Jumpman Junior


1. Set up your ColecoVision or Adam Computer as shown in the Owner's Manual.
2. Make sure the power is OFF before inserting or removing your cartridge.
3. Now insert your JUMPMAN JUNIOR cartridge into computer or game console.
4. Then turn ON the power switch.
5. Only the controller in Port #1 is used regardless of how many people are playing.


Jumpman Junior is a game full of variety and suspense. There are 12 different game levels and from one to four players may play. In addition, there are 8 speed levels--you can choose how fast or slow you want Jumpman Junior to move.

The object is to successfully complete all 12 game levels, scoring as many points as you can. You must try and defuse every bomb on each level...before all your lives are lost to the many dangers delivered by the ALIENATORS.


Once you turn the power ON, an introduction screen will appear. You may bypass this introduction and go directly to the Selection Menu screen by pressing the "#" button. Then select the number of players (1-4) by pressing the desired number on the controller keypad.


To enter the desired speed for each player, press the appropriate number on the keypad (1-8). The fastest speed is 1 and the slowest is 8. Once a player selects a speed, the speed is in effect for duration of the game and cannot be changed. When the speed for each player has been selected, the game will begin. Experiment-play games at different speeds until you can successfully
maneuver Jumpman Junior at top speed.


In the beginning, the game levels 1-12 are played in sequence. If the player(s) completes all 12 levels, the game will then select random levels and the player(s) may continue to play until all their Jumpmen have been defeated.

When there is more than one player, players are prompted before their turns. Each player starts with four Jumpmen (or "four lives"). An additional Jumpman is awarded every time a player scores 7,500 points. When a player successfully completes a level by defusing all the ALIENATOR'S bombs, or if all of his or her Jumpman Juniors have been wiped out, the joystick is passed on to the next
player. (The player will begin at the same level.) If all of a player's Jumpmen are killed before he or she completes a level, the player is eliminated from the game. Players who have completed a level and have Jumpmen remaining will move on to the next level.


You move your Jumpman with your joystick. Pushing your stick forward makes him climb up ladders. Pulling your stick back towards yourself makes him climb down ladders. Push the stick left, he moves left...to the right, and he moves right.

Jumpman Junior leaps when you press the left button. If the stick is pushed forward, he will jump straight up (often a necessary maneuver when a bullet comes your way)!

When you press the left button and simultaneously push the stick to the right, Jumpman Junior will leap to the right. Press the button and push the stick left, and Jumpman will jump left. But, beware--if Jumpman Junior leaps short of the structure he is trying to reach, if he jumps off the screen or falls too far, KABAM . . . another life will be lost.


When your Jumpman Junior reaches a bomb and defuses it, you score 100 points. (Jumpman Junior must actually touch the bomb in order to defuse it.)

After you have successfully completed a level, additional points are added to your score for each Jumpman you have left. The number of points you win varies from level to level. They range from 25 points on Level 1, to 300 points on Level 12. You also receive Bonus points for the time remaining on your time clock.


If you wish to restart the game at any time press the "#" button to return to the Selection Menu or press the "*" button to play with the current player and speed selections.


Jumpman Junior automatically climbs up. He can 't go down this rope.

Jumpman Junior automatically climbs down. He can 't go up this rope.

On the far side of Jupiter lies the Jupiter Command Substation, a valuable outpost of planet Earth. The ALIENATORS, dreaded enemies from beyond our solar system, have already attacked Jupiter Command Station and are now invading the Substation! Can it be saved?

Jumpman, Jupiter's super secret agent, is desperately trying to restore communications at the Command Station. As the promising apprentice to Jumpman, you, JUMPMAN JUNIOR, have received an emergency request to drive back the ALIENATORS. You must defuse the bombs planted throughout the Substation's 12 levels before they explode, crumbling the outpost instantly. Your speed jumping ability and courage are your only weapons against the enemy.

Using your joystick, you must move JUMPMAN JUNIOR up and down the ladders, ropes and elevators to reach the bombs. Push your joystick button to activate JUMPMAN JUNIOR'S jet boosters to leap away from electrocution traps, moving walls and ever-present bullets. GOOD LUCK! Jumpman--and the entire planet--are counting on you.

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