Intellivision Boxes
(currently 81 different ones)

This section will feature scans of as many Intellivision boxes as I can scan.  Check back occasionally and see what new ones are available!

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - I always liked this cover.  The creatures looked so cool as a kid.  If only the game looked as good.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin - One of my favorite Intellivision games and a cool box to boot!

Astrosmash - A good cover for a good game.  Not a great cover or game, but good.

Atlantis - Gotta love Imagic and their gawdy boxes!  See Atlantis and try to save it!

Auto Racing - Go Speed Racer Go!  Oh wait, wrong game but right sport.

Backgammon - Guess you needed some games for people who didn't want to kill aliens or play sports games.

Beauty and the Beast - A classic box for the classic Imagic game.  Sure it was like Donkey Kong, but they made it unique enough to stand on its own.

Blockade Runner - Box is better than the game.  Oh well, not all games can be good.

Bomb Squad - Very simple design, but the unique color of the box immediately lets you know it is from the "Voice Series".  Nice logo!

Boxing - The box is nothing special but the game is alot of fun. 

Bump n Jump - I really like the box and the game is great too!

Burgertime - A very nice box and one of the few times where the home version plays better than the arcade.

Checkers - Look at pop as he looks on proudly at his son.  Touches the heart.

Chess - Neat box.  Not a great box, but sorta neat (does anyone besides me still use this word?).

Chipshot Golf  - Real picture to give the effect of a realistic game.  Not a bad game.

Commando - That guy looks crazy.  But you have to be a bit crazy to be running around with a lit stick of dynamite in your hand.

Congo Bongo - A very colorful box from Sega. 

Defender - I am not sure why Atari chose pink boxes for the Intellivision.  Was there a hidden message there?

Demon Attack - See the demon space creatures that are coming to Earth.  Run!

Dig Dug - A nice cover that shows the game, even if it is not following the logic of the game.  One place has a rock falling on a creature when no one is there to undig the rock.  In another, you have a rock just hang there, instead of falling.  Hmmmm.

Diner - One of my all-time favorite games!  Gotta love a box that isn't afraid to use pink.

Donkey Kong Junior - One of the Coleco games that was ported over.  A good box for a good game.

Dracula - My guess is that they drew straws at the Imagic offices and the loser had to put on makeup and pose for this picture.  Very cheesy, but quite fun.  Think of Squiggy (from Laverne and Shirley) as a vampire and you get the picture.

Dragonfire - Cool box from one of my favorite companies, Imagic!

Dreadnaught Factor - I really like this little game and the box is pretty cool too!  Man, those ships are big!

Frog Bog - A very nice cover with a realistic looking frog on it.  If only they gave the box a slimy feel to it, that would have been cool.  Probably would have killed sales.

Frogger - Always loved the cartoony frog that appeared on the box. 

Hover Force - A nice box, but doesn't do justice to the cool game!

Jetsons - Meet George Jetson, he has his own game.  Why does his wife get bottom billing in the song?

Kool Aid Man - A very colorful and nice looking box.  I am tempted to make a t-shirt out of this box art. 

Ladybug - One of the best of the Coleco boxes for the Intellivision and a hard game to find.

Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack - The most common Intellivision game.  If you own an Intellivision you should have a copy of this game or two or three.

Las Vegas Roulette - A nice box, much nicer than the other gambling one.

Locomotion - A nice cover with a big train on it.  Is it me or does the men in the back picture look like they are having a Charlie Chaplain look alike contest.

Major League Baseball - When we were young, we believed that the pitcher on the box was an Indians pitcher.  We could never agree on who it was, just that he was an Indians pitcher.

Masters of the Universe - He-Man's first appearance in video games.  By the power of....

Microsurgeon - Always loved this box!  The colors were very vibrant and made us all want to hop in that body and start killing viruses.

Mindstrike - Another of the black boxes for the Intellivision.  Box is alright looking, but nothing special.  Cannot comment on the game as I don't have the computer.

Mission X - The box design possibly influenced the 1942/1943 games on the Nintendo.  Great picture of a plane in action!

Mountain Madness Skiing - A better skiing game from INTV, the people who made some of the best Intellivision games ever!

Mouse Trap - See the arcade game on the box.  Coleco made you dream of a game that was close to the arcade.  Of course, if you wanted that version you needed to buy the Colecovision.

NASL Soccer - The old NASL league.  Long gone but not forgotten.  Most people remember it for Pele who played there at the end of his career.

