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These reviews are only my personal opinion. Yours may vary depending on taste, expectations, and other criteria. Mine is not the absolute, only what I like. These reviews are here for your enjoyment and to help give you an idea of what games are good and what games to avoid (again based on my personal opinion, worth about two cents, give or take a penny). All games are rated with the simple school grading method (with an "A+" being the best and an "F" being the worst). All games are rated in comparison to other games of the same era. In other words, a game on the 2600 may get a great rating compared to other 2600 games and comparable systems (Odyssey II, Emerson Arcadia, etc..) and may not be as highly rated if compared to a Nintendo game. So keep this in mind. Look for more reviews to be added in the future. Please e-mail your favorite games, reviews you agree or disagree with, or reviews of your own. Thanks and enjoy!


Antarctic Adventure (Grade B) - I am really a sucker for penguin games (see Pengo review), and this one is no exception. You have to race your little penguin from station to station (with different station manned by different countries, a nice little touch). Along the way, you have to watch out for holes in the ice and these really annoying seals who make a point of getting in your way. At least they don't eat you as seals would do in real life. You just bounce off them and are momentarily stunned. While you are racing to get to the next station, you can grab flags and fish for extra points. The flags are stationary and it is just a matter of moving toward them. The fish on the other hand are flying out of the water and you catch them in stride. Why are they jumping out of the water? My guess is to avoid the seals. No one ever accused fish of being smart. Anyways, the levels get harder and harder with more seals and the holes get closer and closer together. Great little game.

BC's Quest for Tires (Grade B)-One of the licensed games that is worthwhile.  Guide BC from the comic strips along as he has to jump across a river, duck out of harms way and a whole lotta other stuff.  Quite an enjoyable game!  Who would ever have thought that riding on a unicycle made of stone could be this much fun?

BC II:Grog's Revenge (Grade C+)-Same unicycle, but different game.  Now you must ride around a mountain while avoiding Grog.  At the same time you pick up coins (thought clams were the currency?).   An interesting game and very well do, graphically, but nowhere near as fun as the first one.  Too often, you just seem to hit something.

Beamrider (Grade B+) - A great game from Activision. While the actions doesn't vary much, it is one of those games where you keep coming back to post a higher score and get to the next level. You have to move back and forth on a grid while enemies move down and sideways. You have to blast a predetermined amount to get to the next level. There is also a end of level ship to blast. Great game that will take up a decent amount of your time. Get it, you won't be disappointed.

Boulderdash (Grade B+)-Yes, it is the same game that appeared on all the computer systems and even the Nintendo.  Fun game where you must clear all the diamonds off the level and not get crushed by a boulder.  A game that requires quick reflexes and a little grey matter.  This game is quite expensive, so if you are a cheapskate (like myself), you may want to opt for the Nintendo version.

Brainstrainers (Grade C-) - What you have is a video game version of Simon and some strange melody program. While Simon is a fun game, it isn't something I would pay good money for. Unless you really love Simon or are a Coleco completist, avoid this game.

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Grade C+)-A decent shooter that will keep your trigger finger busy.  You fight in space and on planet surfaces.  But what is a Buck Rogers game without Tweeky (however you spell the name of that little robot on the TV series)?  As you play the game, you will see scenes that look borrowed from the Star Wars the Arcade Game.  I personally like the Star Wars better.

Bump n Jump (Grade B-) - A good driving game where you can either bump your enemies off the road or jump on top of them. Talk about a tough car! Not alot of variety in bad guys like in Spy Hunter, but it adds some skill in determining how far to jump when you have to go from island to island in later levels. Overall a good game that is a welcome addition to any collection.

Burgertime (Grade A) - Best version of Burgertime of any of the classic systems! Good selection of levels, three nasty villains, and the ability to work in the fast food business without being teased by your friends. Beware of the dumb hotdog, smart egg and the sinister pickle. The Coleco version has six different screens and then it goes through again, only faster. Try to grab all the coffee and other stuff early to increase you pepper supply, because you will need it on later levels.

Cabbage Patch Adventure in the Park (Grade B) - Go ahead and tease me. Call me a girly man. I don't care, this is a fun game. Sorta a cross between Pitfall and Smurf. There are enough different obstacles to overcome to be challenging and the graphics are quite good, down to the round face of your cabbage patch kid.

