Coleco Rarity and Price Guide
Rarity in order from most common to least.
(I added the 1-3 to the end of the rating to give a better idea of rarity.  One thing I noticed is that all commons are not as common, etc...  I thought this would give a better idea.  Let me know what you think.)
  C3 = very common
  C2 = pretty common
  C1 = somewhat common
  U3 = borderline common
  U2 = uncommon
  U1 = uncommon bordering on rare
  R3 = borderline rare
  R2 = rare
  R1 = very rare
ER3 = extremely rare bordering on very rare
ER2 = extremely rare
ER1 = borderline unbelievably rare
UR1 = unbelievably rare!  Highest rating.      
*n/a = means that there were no overlays made for this game.
*???? = means that not enough information has been collected to make an accurate price.
*These prices are just my estimation from past sales, eBay, other web sites and newsgroup auctions.
*Loose price is for cart only in good condition.
*Boxed price is for complete set (ie:cart, box, manual and both overlays)
*Manual price is for manual only in good condition.
*Overlay price is for one overlay in good condition. 
*This price is my estimate for what these games sell for on the retail level.  If you would sell them to a dealer, you would receive between 20-60% of value, based on rarity, completeness, condition and how bad the dealer needs it.  This guide is in no way an exact price and should not be taken as such.  It is merely there to give you an approximate value of the carts. 
Game Title Company Rarity Loose/Boxed Manual/
Extra Info
2010 Coleco R1 $15.00/$30.00 $5.00/$2.00
Alcazar Telegames ER3 $25.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Alphabet Zoo Spinnaker ER3 $15.00/$25.00 $4.00/n/a
Amazing Bumpman Telegames ER3 $25.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Antarctic Adventure Coleco R3 $15.00/$25.00 $5.00/n/a
Aquattack Interphase ER2 $25.00/$40.00 $5.00/n/a
Artillery Duel Xonox ER3 $18.00/$25.00 $5.00/n/a
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Xonox UR $100.00/$175.00 $15.00/n/a double ender
BC's Quest For Tires Sierra U3 $10.00/$15.00 $2.50/n/a
BC II:Grog's Revenge Coleco U2 $15.00/$20.00 $3.00/n/a
Beamrider Activision U3 $10.00/$15.00 $2.50/n/a
Blockade Runner Interphase ER3 $20.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Boulder Dash Telegames ER3 $30.00/$40.00 $6.00/n/a
Brain Strainers Coleco U3 $10.00/$20.00 $2.50/n/a
Buck Rogers Coleco C1 $6.00/$12.00 $1.50/n/a
Bump n Jump Coleco U3 $12.00/$20.00 $2.00/n/a
Burgertime Coleco U3 $10.00/$18.00 $2.00/n/a
Cabbage Patch Kids:Adventures in the Park Coleco C1 $8.00/$18.00 $2.00/n/a
Cabbage Patch Kids:Picture Show Coleco ER3 $20.00/$35.00 $5.00/$2.00
Campaign '84 Sunrise ER3 $20.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Carnival Coleco C3 $3.00/$6.00 $1.00/n/a
Centipede Atari U3 $7.00/$14.00 $1.00/n/a
Choplifter Coleco ER3 $20.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox ER3 $20.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Congo Bongo Coleco U3 $10.00/$18.00 $2.00/n/a
Cosmic Avenger Coleco C3 $3.00/$6.00 $1.00/n/a
Cosmic Crisis Bit Corp UR ?????/?????? ????/n/a
Cosmic Crisis Telegames ER3 $25.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Dam Busters Coleco R1 $18.00/$30.00 $4.00/$2.50
Dance Fantasy Fisher Price ER2 $25.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Decathalon Activision U3 $6.00/$12.00 $2.00/n/a
Defender Atari U3 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/n/a
