* For one or two players
* Select from four skill levels

Plays, sounds and scores like the Lady Bug arcade game! 


Based on the exciting Universal arcade game, ColecoVision LADY BUG features a fast-paced adventure. Use strategy to steer your Lady Bug through a maze, dodging hungry predatory insects. Use turnstiles to change the maze and block their pursuit! Lady Bug gathers points and bonuses by eating dots, hearts and vegetables and by spelling words. But avoid the deadly skulls! How many points can you
rack up before moving on to faster action?


* Make sure the COLECOVISION console is connected to a TV and the power supply is plugged into your console. Then plug power supply into a 110/120 volt AC outlet.

* TV should be on and tuned to the same channel as the Channel Select Switch on the console.

* To play one-player LADY BUG, use the controller plugged into Port 1 (the rear jack). To play two-player LADY BUG, use both controllers.



NOTE: For a one-player game, use the controller plugged into Port 1. For a two-player game, Player 1 uses the controller plugged into Port 1; Player 2 uses the controller plugged into Port 2.

How To Use Keypad Buttons and Control Stick for LADY BUG

1. Keypad: Keypad Buttons 1-8 allow you to select a Game Option before beginning to play. Pressing * after a game allows you to replay the same Game Option; pressing # after a game allows you to return to the Game Option screen.

2. Control Stick: Pushing the Control Stick in any of four directions (up, down, left or right) causes Lady Bug to move in the direction selected.

NOTE: The Side Buttons are not used for LADY BUG


NOTE: If you are playing a two-player game, players take turns. Player 1 goes first, and each turn lasts until the player's Lady Bug is eliminated.

STEP 1: The choice is yours.

Press the Reset Button. The title screen for LADY BUG appears on your TV. Wait for the Game Option screen to appear. It contains a list of game play options, numbered 1-8. Select one by pressing the corresponding number button on either controller keypad.

STEP 2: Getting around the maze.

Move your Lady Bug through the maze, eating dots as she goes. Avoid running into skulls!

STEP 3: Dodge predatory insects!

Each time the timing border changes color, a new dangerous insect begins to hunt down your Lady Bug To dodge it, steer her through turnstiles that only she can move. But be quick or the insect will take advantage of the open turnstile and follow through right after her.

STEP 4: Earn extra points and bonuses.

Have Lady Bug eat hearts, letters and vegetables. Hearts and letters appear in the regular maze screen. Vegetables appear in both the regular maze screen and the Vegetable Harvest Bonus screen. Read Bonus Scoring for special hints on racking up high scores! The game ends when all your Lady Bugs have been eliminated.

Press * to replay the LADY BUG Game Option that you have been playing. Or press # to go back to the Game Option screen .

NOTE: The Reset Button on the console "clears" the computer It can be used to start a new game at any time, and can also be used in the event of game malfunction.


Small dot - 10 points
Blue heart - 100 points
Yellow heart - 300 points
Red heart - 800 points
Blue letter - 100 points
Yellow letter - 300 points
Red letter - 800 points
Vegetable (varies)
Spelling EXTRA - 500 points

Bonus Scoring

Blue heart multiplies rest of your scoring for the level.

Yellow letters A, E, R, T and X count toward spelling EXTRA. You win an extra Lady Bug and go on to the next level of game play.

Red letters A, C, E, I, L, P and S count toward spelling SPECIAL. You win a Vegetable Harvest Bonus screen and a chance for extra points, then move on to the next level of game play.

Your first vegetable (cucumber) is worth 1000 points when eaten. Each vegetable thereafter (each new maze) is worth 500 points more than the previous one.

Each player receives five Lady Bugs in games played at Skill 1 and three Lady Bugs in games played at Skills 2,3 and 4. A maximum of three Lady Bugs appear in the Lady Bug remaining indicator at one time.


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