NBA Basketball - Another of the many licensed games that in my opinion did not need the expensive license.

NFL Football - This was the game that made us dream about better football games.  Especially after playing that awful Atari Football game. 

NHL Hockey - I always liked those speed lines behind that player in the background.  When I was young, I thought that was ribbons tied to him.  Made no sense to me why a hockey player would have ribbons tied to him.

Night Stalker - A cool looking box.  But you have to wonder what kind of place has robots and looks high tech, yet they have spiders and bats everywhere.  Can you say exterminator.

Pac-Man - A generic box but when everyone knows the game, you really do not have to put much into the box design.

PBA Bowling - Another waste of a license.  Exactly which people were more willing to play this game because of the PBA affiliation?  Good game but it did not need a license to sell it.

PGA Golf - A good golf game but it paled in comparison to Chip Shot Golf. 

Pitfall - A good box cover for Pitfall.  I like this box better than the basic Atari 2600 box.

Pole Position - A very rare game and the box is even tougher to find.  I accidentally stumbled on this one at a flea market, mixed in with all the common games.

Reversi - Maybe it is me but with the kid laughing and the mother looking pretty serious, I am thinking he is laughing at how bad she is doing.  He better watch it or he will get no dessert tonight.

River Raid - A great cover for the Activision classic.

Safe Cracker - See the crooks trying to break into the safe. 

Scooby Doo - One of the computer only boxes, this is a pretty nice box.  A timeless character!

Sears Bowling - I can handle that the dude is wearing all purple, but it looks like he is flipping me off.  That is the ultimate insult, getting cheesed by a man with no fashion sense.

Sears Poker and Blackjack - Another Sears box.  Harder to find than the ultra common Mattel one.

Sears Roulette - If that guy doesn't look like one of those men from the British Invasion (the music one).

Sears Tennis - OK, see how many things you can find wrong on this cover.  See bottom of picture for a list of the mistakes (besides the really bad art).

Sewer Sam - Ummm, it is a neat looking box.  Game is so so.

Shark! Shark! - Nice cover for a great game.  If you have an Intellivision, this is a must have game.

Slam Dunk Basketball - One of the best INTV games and the box isn't that bad.  See the "dudes" going to the hoop.

Snafu - This was one box that did nothing to tell you what the game is about.  Pretty interesting design.

Space Hawk - Now that is one multi colored planet.  Enough to make it look fake, sorta like a super ball in space.

Spiker Super Pro Volleyball - Thanks to Michael for sending me this box scan.  Pretty rare game.

Stadium Mud Buggies - Took me forever to come across this game.  Pretty cool game and the box is cool too!

Super Cobra - While nearly identical to any other release of Super Cobra, it is the rarest of any of them and one of the toughest to find Intellivision games.

Super Pro Decathalon - Another of the INTV games.  Quite fun and very difficult to find.

Tennis - Not much to this box.  But what did you expect from Tennis?

Thin Ice - I love penguins and this one features a penguin as the main character.  Zambonis are pretty cool too!

Thunder Castle - A very cool box for a cool game! 

Tower of Doom - The unofficial third Dungeons and Dragons game.  The best game of the bunch.

Tron Deadly Disc - One of the three Tron games and probably the most fun of the trio.

Tron Maze-A-Tron - A very odd looking box.  Reminds me of what the movie poster for Tron would look like if Andy Warhol designed it.

Tropical Trouble - Remember Ogre from the movie "Revenge of the Nerds"?  Well, this guy could be his twin brother!  Who would have thought there were two guys this ugly out there.

Truckin - One of my favorite Intellivision games.  You really need the map to truly enjoy this game.

Tutankham - Possibly the rarest and most valuable Intellivision game.  For the money it would cost, you are better off ponying up a few more bucks and getting the arcade machine.

Utopia - One of the best games for the system.  The box is pretty decent.

White Water - Looks like a couple of aged hippies got lost and ended up in the Amazon (at least the native looks like he is from the Amazon).

World Series Baseball - One of the toughest games for the Intellivision.  Too bad you need the computer to play it.

Worm Whomper - Gotta love the take off the classic painting, American Gothic.  The game is also quite good as it is a variation of Centipede.


(The images on these boxes are the rights of the respective parties.  We just put these up for the enjoyment of classic video game fans and do not mean to infringe on anyone's copyrights).

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