Destructor Coleco U3 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/n/a
Donkey Kong Coleco C3 $1.00/$5.00 $0.50/n/a
Donkey Kong Jr Coleco C2 $3.50/$7.00 $1.00/n/a
Dr Seuss Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Coleco U2 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/$2.00 clamshell case
Dragonfire Imagic R1 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a
Dukes of Hazzard Coleco R1 $20.00/$40.00 $5.00/n/a
Evolution Sydney ER2 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Facemaker Spinnaker ER3 $10.00/$20.00 $3.00/n/a clamshell case
Fathom Imagic ER3 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Flipper Slipper Spectravision ER2 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Fortune Builder Coleco R2 $10.00/$25.00 $3.00/$2.00 clamshell case
Fraction Fever Spinnaker R3 $10.00/$20.00 $2.00/n/a clamshell case
Frantic Freddy Spectravision R1 $20.00/$30.00 $5.00/n/a
Frenzy Coleco U3 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a
Frogger Parker Bros C1 $5.00/$10.00 $2.00/n/a
Frogger II:Threedeep Parker Bros R2 $20.00/$40.00 $5.00/n/a
Front Line Coleco U2 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/$2.00
Galaxian Atari R3 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a
Gateway to Asphaii Epyx U1 $15.00/$30.00 $3.00/n/a
Gorf Coleco C1 $6.00/$12.00 $2.00/n/a
Gust Buster Sunrise R2 $20.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Gyruss Parker Bros R3 $15.00/$30.00 $3.50/n/a
H.E.R.O. Activision U1 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a
Heist Micro Fun U2 $10.00/$18.00 $3.00/n/a
Illusions Coleco R2 $15.00/$30.00 $4.00/n/a
It's Only Rock n Roll Xonix R1 $25.00/$35.00 $4.00/n/a
James Bond Parker Bros R2 $20.00/$35.00 $5.00/n/a
Jukebox Spinnaker ER3 $20.00/$30.00 $3.50/n/a clamshell case
Jumpman Jr Epyx U2 $12.00/$20.00 $2.50/n/a
Jungle Hunt Atari ER3 $25.00/$40.00 $4.00/n/a
Ken Uston's Blackjack/Poker Coleco U3 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/n/a
Keystone Kapers Activision U2 $8.00/$14.00 $2.00/n/a
Ladybug Coleco C2 $5.00/$10.00 $1.00/n/a
Learning with Leeper Sierra U2 $10.00/$20.00 $2.00/n/a
Linking Logic Fisher Price R1 ?????/????? ?????/n/a
Logic Levels Fisher Price R1 ?????/????? ?????/n/a
Looping Coleco C2 $5.00/$10.00 $1.00/n/a
Make a Face Spinnaker R1 ?????/????? ?????/n/a
Memory Manor Fisher Price R1 $18.00/$30.00 $2.50/n/a
Miner 2049er Micro Fun U2 $10.00/$20.00 $2.00/n/a
Monkey Academy Coleco U1 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a
Montezuma's Revenge Parker Bros U1 $15.00/$30.00 $3.00/n/a
Moonsweeper Imagic U2 $12.00/$20.00 $2.00/n/a
Motocross Racer Xonox ER3 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Motocross Racer/Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox UR $120.00/????? ?????/n/a
Mountain King Sunrise ER3 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Mouse Trap Coleco C3 $3.50/$6.00 $1.00/$1.00
Mr Do Coleco C1 $10.00/$20.00 $2.00/n/a
Mr Do's Castle Parker Bros ER1 $35.00/$70.00 $7.00/n/a
Nova Blast Imagic U3 $12.00/$20.00 $2.00/n/a
Oil's Well Sierra ER2 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Omega Race Coleco C1 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/n/a
One on One Basketball Micro Fun ER3 $25.00/$40.00 $4.00/n/a
Pepper II Coleco C3 $5.00/$10.00 $1.00/n/a
Pitfall Activision U3 $7.00/$15.00 $1.00/n/a
Pitfall II Activision R3 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a
