Navigate your way through videogame's most colorful amusement park without
the use of the joystick. Keep an eye on the windsocks since they indicate the
force and direction of the wind gusts that will blow you around the park. Select
your balloons with the keypad. Inflate and deflate the balloons to reach the
desired altitude by using each firebutton. But be careful that you don't inflate too 
much or you will `bust' the balloon and have to land and replace it with one in 
your pocket. Avoid park hazards such as rides, fireworks, and animals to name
a few, while attempting to land in the most crowded areas in the park to sell your 
balloons. Restock your supply of balloons by landing on the randomly appearing
popcorn truck. GUST BUSTER offers a challenge for the entire family


The game unit must be turned off when inserting or removing the GUST BUSTER
game cartridge.

Object of Game

You travel around the amusement park by inflating or deflating balloons to position yourself in the proper level of gusting wind, while attempting to sell balloons to the park visitors.

On the Ground

In order to land all balloons must be fully deflated. Landing on a crowd enables 
you to gain points by selling the balloons in your pocket. These balloons are 
indicated at the top right of the game screen. Landing on a POPCORN truck enables you to restock your supply of balloons. Any landing allows you to transfer balloons from your pocket to your hand.

In the Air

Inflating your balloons causes you to rise. Depending on your height. the wind 
gusts determine your horizontal direction Wind direction and speed are indicated 
by the wind socks at left. If you hit a stationary object, e.g. park sign or fountain. you will lose your grip on your balloons and fall to the ground. If a moving object, e.g. fireworks or airplane, hits your balloon it will pop that balloon. if it hits you, you will lose your grip on your balloons


Points are awarded when you sell your balloons to the crowds. Bonus points are awarded when the amusement park is lapped.

Levels of Play

At each level additional hazards appear. At the fifth level the winds change direction.

Game Controls

Level Screen
#1 -- starts game at level 1
#2 -- starts game at level 2
#3 -- starts game at level 3
#4 -- starts game at level 4

Game Screen
left button -- releases air from a balloon
(constantly depressed)

right button -- pumps air into a balloon
(repeatedly pumped)

#1 -- selects the red balloon
#3 -- selects the yellow balloon
#7 -- selects the blue balloon
#9 -- selects the green balloon

When a game is completed, the * key or the # key will start a new game.

Helpful Hints

When inflating balloons. pump rapidly until the balloon full sound (honk) is 
heard and then stop.

When the balloon full sound is heard, the next pump will "bust" that balloon,
therefore, you must select another balloon to pump or deflate that balloon

Work with as few balloons as possible to achieve desired height, i.e., always
fill up a balloon completely before selecting the next one.

Sell your balloons as early as possible so that you can take advantage of the
popcorn truck when it appears.

All balloons must be fully deflated in order to land, so that you can sell 
balloons, replenish supply, or replace a "busted" .balloon

Whenever possible, save some balloons in your pocket for emergencies.

Use the different wind directions to synchronize your flight with the
fountain and the peanut in order to avoid a collision .

You may wish to pass up some crowds if landing on them brings you too close
to an obstacle, since you would be unable to successfully take-off after the sale.


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