* Select from four skill levels
* For one or two players

A home version of the Balley/Midway arcade game!


Only your fighter stands between Gorf's fleet of robot ships and their control of the galaxy! With your skill, you can defend the universe against the enemy's twisted technology.

But Gorf never quits. Each mission you survive, Gorf sends another fleet even meaner than the previous one!

MISSION! Defeat Astro Battle invaders that fire to disintegrate your shield and destroy your ship.

MISSION! Clear the sky of robot ships and laser ships. Evade the Laser Attack that shimmers toward your fighter.

MISSION! Attack! Out of the Space Warp Gorfian ships come, hurling radiation blasts that track your fighter.

MISSION! Duel the ultimate challenge, the Gorfian Flagship!


* Make sure the COLECOVISION console is connected to a TV and the power supply is plugged into your console. Then plug power supply into a 110/120 volt AC outlet.

* TV should be on and tuned to the same channel as the Channel Select Switch on the console.

* To play one-player GORF, use the controller plugged into Port 1 (the rear jack). To play two-player GORF, use bothcontrollers.



NOTE: For a one-player game, use the controller plugged into Port 1 (the rear jack). For a two-player game, Player 1 uses the controller plugged into Port 1 and Player 2 uses the controller plugged into Port 2.

1. Keypad: Keypad Buttons 1-8 allow you to select a Game Option before beginning to play. Pressing * after a game allows you to replay the same Game Option; pressing # after a game allows you to return to the Game Option screen.

2. Control Stick: Tilt the Control Stick in any of its eight directions to move your fighter that direction.

3. Side Buttons: Press and release either Side Button to shoot a laser blast from the nose of your fighter. Each press and release of a button issues another blast, but cuts short any blast already on the screen.


NOTE: If you are playing a two-player game, players take turns. Each player plays until completing a mission. Play alternates between players only when one player completes a mission.

STEP 1: Choose your options.

Press the Reset Button. The Title screen appears on your TV Wait for the Game Option screen to appear It contains a list of game play options, numbered 1-8.

Skill 1 is the easiest, suitable for play by beginners.
Skill 2 action is faster, but not as demanding as the arcade version of the game.
Skill 3 plays much like the arcade version of GORF.
Skill 4 is more challenging than the arcade version.

Select one by pressing the corresponding number button on either controller keypad.

NOTE: In most missions, fewer enemies appear at Skill Level 1, and enemy movement is slower at lower skill levels.

STEP 2: Battling the Astro Invaders!

In the Astro Battle, Gorf's robots march through space toward you. Your fighter is protected by an electromagnetic shield. But not for long! Enemy fire knocks out chunks of your protective energy shield. Vaporize the enemies and their blasts with your laser. But be careful. In this battle, if you crash with an enemy invader, your turn ends just as if you completed your mission!

STEP 3: Hyperspace to a new frontier.

Once you've defeated the Astro Invaders, laser ships and enemy robots dive through deep space to attack. Watch out! If you contact any part of the shimmering laser, your fighter is eliminated. Only your accurate maneuvering and speedy
firing can halt the attack.

STEP 4: Warping in reinforcements!

If you've conquered the laser squadrons, Gorf sends replacements! From all corners of the galaxy, Gorf summons robots that hurl radiation bombs. Station your fighter to guard warp's entrance and eliminate robot ships as they soar from the tunnel.

STEP 5: Flagship duels.

Now the ultimate challenge awaits! The robot Gorf commands its flagship to the battle scene. But crafty you, you're already waiting! Clear a hole in the ship's electromagnetic field. Then aim carefully to explode the ship's Internal Reactor If you don't hit it right away, you still get points each time you hit the flagship. But watch out ! The flagship hurls fireballs at you.

STEP 6: Earn a promotion!

Triumph against the Gorfian fleet by completing these four missions! You start out as Space Cadet. Complete four missions and you're promoted to Space Captain.

You'll be sent on even more difficult sets of missions. If you survive, after each round of four missions you'll become Space Colonel, Space General, Warrior or even Space Avenger!

STEP 7. Starting over.

Press * to replay the GORF Game Option that you have been playing. Press # to go back to the Game Option screen.

NOTE: The Reset Button on the console "clears" the game. It can be used to start a new game at any time, and can also be used in the event of game malfunction


Points are awarded for eliminating robot ships and saucers.


Robot Ship 50
Gorf Character 250
Saucer 200

Laser Attack
Laser Ship 300
Robot Ship 100
Small Gorf 100
Saucer 200

Space Warp
Robot ship 100
Gorf 100
Saucer 200

Gorf Flagship
Flagship hit 10
Flagship eliminated 1000
Gorf 100
Fireball 100

In games played at all skill levels, each player receives five fighters to start. When a player completes all four missions in the first round, a bonus fighter is awarded.


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