Pitstop Epyx U1 $10.00/$20.00 $2.00/n/a
Popeye Parker Bros C1 $5.00/$10.00 $2.00/n/a
Q*Bert Parker Bros C1 $5.00/$10.00 $2.00/n/a
Q*Bert's Qubes Parker Bros UR $60.00/$100.00 $8.00/n/a
Quest for Quintana Roo Sunrise R3 $15.00/$30.00 $3.00/n/a
River Raid Activision U3 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/n/a
Robin Hood Xonox ER1 $30.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Roc n Rope Coleco U2 $12.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a
Rocky Super Action Boxing Coleco C1 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/$1.50
Rolloverture Sunrise ER2 $35.00/$60.00 $5.00/n/a
Sammy Lightfoot Sierra ER2 $35.00/$60.00 $6.00/n/a
Sector Alpha Spectravision ER1 $35.00/$70.00 $6.00/n/a
Sewer Sam Interphase ER3 $18.00/$30.00 $3.00/n/a
Sir Lancelot Xonox ER2 $35.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Sir Lancelot/Robin Hood Xonox UR ?????/????? ?????/n/a doublender
Slither Coleco C2 $5.00/????? $1.00/n/a
Slurpy Xonox UR $40.00/????? ?????/n/a
Smurf Paint n Play Workshop Coleco R1 $20.00/$30.00 $3.00/$2.00
Smurf Rescue from Gargamel's Castle Coleco C3 $3.00/$7.00 $1.00/n/a
Space Fury Coleco C2 $4.00/$8.00 $1.00/n/a
Space Panic Coleco C2 $5.00/$10.00 $1.00/n/a
Spectron Spectrevision ER2 $25.00/$40.00 $4.00/n/a
Spy Hunter Coleco ER3 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/$2.50
Squishem Sam Interphase R2 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a
Star Trek Coleco R2 $20.00/$40.00 $4.00/n/a
Star Wars Parker Bros R1 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a
Subroc Coleco C1 $5.00/$10.00 $1.00/n/a
Super Action Baseball Coleco C2 $5.00/n/a $3.00/$1.00 manual price includes scorepad, otherwise cut in half
Super Action Football Coleco C1 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/$1.00
Super Cobra Parker Bros ER3 $20.00/$35.00 $3.50/n/a
Super Crossforce Spectrevision ER3 $25.00/$40.00 $4.00/n/a
Super Sketch Personal Periphreal UR $40.00/$150.00 $10.00 boxed price includes sketch master
Tapper Coleco ER3 $25.00/$50.00 $5.00/n/a manual is shaped like a menu
Tarzan Coleco U2 $10.00/$20.00 $3.00/n/a
Telly Turtle Coleco R1 $15.00/$25.00 $3.00/n/a clamshell case
Threshold Sierra ER3 ?????/????? ?????/n/a
Time Pilot Coleco U3 $8.00/$15.00 $2.50/n/a
Tomarc the Barbarian Xonox UR $35.00/$70.00 $7.00/n/a
Tournament Tennis Imagic ER1 $25.00/????? $5.00/n/a
Turbo Coleco C2 $5.00/n/a $1.00/n/a
Tutankham Parker Bros ER2 $20.00/$35.00 $4.00/n/a
Up n Down Sega ER1 $40.00/$80.00 $7.00/n/a
Venture Coleco C3 $3.00/$6.00 $1.00/n/a
Victory Coleco C1 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/n/a
War Games Coleco U3 $8.00/$15.00 $2.00/$1.50
War Room Probe 2000 U2 $12.00/$25.00 $3.00/$2.00
Wing War Imagic ER3 $22.00/$40.00 $5.00/n/a
Wiz Math Sierra ER3 $18.00/$25.00 $3.50/n/a
Word Feud Xonox ER1 ?????/????? ?????/n/a
Zaxxon Coleco C1 $5.00/$10.00 $1.00/n/a
Zenji Activision R1 $20.00/$40.00 $4.00/n/a
Systems and Accessories
Coleco System Coleco C1 $35.00/$75.00
Joystick Coleco C1 $7.00/
Atari Adapter Coleco U3 $10.00/$25.00
Steering Wheel Coleco U2 $25.00/$50.00 boxed has turbo cart
Roller Controller Coleco U1 $25.00/$50.00 boxed has slither cart
Super Action Controller Coleco U3 $10.00 (each)/$35.00 boxed has both controllers and baseball cart
Adam Computer Add-on Coleco R1 $50.00/$100.00
Adam Computer Stand alone Coleco U2 $30.00/$75.00

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