Campaign '84 (Grade D)-This game really steamed me!  I felt like a lobster, fresh out of the pot after finally playing this game.  I searched for months for this game only to find it and finally play it.  What was I greeted by?  A great presidential race?  Heck no!  Some really lame game that is nothing like the title would suggest.  Instead of debating and running a campaign, you are just running around in some really dumb arcade like game.  If you win a screen, you get the state.  I would try to explain this better, but it really has to be played to understand how dumb it is.  I guess I was expecting too much after playing a great game like Fortune Builder and hoping for something equally involved.   Maybe I would have liked it better if I wasn't expecting the game to be somewhat resembling of the title.

Carnival (Grade C) - While most people could care less about this game, I find myself playing it occasionally. Sure it gets a bit repetitive and isn't the fasted paced game in the world, but I still find it fun. I just wish there would be different bonus rounds. Shooting bears is alright, but I want variety. I mean shooting more bears during each bonus round is neat, but some extra animals would have added more. At least the game is common and cheap, so you won't feel bad for overpaying for it.

Congo Bongo (Grade B) - This version is far superior to the lame 5200 version. The difference is like night and day! While there isn't a lot of variety, it is a great version of a classic arcade game. Unlike the 5200, you get the boards in order with the rhino board second. Is it just me or do the monkeys on the top of the first level look like black poodles?

Cosmic Avenger (Grade C) - A decent Scramble like game, but just isn't my cup of tea. The big brain and the searchlight is pretty cool. I will never understand the theory behind shooting fuel tanks to get fuel. Does your ship have some way to catch the spraying fuel? This always struck me as odd. Good thing I was smart enough to not try this in real life (was there ever any mention of a kid shooting up a gas station so his parents could get gas?).

Decathalon (Grade B)-A very fun game that was obviously made to sell joysticks.  I tore up a few joysticks as a youth with this game.  All ten events are there, including the long, long, long race.  You could give your car a tune-up before someone would finish this race.  If you overlook this, it is a very fun game.  Nice feature is that you can choose to compete in any event or all of them.  While doing well, won't get you on a box of Wheaties, you will feel like a champ!

Donkey Kong (Grade B) - The game that changed the video game industry! It was the first time a company packed in a popular title (as opposed to Combat with the 2600, etc...). This practice was soon copied. A fun game that showed how much more improved the Colecovision was over the competition. A great game for the younger crowd as it is pretty easy to figure out and play. Plus, they all know who Mario and Donkey Kong are so they should get a kick out of their first appearance. Too bad it was missing the fourth level and the level ending animations.

Donkey Kong Jr. (Grade B+) - I feel this is a better game than the original. Little Kong is one cool character and turning Mario into a villain is great! I also like the variety of thing you have to do. Not only do you run like in the original, but you also climb ropes, bounce on springs. The variety of extra creatures to slow your progress also make this a better version than the original. At least we think this is Mario, it could have been Wario in disguise in his first game appearance. The chains screen is my favorite!

Dr. Seuss Mix Up (Grade C+) - While the replay value is low for this game, you cannot help but like anything Dr. Seuss does. This guy proved that you didn't have to follow the rules when it came to writing. While others struggled to find a word that rhymed, Dr. Seuss just created a word. Gotta like a man that can do this and do it so well. Back to the game, it is a game made for the wee folks. You get three different Seuss characters on the screen and they are broken into three parts, head, body, and legs. The three characters have all their parts mixed up and it is up to you to put them right. Nice game to have around if you have young ones who show interest in your Coleco.

Dukes of Hazzard (Grade C+) - A decent racing type game where you have to avoid Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrain (did I spell this right and does anyone care?) in the General Lee. The best part is bouncing over the hills and watching the car soar. Besides this it is sorta fun to keep one step ahead of the law. Considering how few games there are for the steering wheel, I recommend getting it to justify buying the wheel. And maybe, just maybe . . . it can keep John Schneider's career alive.

Evolution Grade (B)-How many other games can you start off as a single cell organism?  Well in Evolution you begin life as an amoebae and work your way up to a human.  Each game is a little different and they will keep you busy.  Once you get the hang of it, you can zoom right through them, but they can be a bit tricky at first.  I personally like the frogs on level two.

Flipper Slipper (Grade B-) - Is it pinball? Is it breakout? I don't know, but it is fun. One of the strange games that only could come from an era that was influenced by groups like Men at Work and Bananarama. Does anyone know how to keep the flipper from curving like it does? This is so darn irritating.

