gameboard.   Looks like they played a game and when the inspiration didn't come, they just snapped a picture of their game and rushed it out.

Pinball - See a pixilated Mario blocking a ball.  Not very exciting, but it works.  Beats showing a picture of a real pinball machine, only to be disappointed by the game.

Pinball European - I would rather see Mario than this box cover but that is just me.

Pinball Quest - A pinball that has a skull on it.  I would like to see that in real life.

Pinbot - Everytime I see this box, two things run through my mind.  One is Johnny Sokko as that robot looks like the one from the classic TV show.  The other is the song "Mr Roboto" from Styx.   Put those two together and you get a good idea of my mental condition.

Pipe Dream-Looks like the game has been slimed!  I would be very scared if stuff like that was in my drain.  Can you say, "The Blob"!

Pirates! - A very nice box with some scurvy dogs on it.  Shiver me timbers, whatever that means.

Platoon - While this is just the picture used on the movie poster, have fun with it.  Here is my caption "Why God why?  I asked for a good Nintendo game for Christmas and instead I got Platoon.   Why God why?"  Send me your best lines!

Pools of Radiance - Another nice D&D game box.  Is it me or would it be very tedious to draw all those individual chains in the chain mail.

Pooyan - Not a great box but it is a classic game and one that is only made for the Famicom (and on just about every pirate multicart out there).

Popeye - See everyone's favorite sailor man!  The game is much better than the very average box.

P.O.W. - If the enemy was only as incompetent as these games and countless Chuck Norris flicks make them out to be, the Vietnam War would have been very short.

Power Blade - The guy looks like he has some super sharp hockey stick.  Wicked.

Power Blade 2 - From a hockey stick to a boomerang.  Guess they wanted a more international flavor.

Power Punch 2 - Think of Mike Tyson in space (not a bad idea) and you have an idea of what this box looks like.  Very nicely drawn box.

Predator - A cool picture of Arnold, but I would rather see the Predator on the box.  He was one bad mamma jamma!

Prince of Persia - A great box for a great game.  One of the many classic computer games that came over to the NES.

Princess Tomato - Never played the game, but I kinda like the box.  A very rare game and especially rare box.

Probotector - A very nice box with some cool mech characters on it.

Probotector 2 - Another nice box from Konami.  Never heard of the game before this but it had a sequel, so it must have sold decently.

Pro Sports Hockey - Made by Jaleco, who were famous for the Bases Loaded series.  Interesting to see that they actually got the NHL license for this game.

Pro Wrestling - Still one of my all-time favorite wrestling games.  I always liked the guy who would bite your head.  Still cracks me up.

Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt - Yes, that is Pugsley from the Addams Family.  A great show and a cool cartoon as well.

Punchout - See Mike Tyson in his prime.  Oh how far he has fallen.

Punisher - An ugly hero, an ugly game and an ugly box.  Nuff said!

Puss n Boots - I really like this box!   Very anime inspired box that shows different scenes from the game.  Thumbs up to EBC!

Puzzle - A cool box with a puzzle of a tiger.  Very clever.

Puzznic - This one has some cute characters jumping around.  What they have to do with a puzzle game is anyones guess.

Puzznic 2 - This is the same game as above but a different cover.  This cover is ugly.  It looks like patches on the back of someone's blue jeans. 

Pyramid - Egyptian women showing cleavage.  It tells me absolutely nothing about the game and I am not complaining.

Q*bert - Since this was a wraparound cover, I scanned more than just the front.  Makes for a nicer picture of the supreme noser!

Q-Boy - A very cute and colorful box.  He looks like a giant tooth  running around.

Qix - This is a not very good scan of a not too interesting box.  The game is fun though.

Quattro Adventures - Four games in one and some are actually pretty good.

Quattro Arcade - Another four pack, this time it is more arcadey.  Actually a decent group here.

Quattro Sports - Now this was a lamer compilation.  Four average at best sports games.

(All games, images and characters are copyrighted and owned by their respective properties. We do not own nor intend to infringe on the copyrights of any of the parties. These boxes are up merely for the enjoyment of all fans of  video games.)