Reach miners trapped miles under the surface of the earth! Use the Prop-pack
to maneuver through a maze of mineshafts! Blast vile vermin with the Microlaser Beam! Dynamite walls! Negotiate across the lethal lava flow! Rescue all the miners you can before running out of lives or power!

Instructions for Colecovision(R)



* Insert cartridge. Turn power on.
* Plug a Coleco(R) controller into port one. In addition, you can use a Joystick plugged into port two.
* To select one of five games, press number 1-5 on the controller pad. The higher the number, the greater the challenge.
* To start, move control stick or Joystick.
* To pause at any time, press * on controller pad. Press again to resume play.
* RESERVES. Begin with one life in use and three in reserve. Acquire an additional life, to a maximum of six in reserve, for every 20,000 points earned.
* POWER GAUGE. Power begins to diminish when you move the control stick or
Joystick after Rod Hero appears onscreen. If power runs out and a reserve life remains, you return to the top of that level.
* Game ends when you run out of lives.

Game Number Starting Level
1 1
2 5
3 9
4 13
5 17*
*All following levels are random and no level number appears. In games 1-4, the word PRO appears in place of the level number after level 20.

* To fly up or run or fly left or right: Move control stick or Joystick in that direction.
* To hover: Tap control stick or Joystick forward.
* To fly down a shaft: Step off the ledge.

Microlaser Beam. Your helmet's Microlaser Beam can blast creatures or slice through small walls.
* To fire with controller: Press left side button. Hold for continuous fire.
* To fire with Joystick: Press button. Hold for continuous fire.

Dynamite. Each of the six sticks you begin with can blow up all or part of a
small wall.
* Land and move near a wall
* To place and ignite: Press controller right side button. In using the Joystick, pull toward you. Move fast or be blown up!

Raft. Ride the raft across the river whenever it appears.

Lanterns. Careful! Touch or shoot out a lantern and that section of the mine goes dark.

* Shoot a critter: 50 points
* Each dynamite stick remaining when miner is rescued: 50 points
* Dynamite a wall: 75 points
* Rescue miner 1000 points
* Earn points for every unit of power left when a miner is rescued. The higher the level number, the more each power unit is worth.

You've saved the day when the score reaches 1,000,000.

Join the "Order of the H.E.R.O."

Score 70,000 points or more and join the "Order of the H.E.R.O."! 

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