Fortune Builder (Grade A) - Think of this as the ancestor of Sim City. You have to build different industries and raise capital to build more. You have harbors, casinos, ski lodges, and lots of other choices. Then there are those little emergencies and acts of God that can wreak havoc. One of those games that is fun to play alone, but even more fun with a friend. It isn't a cheap game, but it is worth it.

Frenzy (Grade B+) - Great version of the sequel to Berzerk. More enemies, more different enemies and extra touches make this a must have game for the Coleco. The addition of walls you can shoot through and walls that reflect bullets adds more strategy and keeps the game fresh and fun. Plus, this is the only version available of this classic gem (to my knowledge).

Frogger (Grade B+) - Another excellent port of an arcade classic. Don't know why this game keeps me coming back to play another round, but it does. You also get all the fine folks who made the game memorable like the sneaky snake, and the ever famous river otter (or rat as some have called him). Do frogs have addictive tendencies?

Frogger II (Grade B) - While it has more than the original (like three different screens, underwater, above water and in the air), it just doesn't have that same addictive quality. Lots of cool creatures to ride on like a dragon, hippos, and the often overlooked pelican. One nice touch is that when you are either above water or in the air, you can fall a level instead of dying. While this isn't true in all cases, there are enough things that just push you down. This makes the game less frustrating and more of a challenge (keep falling and your time will run out). Still a fun game that I would recommend.

Front Line-A good game, but only if you play it with the Super Action controllers.  Without it, you will get some major cramps in your hands.  But with the controllers, it is a joy!  You can shoot and toss grenades to your hearts content.  I personally like being able to jump into the abandoned tanks.  Who leaves these things laying around?  Must be alot of soldiers going AWOL.  Anyway, if you like the arcade game, you will like it.  A predecessor to games like Ikari Warriors.

Galaxian (Grade C+)-Like Space Invaders, it is a hard game to ruin.  But it is also a pretty dull game, especially when compared to the far superior sequel, Galaga.  It is fun for awhile to shoot the aliens coming down but the game never really did it for me.  Still this is a pretty good conversion.

Gateway to Asphaii (Grade B)-The Coleco gets an RPG.  If you played the computer versions, you know the gameplay.  You move through dungeons and fight all kinds of monsters.  The one problem with this game and just about any RPG of this era is that there is no save function.  You have to do an all-nighter or keep your system turned on, even when you sleep.  A good game but it can take a long time to finish it and if your game is turned off, you start over. 

James Bond 007 (Grade D) - Where Spy Hunter is a great game and captures the fun of being a secret agent, this game just plain sucks. First off, it is a moon patrol clone and a bad one at that. You drive along and avoid hole in road and planes that drop bombs on you. The game is tough, the graphics are nothing to write home about and it isn't much fun. Avoid this pooch.

Ken Uston's Blackjack & Poker-While it is graphically superior to the Intellivision version, I like the Intelly better.  This dealer doesn't as much personality.  Still an enjoyable game of cards, but with all the card games available for free on the computer, you probably won't find yourself playing this one too much.  By the way, does anyone know if Ken Uston is still barred from casinos? 

Jungle Hunt-A very rare and expensive game and the hardest to find of the Atarisoft.  It plays quite well, but I would have liked to see the graphics fixed up a bit.  You get all the levels of the arcade version and it is always fun to fight them crocs. 

Lady Bug (Grade B-) - A fun little Pacman clone with really neat looking vegetables (eggplant's only video game appearance as far as I know). The changing colors of the letters and bonuses adds a twist to the game and gets you killed quite often. Not a bad game and one that is quite common. But the ladybug is just so darn cute, awww.

Looping (Grade C)-I know people who love this game, but I am not one of them.  It drives me crazy as I crash way too much.  You have to fly your plane through an obstacle course and you loop it, literally.  Looks like a fun game and I tried to like it, but after countless crashes, I just gave up.  Maybe you will have better luck.

Miner 2049er (Grade B)-A platform game where you must run over all the levels to color them in, before moving on.  There are a ton of levels and you need to have good reflexes or else you will become a permanent resident of the mines.  The game was ported to almost every major system (Intellivision being the exception).  Wonder when they are going to make an updated version of this game?

Mountain King (Grade B+)-The game is essentially a pattern game.  You learn how to defeat a level and you go onto the next one.   But there are alot of levels and some of the traps are a pain in the neck, so you will keep coming back to try and defeat it.  A very fun and frustrating game, but I recommend it!

