Prepare yourself for a journey into a most unusual fantasy. A kingdom where nothing is as it seems. A land where the usual is unusual. Take a good look--then look again. It's a place. It's a time. It's a state of mind. Illusions it's all done with mirrors!

Legend has it that Gleebs,
(Amoeba-like creatures)
Learned this from the masters,
Their mentors, their teachers:
"The Kingdom of Lizards
In the Mirror Dimension
Is where Gleebs shall hold
Their yearly convention".

When time comes to leave
This structure surreal,
The Gleebs must escape,
Though there is no door.
Just stairs going nowhere,
And time running out...
They must pass through the glass
As one Gleeb--not more.

Gleebs jump up or down
And can change direction;
When they meet, they meld,
And two become one.
Their union is strong,
They keep moving along
And all late arrivals
Must join in the fun.

Soon lizards may enter
To add to the tension.
Their touch brings frustration
As more Gleebs appear.
But there is one known method
Of reptile prevention...
A liquid-filled beaker,
Crystalline clear.

Those liquefied lizards
Are put on "suspension";
They change into fish,
Flopping in place.
That's the cue for the Gleebs
To go for extension-
Contact a fish
To add time to the race.

What's not fish is fowl-
(In this kingdom that's fair).
When a bird glides above them
The Gleebs must beware.
If one happens to meet it
The result is a crime;
There's egg on their faces,
The Gleebs lose some time.

At last, through the mirror!
Is a haven at hand?
No! The Gleeb finds itself
In a weird, cubic land.
The objective now
Is more Gleebs, not less.
It takes four to escape
By the mirrored egress.

If the Gleebs want out
With all of their heart
The answer is simple:
They must stay apart.
To split, they must split
(Which makes sense, if you ponder),
In order to get through
That looking-glass yonder.

When one group of Gleebs
Flees each mirrored maze,
A new crew convenes
In the Kingdom's first phase.
Use the clues in these verses
To help them get free.
If you need more assistance,
Please turn to The Key.

Points scored are shown on the Scoring Screen, at the completion of each  round.
Players score 10 points for every second of time remaining on the timer, at the completion of a round.
Players score 50 bonus points each time a Gleeb is combined or separated.
At all Skill Levels. players start with five minutes on the timer. Additional time can be earned by contacting a fish. Time can be lost by contacting a bird. A game is over when the timer runs out.


One-Player Game
Use the Port 1 Controller.
Two-Player Game

Player 1 uses the Port 1 Controller. Player 2 uses the Port 2 Controller. Player 1 goes first and each turn lasts until the player completes a round or runs out of time.

Choose your challenge.

Press the Reset Button. The Title Screen for Illusions will appear on your TV. Wait for the Game Option Screen to appear. It contains a list of eight game options.

Skill 1 (Game Options 1 and 5) is the easiest, suitable for beginners.
Skill 2 (Game Options 2 and 6) is a little harder, a little more of a challenge.
Skill 3 (Game Options 3 and 7) is even harder, for the more experienced player.
Skill 4 (Game Options 4 and 8) is the toughest of all-a real test of skill!

Select a game option by pressing the corresponding number on your Controller Keypad.

Control Stick

Moving the Control Stick makes the Gleebs change the direction in which they are traveling.

Push the Control Stick up (away from you) to make the Gleebs go up ramps on the Mirror Dimension Screen.

Push the Control Stick down (toward you) to make the Gleebs go down ramps on the Mirror Dimension Screen.

Push the Control Stick up. down. left or right to make the Gleebs change the direction in which they are traveling on the Cubic Maze Screen.

Side Buttons

The Left Side Button makes the Gleeb jump up when it reaches a jump point on the Mirror Dimension Screen.

The Right Side Button makes the Gleeb jump down when it reaches a jump point on the Mirror Dimension Screen.

In the Cubic Maze, pressing the Left or Right Side Button makes the Gleeb split. when it reaches a separation point.

NOTE: In this game. Side Button presses are held "in memory". A Gleeb will not jump up or down. or split, until it is at a jump point or a separation point. Then the computer "remembers" the Side Button press and the jump or separation occurs.


Press Keypad Buttons 1-8 to select a game option before beginning a game. 
Press * after a game to replay the game option you have just completed. Press # after a game to return to the Game Option Screen.

PAUSE Feature

To pause the action during a game, press * on your controller. The game screen disappears and the Illusions music continues. Press * again and the game screen reappears at the point at which you paused. There is a brief delay for you to size up the situation before play begins again.

NOTE: To turn off the Illusions music during a game, press # on your controller. The music stops, but the other game play sounds can still be heard. To turn the Illusions music back on, press # again.

Cartridge Reset

The Cartridge Reset button on the console stops the game and returns you to the Title Screen. It can be used to start a new game at any time or in the event of game malfunction.


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