Join forces with Graham Crackers, the world's greatest superhero, as he enters a museum on an espionage mission. He is to find a micro dot containing top secret information. The dot is attached to one of the pieces of art found in the 90 rooms in the museum. Graham Crackers' mission is complete after he collects the last piece of art.


After the title screen displays a demonstration tour will begin. It is recommended that you take the tour of the museum before playing the game. You will be able to see the rooms in game level one and some of the objects being discussed in the instructions. The tour will repeat until a key on the controller is touched. Continue the tour until the title screen displays.

As you look at the screen you see a cross-section of the museum and Graham Crackers, the super-hero.

As you can see, each screen of the museum has three floors. Graham Crackers is running through a room on the second floor. When he gets to the end of the first room, the screen changes. He enters the room on the second floor and rides the
escalator down to the first floor to continue the tour. Each time the screen changes Graham Crackers enters a new room on the same floor.


Graham Crackers must jump over dangerous robots and narrow openings in the floor. If he falls through without landing on the floor below, he is eliminated.

Graham Crackers will need keys to unlock doors. He collects art and keys as he runs past them. After he collects all art in level one he advances to level two. There are three levels with two difficulty levels to complete in the game. Level one is red, two is blue, and three is green. There are 10 screens in each level. After completing level three, level one continues with one and one-half minutes between art and keys. Game play is also faster.

Escalators and the elevator are found in various rooms. You must help him find and use these to get to each floor of the museum. Skillfully avoid the various stompers and robot guards. The robots are drones, sweepers, and roving monitors. They are awaiting Graham Crackers in various rooms.


Controller #1 moves Graham Crackers left/right and from "room" to "room."
Jump in place - Jump button
Jump left/right - Controller plus jump button

Start/Restart game - 0

Pause game - # pauses game. Touch # again to cancel pause.
Quiet mode - * (sound on/off)
Music on/off - 8


Your score, remaining time, number of keys, and remaining Graham Crackers are at the top of the screen.

The clock displays the time remaining to take the next art or key. The clock resets with art and keys.

Every game has three Graham Crackers. The game ends when you run out of Graham Crackers. Extra Graham Crackers are awarded at 20,000, 40,000, and 60,000 points.


Keys - 50 plus remaining time
Art - 150 plus remaining time
Doors - 250
Monitor - 100


Alarms come in many shapes and sizes. Coordination is required to avoid the alarms which will eliminate Graham Crackers.

Walls block passage.

Doors block passage when there is no key. Electric doors are lethal.

Robot guards are dangerous. Roving monitors can be disabled and eliminated with a key, but keep in mind that keys are needed to unlock doors.

Keys unlock and open doors.

Walk up to the escalator. All escalators are boarded by moving the joystick to 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock position depending which direction the escalator is moving.

Stand in front of the elevator. Touch number 1, 2, or 3 to ride to the desired floor.


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