(currently there are 66 different boxes)


F-1 Sensation - A beautiful cover!  One must wonder how much Canon paid to have their name plastered all over the cover.

F-117 Stealth Fighter - These are one kind of planes you do not want to see coming after you.

F-15 City War - A very nice box if you like planes.  If you have a phobia about them, avoid this box.

F-15 City War (HES version) - This box is more cartoony.  I personally like the other box design better.

F-15 Strike Eagle - Here is your chance to relive the Desert Storm War.  Cannot wait for the game that lets me relive Granada.

Family Feud - Just a picture of the set, but think of what it could have been.  They could have had a big picture of Richard Dawson puckering up, ewwww.

Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy - I still remember when these were being sold on Home Shopping Club.  That is why I always laugh when I see people on ebay calling them Extremely Rare.  Nothing that is extremely rare is sold on HSN.

Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (different cover) - Another cover of the popular game.  For an egg or whatever he is, he is quite popular.

Fantasy Zone - See the cute little ship fly through the pink and blue world.  Awww.  Actually it is a good box with the coloring scheme of the baby section in a department store.

Faria - Pretty cool box of a knight fighting a dragon.  Whether this is in the game is anyone's guess.

Faxanadu - No, this isn't the sequel to Xanadu (the Olivia Newton John film).  This is Faxanadu, the role playing game!  Simple designed box, but effective.

Felix the Cat - The wonderful Felix in all his glory!  He even has his magic bag with him!

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge - It is hard to find a man that does not smile at the very name Ferrari.  I am smiling right now.

Fester's Quest - See Uncle Fester looking even weirder than usual.  Good to see the Addams Family characters branching out.

Final Fantasy - A classic box for a classic game!  A must have for any Nintendo owner!

Firehawk - Not a bad box from the Codemasters.  Not as good as some of their other boxes like Micromachines, but still pretty good.

Fire n Ice - No, this has nothing to do with the Pat Benatar song.  It is some kind of puzzle game.  Too bad as I wanted to play a video game based on Pat Benatar.

Fisher Price Firehouse Rescue - Let's get this over with, all three of these boxes are simple and geared towards kids. 

Fisher Price I Can Remember - See above.

Fisher Price Perfect Fit - Ditto.

Fist of the North Star - The classic anime turned into a game.  I remember the game being pretty good. 

Flight of the Intruder - Another box with planes on the cover.  Guess if you had a game based on planes for the NES, you had the title start with the letter F.

Flintstones Rescue of Dino and Hoppy - This is the easier to find of the two Flintstones games for the NES.  A very nice box with most of the prominent Flintstone characters displayed. 

Flintstones Surprise on Dinosaur Peak - A nice box with Fred and Barney on a pterodactyl. 

Flying Dragon The Secret Scroll #1 - Here is the first of two different box designs for this game.  I like this one better, but both are pretty nice.

Flying Dragon The Secret Scroll #2 - As you figured, this is the second box design for this game.  This one is more anime inspired.

Flying Warriors - A cool cover of some generic super heroes.  Check out the hair on the female hero.  Talk about scary!

Formula One Built to Win - This is what an Indy race would look like on acid. 

Formula One Sensation - This is what the F1 Sensation cover would look like to Velma after she lost her glasses.

Frankenstein - See Frankenstein's monster battle a gladiator!  Sounds like a Roger Corman movie.

Freedom Force - One of a handful of NES lightgun games.  Does that man's hair look like tilled fields or what?

Friday the 13th - Look at the deadly Jason!  The box is scarier than the game.

Funhouse - I was hoping for some cool carnival funhouse.  You know with those weird mirrors, upside down rooms and that turning barrel you have to go through.  Instead, I find out it is based on some Nickelodeon show.

Galactic Crusader - An average box for a below average game.  Bunch games, what does it really mean?  A bunch of crap?  A bunch of garbage?  You choose your own meaning.

Gauntlet - A classic game and a classic box.  Why are they all looking in different directions? 

Gauntlet II - While I like the original box better, at least this time they are all looking in the same direction.

Genghis Khan - That is one pissed off dude!  No wonder he commanded so much respect.

George Foreman KO Boxing - See George in his pre grill selling days. 

Ghost Lion - Remember the show, Family Ties?  Well, here is the little sister, Tina Yothers from the show!  

Ghosts n Goblins - Gotta feel sorry for the poor knight.  Not even the Black Knight could defeat all those beasts.

Ghoul School - A very cool looking box.  Think of a really creepy looking castle (like the one at the beginning of Scooby Doo).

GI Joe - Go Joe!   A very white box with a handful of popular characters in the middle.  Nothing special, but what did you expect?

GI Joe Atlantis Factor - The other GI Joe game.  I say this because almost everyone I know owned the other one.

Gilligan's Island - Hey little buddy!  Gotta love a game based on this.

Goal - A lame box.

Goal 2 - The sequel to Goal.  Also has a lame box.

Goal 2 European Release - A better box, not great but better than the horrible American boxes.

Godzilla-Cool box of a super cool monster.  But what is up with the line, "Monster of Monsters"?  Wouldn't "King of Monsters" be more fitting?  Or was that already copyrighted?

Godzilla 2 - A better tagline this time.  A cooler box too.

Gold Medal Challenge - If you look at how the people are lined up, you can find all kinds of humorous things.  If you have a juvenile mind that is.

Golf - Another of the classic Nintendo first released black boxes. 

Golf Grand Slam - Nice box with a nice shot of a golf ball and the course.  Makes you want to take a 3 wood to it.

Golgo 13 -  Based on an anime, this box is actually pretty boring.

Goonies 2 - Waiting patiently for the sequel to the hit movie?  Well, you will have to settle for the video game.  Sorry but no Cyndi Lauper song included.  Bummer.

Gotcha! The Game - They made a big deal about how there was a paintball game for the PS2.  Well, nearly 20 years earlier there was one for the Nintendo 8-Bit and it was compatible with the light gun! 

Gradius - A cool looking box for a great game!  One of the classic shooters on the NES.

Gradius 2 - I have seen literally thousands of NES boxes and never once did I come across this one.  Luckily someone sent me the photo. 

Great Waldo Search - There are things that continue to boggle my mind: tax laws, higher level math and the fact that there were two games made for Where's Waldo. 

Greg Norman Golf Power - See a close-up of Greg.  Bet that was a huge hit with the teenage boys who were the main buyers of video games in the 80's.

Gremlins 2 - You may be asking where Gremlins 1 is?  It was released on the Atari 2600. 

Guardian Legend-Look the monster has two faces.  Maybe it is just me, but that second face on his forehead just looks silly. 

Guerrilla War - Another game from SNK.  A good box and a decent game.

Gun Nac - One of my favorite NES boxes.  How often do you get to see a space ship battling evil space carrots?  Not often enough if you ask me.

Gunsmoke - A cool game and a cool box.  Just one of those quarter munchers at the arcade. 

Gyromite - A game to use with your ROBB robot.  Not that it was enough to keep the robot from gathering dust.

Gyruss - Being a big fan of the game, I really enjoyed this box.  A great piece of artwork that well represents the game.  Would make a nice t-shirt.

(All games, images and characters are copyrighted and owned by their respective properties. We do not own nor intend to infringe on the copyrights of any of the parties. These boxes are up merely for the enjoyment of all fans of  video games.  Please don't sue me Tina Yothers, it isn't my fault your career died.)