Front Line

For use with ColecoVision or the ADAM Family Computer System!

* Select from four skill levels
* Play against the computer or another player
* For one or two players

Use your SUPER ACTION CONTROLLERS for this game.

It will take all the skill you've got to fight the battle that wins the war!

Plays like the FRONT LINE arcade game!


March into action against the enemy in Coleco's FRONT LINE, a game of battle. Your mission? Invade enemy territory and knock out their fortress. To do it, you'll have to fight your way across constantly changing terrain. By vehicle or on foot, you'll charge through dense underbrush, over burning desert sands, and across treacherous river bridges. If you succeed in demolishing the enemy fort, your reward will be a new battle against an even more experienced army!



One-Player Game
Use the Port 1 Controller.

Two-Player Game (Alternating Players)

Player 1 uses the Port 1 Controller. Player 2 uses the Port 2 Controller.

Choose your challenge

Press the Reset Button. The Title screen appears on your TV. Wait for the first Game Option screen to appear, then use Keypad Button 1 or 2 to choose between a one- or two-player game.

Skill selection

When the Skill Selection screen appears, each player selects a Skill Option by pressing the corresponding number button on that player's controller keypad. Because FRONT LINE features Individual Skill Selection, each player can
select a different skill level. For a one- or a two-player game, skill levels are as follows:

Skill 1 is the easiest and is suitable for play by beginners.
Skill 2 is a little harder. Enemies are more dangerous.
Skill 3 plays at the difficulty and timing of a professional arcade machine.
Skill 4 is more difficult than an arcade machine.

NOTE: If you select a two-player game, players take turns. Player 1 begins. Each turn lasts until a player's soldier is eliminated, or the enemy fort is destroyed.


1. Control Stick: Pushing the Control Stick in any direction, makes your soldier or friendly tank move in that direction. Returning the Control Stick to neutral makes the movement stop.

2. Keypad: Keypad Buttons 1-4 allow you to select the Game Options you want to play. Press only one Keypad Button at a time for most accurate results.

3. Action Buttons: The color-coded boxes on the left side of the Keypad Overlay indicate which Action Buttons you should use for specific functions.

Yellow Action Button: fires your weapon.

Orange Action Button: rotates your weapon clock-wise. (A brief press rotates the weapon one position.)

Purple Action Button: rotates your weapon counter-clockwise. (A brief press rotates the weapon one position.)

Blue Action Button: throws a hand grenade or allows your soldier to jump into and out of a blue tank.

NOTE: The Speed Roller is not used in this game.


On the road.

Your goal is to invade the enemy's territory and destroy their fort. When the action begins, you're a humble foot soldier out on the road, armed only with a loaded rifle and hand grenades. Use the Control Stick to move up the road and closer to the enemy's fort.

The battle begins.

As you dash up the roadway, the enemy is close at hand. Use the appropriate Action Button to direct your aim then fire!

Mind those mines!

Avoid those land mines planted along the road. If you run over one, it's curtains!

Tricky terrain

Those clumps of trees supply plenty of shade, but sometimes they only get in your way. You can't shoot through them, but you can toss a hand grenade into or over the branches .

Into the brush

Whew! You made it to the end of the road--but your enemies won't give up that easily. See what new tactics they have in store as you fight your way through the Brush.

Fight fire with fire.

Once you reach the Brush, the enemy soldiers retreat and their tanks appear. Lumbering, heavy tanks shoot powerful shells, but move very slowly. Light tanks are faster, but their machine gun bursts have a shorter range.

Tanks, I needed that!

You locate an abandoned tank just in time! Press the blue Action Button to jump inside. Now you'll have better weapons to use on the enemy.

Bail out!

If your light tank is hit, press the blue button to jump out and run away before it explodes. (Note: If a light tank fires at your heavy tank, the first hit only damages the engine. If you're quick you can jump out to fix it, then hop back in.)

The heat is on!

When you finally make it through the tangled Brush, you're getting closer to the enemy's fort. But you've still got a long way to go. This time, the battle will be waged over burning desert sands.

On the rocks

The heat is bad, but those rocks jutting out of the sand are even worse. You'll have to guide your tank very carefully to get past them all. If the fighting gets too intense, you can always duck behind a rock for cover.

Down by the river

There it is! The river at the end of the desert! Use the Control Stick to guide your tank safely across the bridge. And be careful--if you jump out of your tank while traveling along the river's edge, you'll be eliminated.

Off the wall

Once across the bridge, you're confronted with a dangerous obstacle course designed to keep you from reaching the enemy's fort. The ruined walls provide cover from enemy fire, but if you jump out of your tank and land on one you'll
be trapped. And those craters caused by exploding mines are tough to get around!


That barbed wire is no fun at all! You can't get through it on foot, so you'd better stay in your tank. Careful, soldier!

Blast those bunkers!

See that bunker that protects the enemy fort? Its machine gun rotates and fires. You can eliminate this danger only by throwing a hand grenade.

No tanks!

Now the trouble really starts. You're close enough to fire on the fort, but in order to destroy it you'll have to stay out of your tank to toss a hand grenade. Meanwhile, enemy tanks roll on!

Onward, soldier!

Congratulations! You've succeeded in destroying the enemy's fort! Your reward? Transfer to another front to fight against an even more dangerous enemy. You've won the battle. Will you win the war?

Special pause feature

Press * during a game to pause. The screen blanks and music plays. Press * again to return to the game exactly as you left it. There is a slight delay before the action resumes, giving you time to size up the situation.

Starting over

Press * to replay the FRONTLINE Game Option that you've just played. Press # to get back to the first Game Option screen.

* = Pause (during game) or Replay (after game)
#= Game Options (other choices)


The Reset Button on the console stops the game and returns you to the Title screen. It can be used to start a new game or in the event of game malfunction.



Fort ........1000

Each player starts with five friendly soldiers. When each Round is completed. the player is awarded a Bonus Soldier (up to six).


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