Getting ready to play

* Make sure the COLECOVISION console is connected to TV and power supply
is plugged into the console. Then plus the power supply into a 110/120 volt AC outlet.
* TV should be on and tuned to the same channel as the Channel Select Switch
on the console.
* ALWAYS MAKE SURE COLECOVISION UNIT IS OFF BEFORE REMOVING CARTRIDGE. Turn Off/On switch to On after cartridge is inserted.


The Object

You start as an amoeba trying to advance up the evolutionary chain to become a human. To attain this goal you will have to go through a total of six distinctly different evolutionary steps. Do you have the instincts and reflexes to survive and evolve to a high life form? Play the game to find out! Good luck!

To Begin
NOTE: Use the controller plugged into Port 1.
1. Keypad: Keypad buttons 1-3 allow you to select the Skill Level you want to play. Choosing button 4 gives you the Demo Game. When you lose all your lives the terminal displays "End of Game." To replay the same Skill Level, press * . To return to the Skill Level screen, press # .
2. Control Stick: Push the Control Stick in any of four directions (up, down, left or right) to move in the direction specified. 
3. Pause: To temporarily stop the action in Evolution, just press 0 on the keypad. To restart, press 0 again.
4. Left side button: Use the left side button for special effects, as noted in the game directions.

Choose your Skill Level
Skill Level 1 is the easiest level, a good place to begin.
Skill Level 2 is faster and has more challenges.
Skill Level 3 is even faster and more challenging.
Level 4 is the demo game. To advance from amoeba to human, you must successfully complete just one action in each evolutionary step. Select a game option by pressing the corresponding number on the Port 1controller keypad.


You are a lowly one-celled creature trying to eat the immobile DNA cells displayed on the screen. You will face spores, microbes, and antibodies which will attempt to catch you. If anything that moves should touch you, you lose a life. Your only defense against your attackers is a limited supply of shields which will permit you to move through them without harm. A gauge on the bottom displays the amount of shields left, so use them wisely. Eat all of the DNA and advance to the next level.

To swim, use the Control Stick. To activate one of your shields, press the right side button.


You are a tadpole trying to eat elusive water flies. Eating three of these flies will advance you to the next level. Sound easy? It's not. There are fish trying to eat you so you'd better avoid them. You can avoid the fish by running away or jumping over them. Good luck, Jeremiah!  To move along the sand, push the Control Stick left or right. To jump, press the button.


You are a rodent who, like all rodents, likes to eat cheese. You must burrow around in a network of caves to get to the pieces of cheese that appear randomly in the caves. You will be pursued relentlessly by a number of snakes who will kill you if they catch you. You can kill a snake by dropping one of your three dung piles. Eat five cheeses to advance to the next level. To tunnel, use the Control Stick. To drop dung. press the left side button.


You are a beaver who loves to build dams. Swim across the river and pick up sticks, carry them back, and place them in the dam. When you have retrieved five sticks, the dam will be complete. By the way, watch out for the alligators because they love beaver sandwiches for lunch. Good luck, eh!  To pick up sticks, swim over to them. To build the dam, swim with a stick to an empty part of the channel.


You are a rare orange gorilla in the depths of Africa. You must protect your three oranges from the thieving Vervet monkeys. You must hurl coconuts at the monkeys and attempt to dislodge them from the vines overhead. Five hits and you've made it to the next level. To aim, use the Control Stick. To fire, press the button.


You have attained the highest form of evolution. The genetic mutants have all revolted and you have been sent into Jeff's elastic battleground to dispatch the renegade creatures with the aid of your laser pistol. Watch out - they shoot too. Kill ten mutants and you will then witness the end of the human race. To run, use the Control Stick. To shoot, press the button.

High Scores

If you get one of the ten top scores, you will become a high evolutionary. If, however, you don't start at the beginner skill level then you must get past the human stage to get on the list.

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