Mouse Trap (Grade C+) - Another in the long line of Pacman like games. This time you are a mouse that is chased by cats. But when you eat a bone, you turn into a dog and eat the cats. This has got to be Jerry's (from Tom & Jerry) favorite game. The different colored doors that open and close on your command is unique and it is fun to what the cats in the face with a door. But the major flaw with this game is that you can store the bones you don't use (unlike energizers in Pacman, that have to be used right away), so you can have quite a few. This makes the game a bit too easy. The changing music is a plus.

Mr. Do (Grade A) - Another great game! The only flaw and a minor one at that is the Mr. Do is only one color. Sorta a bleached out clown. The one great addition of this game over its main rival, Dig Dug, is that you can use strategy with the moving of the boulders. This and the spelling of "Extra" to gain a free clown, add to the total enjoyment of the game. The addition of different skill levels increases the gameplay. This is one of those must have games for the Coleco (and a cheap one to boot).

Mr Do's Castle (Grade B+) - Yes, I like the original better. But I give Universal credit for completely redesigning the game instead of just making some cosmetic changes. This time you have a hammer to knock tiles onto the heads of unicorns that are your nemesis. You have ladders to go up and can switch what direction they are aimed. An enjoyable, but quite expensive game. While it is a fun game, I don't feel it is worth the price it goes for (currently in the $40-$50 range).

Oil's Well (Grade B-) - One of those pac-man clones that is different enough to add to your collection. You have to take your grabber and go through the ground and collect oil. There are bad guys that you can eat as long as you are facing them. If they hit your hose, then its over. You can hit the button to retract the hose and switch directions. A good game that may be overlooked.

Omega Race (Grade C) - Not a very good port of an arcade game that swallowed many of my quarters. It is an okay game, but is missing the feel of the arcade game. While using the roller controller helps, it is still a bit odd. While I still play it due to the fact it is the only version I have of the arcade game, I am still a bit disappointed.

Pitfall (Grade B-)-Like all Activision games, it is pretty much the same game as the Atari.  Still a great game and a classic, but just buy the Atari version.  You won't even know the difference.

Pitfall II (Grade B)-A good version, but where is the extra level that they gave the Atari 5200?  I can understand Atari doing this with their games, but why did Activision not give the Coleco version the full treatment?  Still a fun game and it will make you wish for a duck feature as those pesky bats and condors hit you in the head (and they do it quite often).

Pitstop (Grade B+) - A great racing game where you have to go into the pitstops to change your worn tires and fill the gas tank. While this isn't important in the three lap race, it makes a major difference in the six and nine lap races. Do you make a pitstop or wait another lap and chance those worn tires? This small addition makes this one cool game.

Popeye (Grade C-) - Decent port of an average at best arcade game. Sure we all love Popeye, but this game just doesn't cut it for me. Three different screens with different things to gather should make this fun, but something is missing. I cannot put my finger on it. Oh well, it could be worse. At least you get to see the Sea Hag and her vulture. That alone is worth admission. Now if we can get a sequel with Popeye going to Goon Island, I would be sold. We want the Goons! We want the Goons!

Q*Bert (Grade A-) - One of my all-time favorite games! The gameplay keeps me glued for hours as I try to become one with the Q*Bert. The lack of eyes, and the missing villains keeps this from a higher rating. It is far superior to the 5200 version for two big reasons. First, you don't have to push a button to move, and second it has the animation between levels where Q*Bert shows you what you have to do. Still an awesome game, but better with a non-Coleco joystick (I recommend a Y adapter and a Prostick II with the ability to switch from 4 to 8 way).

Q*Bert Qubes (Grade B) - While this is a unique and fun game, I miss Coily. Sure the rat is cool, but not quite as imposing as the big bouncing snake. The idea of having to spin the cubes to the right side is both fun and challenging. Takes a bit to get used to it.

River Raid (Grade C+)-Sure it is a great game, but it is the same game as the Atari.  The graphics are pretty much the same and there is nothing new added.  Talk about a bummer!  Why buy a superior system to get the same old games?  That is my one gripe with Activision, they needed to spruce up their games when ported to superior systems.  Still a fun game, but the Atari cart is cheaper and essentially the same, so why bother unless you are a completist.

Rock n Rope (Grade B)-Remember the song "May the bird of paradise fly up your nose"?  Well, in this game you are looking for the bird of paradise.  Better plug up your nose!  Actually, this bird is so big that you would need a major snozz to have it fly up there.  The game itself is quite fun.  You shoot a rope up and move from level to level as you progress up to the bird of paradise.  Along the way, you are attacked by cavemen and dinosaurs.  What is your weapon of choice, a gun?  No, you get a flashlight.  Talk about uneven odds.  But it is a super bright one with Duracell batteries, so it blinds the creatures, while you make a quick getaway.  Fun little game that I play quite often.

