(Currently there are 67 different boxes)


Mach Rider - Leave it to Nintendo to make boring boxes.  At least there is a number for service.  I cannot guarantee that it works (most likely you will end up with a massage parlor or a nuclear power plant).

Mad Max - Here is a game for the prequel to Road Warrior, the movie that made a worldwide star of Mel Gibson.  The box is no big deal but it is pretty cool that they made a game out it. 

Mafat Conspiracy - Not really sure what to make of this box.  It is different.

Magic Darts - A simple box but a very nice looking one.  The game isn't all bad considering it is a dart game.  When are they going to release a lawn darts video game? 

Magic Johnson's Fast Break Basketball - One of the best players gets his own game.  And like all games back then, he is wearing a generic jersey.

Magic Mathematics - This is the kind of crappy game that your aunt would buy for you if you did not specify a title.  I like the Pacman clone on the cover to make it not seem so lame.

Magic of Scheherazade - What kind of goofy name is that?  Is that a real place or a way to get rid of alot of letters in scrabble?  Anyway, it is a nice box, even if the name is dumb.

Magician - A tough box to get and a very simple, almost elegant design.  

MagMax - Who stuck Ghidrah on that space ship?  Sorry, but all three headed dragons remind me of  Ghidrah (please correct me on the spelling).

Maniac Mansion - This was the most requested box that I did not have up.  I hope you are all happy.

Mappyland - The not arcade version of Mappy.  Cute box of everyone's favorite police mouse.

Marble Madness - Cool cover with ball bouncing on what looks like a giant Rubik's Cube!  

Mario Bros. - This is the US version, with the black box.  Not as nice as the European box.

Mario Bros. - Don't worry, I will put up the American box but this European box is so much nicer.  I really like this box.

Mario is Missing - OK, if Mario is Missing is your favorite Mario title, please raise your hand.  Anyone?  Hello!

Mario's Time Machine - Along with Mario is Missing, these are known as the Mario games that people did not play.

Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu - Sounds like a rap group or something.  Anyways, this could be a cool box if it wasn't for that peach border.  

Maxi 15 - This is what I want, a multi cart of a bunch of mediocre games.  Give me one of all the Nintendo released classics or all the great Tengen games, but not this stuff.

McDonaldland - One of two games from the most popular fast food restaurant in the world.  This is the better cover of the two.

McKids - This is a fair cover.  Never played the game, but doubt it is anything amazing.

Mechanized Attack - Another gun game and one of the few that is more serious.

Megaman - I want everyone to get out of their chairs and try standing like Megaman is.  Painful isn't it!  Now you know why he isn't smiling.

Megaman 2 - Gone are the cheesy mustache and the yellow on his uniform.  Guess Megaman was tired of being teased.

Megaman 3 - Is it me or is Megaman getting cuter with each box?  By the end of the series, he must either be a little baby or a puppy.

Megaman 4 - A decent cover of Megaman with a planet that looks like Saturn getting ready to hit the planet.

Megaman 5 - One of the best covers of the series.  There is a big robot creature terrorizing Megaman.

Megaman 6 - By far the hardest to get of the Megaman series.  A very nice box, despite being sickingly cute.

Menace Beach - Maybe it is just me but this kid is not very menacing. 

Mendel Palace - Here is a collection of some very weird looking dudes.

Mermaids of Atlantis - One of the really rare boxes for the system.  Not a great box, but it does feature a mermaid.

Metal Fighter - Not many boxes put so much orange on the cover.  But it does go well with all the blue.

Metal Gear - One of the biggest selling franchises got its start right here.  Admire the box as it is a classic.

Metal Mech - A nice cover with a big robot in the midst of battle.  I really want to see what he is fighting.  Another robot?  Godzilla?  A pack of rabid poodles?

Metal Storm - It looks like a Robotech model on the cover. 

Metroid - I know it took forever for me to add this classic game.  Enough emails, enjoy the picture!

Metroid Classic - I will probably get hate mail for this, but I like this box so much more than the original box.

Michael Andretti Racing - Another racing game.  The NES sure had alot of them.

Mickey's Mouscapades - Yes, we are talking about Mickey Mouse and his number one villain, Black Pete. 

Mickey's Adventures in Numberland - Both of these Mickey boxes are very nice.  The games are another matter.

Mickey's Safari in Letterland - See the above statement.

Micro Machines - Great game and a great box!  One of the best Codemasters games.

Mig 29 - Keep your eye on the pretty planes.  See how fast the pretty planes go as they prepare to blow you to kingdom come!

Might and Magic - A cool looking box with some wicked looking creature on the front. 

Mighty Bombjack - An obscure arcade game that was alot of fun.  The box is decent.

Mighty Final Fight - The US box is decent.  The scan is not too good.

Mighty Final Fight (Japanese box) - A much better box and scan!

Millionaire - A pretty cool box from Sachen. 

Millipede - In Centipede you get a wand to fight with, but this poor sap on the box cover only has a bow and arrow.   Call me pessimistic, but this guy is bugchow.

Milon's Secret Castle - Know what the secret of Milon's castle is?  It isn't a castle at all, but a model.  Take a look on the box cover and tell me that is real.  Sorry Milon, but I couldn't keep quiet about it anymore.

Mission Impossible - Take a look at the guy with the gun and tell he doesn't look like Emilio Estevaz.  Guess the Mighty Duck has gone rambo!

MLB - Also known as Major League Baseball.  A decent box with what appears to be Ozzie Smith putting the tag on someone.

Monopoly - Nice cover that catches the eye.  But with a game like Monopoly, you really don't need to do much.  Everyone knows what the game is and it sells itself.

Monster in my Pocket - Remember these toys from the 80's?  I do!  Here is the game based on the teeny tiny monsters.

Monster Party - Cool cover!  I am a sucker for monsters and there are six featured here!  But how about the mummy?   Or Frankie?  What kind of party would it be without these two mainstays?

Monster Truck Rally - A really nice box from INTV Corp, who were the programmers of the Intellivision who bought the company.  This game is called Stadium Mud Buggies on the Intellivision.

Moon Ranger - A cool cover that looks more like it would be a video game version of Moonraker. 

Mother - Known in the US as Earthbound, though not released until the Super NES.  The box is nothing special but the game is quite good.

Motor City Patrol - Yes, even Matchbox had a game for the NES.  Everyone seemed to have a game for the NES.

Mr. Gimmick - I have seen tens of thousands of NES games and never once did I ever see this game.  Not sure about the game but I like the cover.  Very cool in a funky way.

Ms Pacman (Tengen box) - Great picture of the first lady of video games!  A very tough box to find (though not half as hard as the Namco box).

Ms Pacman (Namco box) - I like the Tengen better but this is also a very nice box.

M.U.L.E - A man and his mule, no this isn't a love story.  It is exploration and building.  Maybe it is me, but I remember the mules being robots.  This one sure looks real enough.  Maybe he is from Westworld.

M.U.S.C.L.E. - Remember those little bitty wrestlers?  Well, they were the rage back in the day and here is the Nintendo game based on them.

Muppet Adventure - Miss Piggy tied up.  Personally, I think they should gag the big mouth. 

Mutant Virus - Your typical space hero shooting ameba like creatures.

Mystery Quest - See boy fight a snake.   See boy run from bees and scorpions.  Cute little anime inspired box.

(All games, images and characters are copyrighted and owned by their respective properties. We do not own nor intend to infringe on the copyrights of any of the parties. These boxes are up merely for the enjoyment of all fans of  video games.)