Welcome to the system that revived the game industry and transformed Nintendo from a small arcade machine maker to a worldwide power in the home video game industry!  Games like Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Megaman and Castlevania all started here! 

Nintendo Rarity - How rare is Tengen Tetris?  What is the rarest Nintendo game?  Click here to find out!

Nintendo Reviews - What games are good and what games to avoid?  Here is one man's opinion!

Nintendo Boxes - What does the Tengen Tetris box look like?  How about Cheetaman II?  See our ever growing picture gallery!

Super Nintendo Games For Sale - Here is a huge selection of Super NES games, consoles and even some Super Famicom games for sale.

Bit Age Ads - Here is a growing collection of ads from the Bit Age including NES, Turbo Grafx, Sega Master System and more!

Collecting Tips - Are you a NES fan?  Here are some tips on collecting for one of the most popular and influential systems ever.

Nintendo Manuals - Just a handful up now, but these are the cliffnotes of manuals, just the facts!

Accessories - Here are pictures of some of the accessories that were available for the Nintendo.

Nintendo Fun Club - Here is scans of the covers of the magazine that preceded Nintendo Power.  Check out this rare magazine.