Rocky (Grade B)-The graphics on the game are very good and the controls are good, but you only have two characters.  You have Rocky and you have Clubber Lang (or as he is known in real life as Mr. T).  Oh yeah, there is a referee who is there to count you out.  I just wish that they added in Apollo Creed to make things more interesting.  Still an enjoyable game, but has limited play value.

Sir Lancelot (Grade B-)-I am not sure why I like this game, but I do.  It is essentially a Joust clone with an extra level.  Instead of riding an ostrich, you are riding a flying horse, ala Pegasus.  You must joust with other flying horses and defeat them.  Then you get to battle a dragon.  That is essentially it, but I like it.  Something different for a system that doesn't have a version of Joust made for it (unless you use the Atari adapter).

Slither (Grade C) - I don't know if it is my roller controller or the game, but I can't get anywhere with this game. I used to like the arcade version (but I was younger and more easily influenced). I do like the fact that you get to shoot the devil. Any game where you can give him the business is all right with me. Another of the long line of forgotten arcade games that the Coleco saved from obscurity.

Smurf's Rescue at Gargamel's Castle (Grade C-) - Sure the graphics were spiffy, but the game was lame. Even the added challenges on later levels like the crow and spiders does little to increase playability. If they would have added some new Smurfs to save and an appearance by Gargamel himself, it may be a decent game. The action is about as fast as a traffic jam. Plus, once you save Smurfette, you don't care anymore. She got herself into trouble, let her get herself out.

Space Fury (Grade C) - This was a fun arcade game, but lost some in the translation. First there is the missing voice of the alien who taunts you at the beginning and end of the game. Coleco went to cheap route and instead of adding voice, they instead had the words scroll across the bottom. Something just isn't right about having to read a taunt. The rest of the game plays like the arcade, but seems easier to me. I remember having some problem with the arcade, but I can play the Coleco version until I get bored.

Space Panic (Grade C) - Another mediocre arcade game. It is fun for a few levels and then gets old quickly. The idea of the game is to dig holes that aliens get stuck in and then to fill the hole up which drops them a level to their death. Later levels have tougher aliens who have to be dropped two levels or more. All the while you have to hurry or you will run out of air. Not bad if you only play it occasional, but not one that will make you want to play over and over.

Spy Hunter (Grade A) - Another of the must have games for the Coleco. I even think this version is superior to the late Nintendo version, mainly because the Nintendo, while visually superior, is extremely hard. Great fun to drive around and push cars off the road or blast them away. Even more fun when you get the great add-ons like oil slick, smoke screen, etc... Plus, unlike the Nintendo version, you can shoot your own team. After the semi truck drops you off, you can blast him away, giving you the feel of being a double agent. If you have a Coleco, find this game and buy it. You will not be disappointed.

Star Trek:SOS (Grade C+)- Why did this game have to be so hard?   It is the best looking and the best sounding version of this arcade classic, but it is so stinking hard.  Those Klingons are on you faster than flies know what I mean.  They are mean and want you out of the galaxy for good!  The graphics are downright pretty and the controls are decent.   Much better with any stick other than the less than desirable Coleco stick.   The grade is based on the looks of the game, and not the actual gameplay.  But if you like a real challenge, then this game is calling you.  But be warned that this game is so hard it is illogical!

Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Grade A)-This is a wonderful translation of one of the great, and I mean great arcade games!  You remember where you fly around and blast those tie fighters and then have to go fight in the trenches.   Well, this version captures all the fun of the original and is a near flawless translations.  Sure it will set you back some money, but is really worth it!  A must have for every Coleco owner.

Subroc (Grade B) - Another of those odd games that would have been lost if not for Coleco. While the game gets a little repetitive, it is an enjoyable shooter. You have a vessel that can fight in the air and under water. There are all kinds of ships, space ships, and other such things attacking you. You must blast them and avoid their bullets, missiles, and torpedoes. While some of the bonus ships are a bit odd, the gameplay is fast and furious. Another neat feature is the Bugs Bunny like explosions when you get hit by a missile or a space capsule. Good game to blow off some steam.

