Lead your Commando against a battery of mechanical monsters in a bizarre, alien high-tech structure. Watch out for Evil Otto!  Plays like the Frenzy arcade game!


Don't be fooled by Evil Otto's smile. It's deceptive. He, the robots and the skeletons are out to get your Commando!

Trapped in a bizarre, alien high-tech structure and surrounded by robots, your Commando moves from cell to cell as you face a band of deadly mechanical monsters. Odd marching skeletons clunk toward you. Robotic tanks trundle
into position. Face your enemy and fire, or be doomed by their fatal touch! Eliminate all automatons and proceed to the next assembly.

Stay alert! Your enemies now fire deadly blasts. Some cell walls ricochet the blasts--both yours and your enemy's, so watch where you fire! Worst of all is Evil Otto, the bouncing menace who passes through walls and destroys any creature
on contact. It's a bizarre battle for survival as Evil Otto bounces toward you! Will you make it?

* For One or Two Players
* Select from Four Skill Levels
* Instant Pause Control

Use your ColecoVision Controllers or your Super Action Controllers



One-Player Game
Use the Port 1 Controller.

Two-Player Game (Alternating Players)
Player 1 uses the Port 1 Controller. Player 2 uses the Port 2 Controller. Players take turns. Player 1 begins, and each turn lasts until the player's Commando is eliminated.

Choose Your Challenge.

Press the Reset Button and the Title Screen appears on your TV. Wait for the Game Option screen to appear. It contains a list of eight game options.

Skill 1 (Game Options 1 and 5) is the easiest, suitable for play by beginners.
Skill 2 (Game Options 2 and 6) is harder. Your opponents are more dangerous.
Skill 3 (Game Options 3 and 7) plays much like a professional arcade machine.
Skill 4 (Game Options 4 and 8) poses the toughest challenge of all!

Select a game option by pressing the corresponding number button on your controller keypad.

1. Keypad: Use Keypad Buttons to select number of players and skill level of game play.
2. Control Stick: Press the Control Stick in any of eight directions to move your Commando and to aim your weapon.
3. Side Buttons (ColecoVision Controller): Press either Side Button to make your Commando fire. The Commando stops moving to fire.
4. Action Buttons (Super Action Controller): Press either the top (yellow) or second (orange) Action Button to make your Commando fire. The Commando stops moving

Firing Tip:

Position your Commando first. Then press and hold in a Side Button or Action Button. When you press the Control Stick toward your enemy. the Commando fires exactly on target!


It's no Cell-ebration!
Here's what you're up against: a typical cell arrangement in a typical maze. No two mazes are exactly alike! High-Tech Anxiety!

It doesn't matter how your Commando got here. What matters is that he must survive. First, there are those robots and skeletons to face. The minute they spot your Commando, they move in!

That fatal touch.

You're in luck! Your first opponents cannot fire at you. But watch out--don't let the mechanical and bony beasties get near your Commando. Their touch is deadly if you move into them. Keep your distance and take. careful aim. But be careful--if you
hit an enemy, its explosion is deadly to you, too!

An obstruction of justice.

Sometimes robots and skeletons move behind dot walls. No problem--just take aim and fire. Your first shot eliminates a dot. Your second shot eliminates your enemy!
Bounce back--bounce right.

Be careful of those solid or dotty white walls. They don't absorb fired shots from you or your opponents. They reflect bullets, which can bounce right back at you! But wait you can use this ricochet effect to advantage. To get an enemy around a
corner, use the reflecting wall to ricochet your bullet right on target!


If you find yourself blocked on all sides by dot walls and reflecting walls, you can fire your way out. A minimum of three consecutive dots must be removed before you can pass through up or down. A minimum of five dots must be removed
to pass through right or left. But caution--your opponents can knock out dots with their laser bullets, too!

This Way Out.

If you can t take the pressure and want to get out, look for an exit door in one of the outer walls. Then step through. You can also eliminate the dots in any outer wall to create an exit in any direction.

Another maze.

You're not safe yet. Once you enter another cell arrangement, you face a whole new band of enemies, Notice the door through which you entered the new maze. It's now riveted shut and cannot be blasted--it absorbs shots. Nor can it be re-entered--you're trapped! Once you leave a maze behind, you can never return to take care of unfinished business. Our Feature Presentation.

Lucky you--some mazes contain a feature cell at their center. These featured mazes appear between nonfeatured mazes. How many nonfeatured mazes you have to pass through to get to the next featured maze depends on the skill level you're playing:

Skill 1 = one nonfeatured maze
Skill 2 = two nonfeatured mazes
Skill 3 = three nonfeatured mazes
Skill 4 = four nonfeatured mazes

Feature cells to watch for: Big Otto, Power Plant, Computer and Robot Factory.

Freezing the Feature.

You can earn extra points by disabling and freezing the feature at the center of the maze. First eliminate a dot or two blocking the path of your bullet. If your next shot hits the feature, you disable its operation and earn extra points!

Stay alert. Some features offer a surprise when disabled byyour bullets. Be on the watch--forewarned is forearmed. Otto-matic Danger!

Evil Otto, the smiling, bouncing face, can enter the maze when you least expect him. He bounces toward your Commando, and nothing can stop him--not even walls or other aliens! Aim carefully and fire laser bullets. It takes three shots to crush Otto's smile and eliminate him. (In Skill 4 games, it takes four shots.) But surprise! Another Evil Otto takes his place and pursues you even faster! Better find a way out of the
maze quickly.

No Exit.

There is no real exit from this alien trap. There is only an endless chain of mazes,
an endless barrage of opponents, and an endless battle for survival. Final defeat comes only when you have lost all your Commandos.

Special Pause Feature

Press * during the game to pause. The screen blanks and music plays. Press * again to resume your game exactly as you left it.

NOTE: In a two-player game, only the active player can pause, then resume the game.

Starting Over

The game ends when all your Commandos have been eliminated.
Press * after the game ends to replay your game option.
Press # to return to the Game Option screen and choose another challenge.


The Reset Button on the console stops the game and returns you to the Title Screen. It can be used to start a new game at any time or in the event of game malfunction.



Any Dot Eliminated ............ 1
Robot Eliminated .............. 50
Skeleton Eliminated ........... 50
Bullet Contacts Evil Otto .... 20*
Power Plant Disabled ......... 100
Computer Disabled............. 100
Robot Factory Disabled ....... 100

* except for first bullet in a Skill 4 game

Bonus Points

When each scene first appears, it contains a number of robots. If you eliminate the same number of robots during the course of the scene (whether or not more robots enter), you earn 10 times that number in Bonus Points. Example: Nine robots appear at the start of a scene, then three are added. If you eliminate any nine robots, you earn 90 Bonus Points. 

Bonus Commandos

You receive five Commandos in Skill 1 games, and three Commandos in games played at all other skill levels. You earn a bonus Commando when your score reaches 1000, and an additional Commando for every 2000 points earned


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