Super Action Baseball (Grade B)-It suffered from the same problem that the Intellivision baseball suffered from, no one player mode.  Besides this, it is a graphically superior game, but the controls are not as good.  But there is a practice mode for hitting and pitching, which is nice.  Also, the addition of the roller on the super action controller is really cool!  The faster you roll it, the quicker you get to first base.  Add in the superior graphics and the different pitches and you have a very state of the art baseball game, especially for its time.  

Super Action Football (Grade B)-Like the baseball, it has alot in common with the Intellivision version.  But it also is graphically superior and adds some little touches.  The game is greatly enhanced by the very good super action controllers and this is what makes the game.  If you didn't have these controllers, it would be a good game.  Too bad there weren't more games that took advantage of the super action controllers.

Tapper (Grade B+) - The only good version of this forgotten classic. All the thrills of bartending without the stench of cigarettes and spilled beer. Four unique bars (including the cool outer space bar), tips, entertainment and a way too easy bonus level. Another game that the different skill level helped, as it is a bit too easy on easy level.

Tarzan (Grade B) - One of the games I never played until I was older. I didn't even know it existed when I was a young chap. Sorta like a bizarre mix of Pitfall and Jungle Hunt. One main difference is this game allows you to move up and down along with left and right. You have gorillas, crocs, snakes, hunters and other adversaries to contend with. One of those games that only came out for the Colecovision.

Telly Turtle (Grade C) - It isn't really a "game" but a teaching game to basic computer programming. While it might have been pretty innovative at the time, it seems a little too primitive now. My main problem with the program is when I first heard of it, I thought it was the turtle game that was shown on the back of the Colecovision box. What a letdown.

Time Pilot (Grade C)-While I enjoyed the arcade version, this one is a little too slow for my taste.  Sure, it looks good and has the levels of the arcade, but that S-L-O-W gameplay annoys you.  Plus, the Coleco controllers don't help out at all.  

Turbo (Grade B)-Came packaged with the steering wheel and is a blast to play!  While the basic mechanics of the game aren't much different from many other racing games, it is the added driving conditions that make it fun.  You have tunnels, night time driving and icy road to contend with.  Why someone would schedule a race in the place where it snowed, during the winter, is beyond me.  But they did and so you must endure.  Fun little game with the steering wheel.

Tutankham (Grade B)-One of those arcade games that I totally forgot about until I happened upon this cart (actually I played the 2600 version first and was let down and then realized there was a Coleco version) and the memories came back. I still remember how much I enjoyed the arcade game and how much money that darn machine ate. I also seem to remember being the only one who was a big fan of the game. I don't know if it was the lure of the Egyptian setting, the cool creatures or the fact that there was never a line to play it? Anyways, the Coleco version is a fun game and has the elements from the arcade, including the annoying ability to only be able to shoot left and right. Another enjoyable classic that would have been lost to the sands of time if Parker Bros didn't do a version.

Up N Down (Grade A)-This is my latest favorite game for the Colecovision. It is a quite simple concept, where you have to travel down a winding road, trying to collect all the flags. Sounds like a Sunday drive, but it isn't. You have some seriously rude drivers who are aiming to take you out (actually come to think of it, you are the only driver going that way, so maybe you are the rude driver). You must jump over these cars, but you must be careful not to go off the road, because you will crash. A simple concept as most of the classic games are.

Venture (Grade C+)- A fun little dungeon romp.  You wind through three different levels, each with four rooms.  You are a smiley face, possibly a distant cousin of Evil Otto, and you must collect all the treasures.  The object is to get all the way through the three levels, a total of four times.  And then when you are finished, you get to do the last level over and over again.   Needless to say I was very aggravated when I finished it to find no cool ending or nothing.  This ruined what was a pretty decent game.

War Games (Grade B) -A version of Missile Command. Actually think of a simulator with Missile Command screens. Yes, it is based on that late night movie staple (at least in Cleveland, where a show called "The Big Chuck and Little John show plays it regularly). Sorry, no Dabney Coleman to antagonize.

Wing War (Grade B)-A very enjoyable game and it is the only version on a video game system (it was also on the TI computer, but very tough to find).  You are a dragon and have to fly through tunnels and fight all kinds of stuff.  Alot of fun and the graphics are nice to boot!  Tough game to find, but worth it!

Zaxxon (B-) - One of the first games I owned for the Coleco (with DK being the first of course). I loved the arcade game, but the home version was a little pale. Sure you had the cool semi 3D perspective, but once you beat the big, bad robot a few times, the interest waned.

Have a good game.


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