For use with Colecovision Expansion Module #2
* Select from Four Skill Levels
* For One or Two Players

Drive the General Lee through Hazzard County! You have to catch Jeremiah Stinge up ahead. But watch your rearview mirror for Boss Hogg. He's hot on your trail!

Getting Ready To Play

Assemble Expansion Module #2 as shown in its owner's manual. Connect the module to Port 1 of the Colecovision console or ADAM. Connect a hand controller to Port 2. Turn power ON.

You have Expansion Module #2 all to yourself.

Players take turns using Expansion Module #2. Player 1 goes first. Each turn lasts until you wreck, until Boss Hogg catches you, or until you complete a round by catching Jeremiah Stinge.


Press the Reset Button and the Title Screen appears on your TV. Wait for the Game Option Screen to appear. It shows a list of eight game options. Make your choice and take your chances!

SKILL 1 (Game Options 1 and 5) is the easiest, just right for play by beginners.
SKILL 2 (Game Options 2 and 6) is harder. You'll need good driving skills.
SKILL 3 (Game Options 3 and 7) is even harder! You'll need quick reactions and sharp eyes!
SKILL 4 (Game Options 4 and 8) is the toughest challenge of all - no picnic for a city slicker!

Make your choice by pressing the corresponding number button on the controller keypad.

Using Your Controls

1. Keypad: Before the chase gets started, use Keypad Buttons to choose number of players and skill level. During the chase, press * again to get back into action.

Pause is also useful in a two-player game, when players alternate turns. Wait until the new player's round has just appeared, then pause the game and hand the controller to the other player.

During game play, Keypad Buttons 1-9 function as a hand brake. Press any one of these buttons to make the General Lee slow down, stop or make a bootlegger turn. Pressing any numbered button again will release the hand brake.

Note: After making a bootlegger turn, the handbrake automatically deactivates - you don't have to press a Keypad Button again.

2. Steering Wheel: Take hold of the wheel and steer the General Lee. Turn the wheel clockwise to turn right, just as a regular car. Turn the wheel counterclockwise to turn left.

3. Control Stick: This is your gearshift. Think of an "H" to find the gears:

1 I I 3
2 I I 4

Shifting Up
The stick's between First and Second gear to start. To shift into First, move the stick up (away from you). The General Lee picks up speed automatically. To move into Second from there, pull the stick down (toward you). To go from Second to Third, first move right, then up. Then pull down to get to Fourth.

You don't want to shift up from gear to gear too quickly. Take each gear well into its range before shifting into the next higher gear. The speed range for each gear is:

1 I 1-35 45-80 I 3
2 I 20-60 70-100 I 4

To shift down, treat the gears in the same way as shifting up. To go from Fourth to Third, push the Control Stick up. To go from Third to Second, push the Control Stick left, then down. To go from Second to First, push the Control Stick up.

You don't have to press the hand brake to downshift. But when you do shift down, you must wait for your speed to decrease into the range of the new gear before you can start shifting up to accelerate again. All clear now?

4. Foot Pedal: The pedal's your accelerator. Press it to pick up speed. When the pedal is pressed, you continue to accelerate until you reach the top speed of the gear you're in. When the Foot Pedal is released, it acts as a break; the General Lee slows down and eventually comes to a stop.

Note: The Foot Pedal will not function as a brake during a bootlegger turn you must use the handbrake.

Here's The Story So Far:

There's trouble in Hazzard County, and you're caught in the middle! Jeremiah Stinge, the fat cat who owns the local mortgage company has devised a scheme
to settle an old grudge and get back at the Duke boys. Stinge has forged a deed to the Duke property and plans to foreclose, tossing the boys out in the road.

So old Jeremiah shows up all smug with a deed to the Dukes' place. He'll foreclose on the mortgage, all right, unless the Dukes can come up with the full amount owed - in cash! Of course, that's out of the question. But this ain't the whole story.

Daisy pokes around and finds out that Stinge has faked the deed. When Stinge hears about Daisy's eavesdropping, he kidnaps her and takes off for parts unknown. In the meantime, Boss Hogg, always around when there's trouble for
the Dukes, wants to serve the foreclosure papers (he doesn't know they're forged).

So what have you got? Stinge is up ahead, racing for the county line and holding Daisy captive. And Boss Hogg is behind, trying to get to you with the phony forecloseure papers. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, you have to catch Stinge and rescue Daisy before Boss Hogg catches you!

But you've also got something nobody else has - trusty General Lee! It zooms you along country roads, leaps over bumps and bridge-outs, bootlegs in tight spots and careens through town streets. So step on it and race after Stinge - and try to rescue Daisy! Keep one eye on the road ahead for Stinge's dirty blue car. But keep the other eye on your rear-view mirror. Old Boss Hogg's getting mighty close for comfort!

Here's How To Play

Hop into the General Lee and get set for a ride! But first, take a look around. You've got the Speedometer on the dash to tell you how fast you're going. The Bonus Timer ticks down points as you zoom along (more about that later). There's your Score, of course, to show how good you are. And the Gear Grid lets you know what gear you're in.

The General Lee's also equipped with a special message indicator that'll help you figure out what's happening and what's to be done about it. When Sting's blue car pulls away at the start of the chase, the message is "CATCH THAT CAR!" And "IT'S BOSS HOGG!", when you-know-who shows up at the side of the road. When you catch up with Stinge and pass him, it's "WE CAUGHT HIM!", but if the law gets you first, you'll see "HOGG GOT US!"

To get going, take the General Lee through the gears, starting with First and ending with Fourth. Each gear has its own range, of course, like other cars. The General Lee works best if you follow the speedometer as you put the rubber to the road. Take each gear as close to its top as you can before shifting into the next gear. Treat the General Lee right and it'll perform for you. Ready?

There's Stinge's blue car up ahead - but not for long! He puts the pedal to the metal and takes off. Shift into First and watch where you're steering. Keep an eye on the center line and try to keep the General Lee in your lane. Close to center might be best. If you rub against the side of the road, it only slows you down. If you drive on the edge too long, you'll hit a pothole and come to a sudden stop. A steady hand on the wheel is a sure grip on the road.

No sooner you start out than old Boss Hogg gets wind of your whereabouts. Before long you'll spot his dusty white sedan up ahead on the right side of the road. Zoom past and keep on the right side of the road. Zoom past and keep an eye on that rearview mirror - you'll see the white car, all right. Boss'll try to catch up to you so long as you let him. So don't let him, or you're done for. Phony foreclosure papers or no, Hogg's wild and aiming to serve 'em!

Boss Hogg ain't the only hazard in Hazzard County. Watch out for curves in the country roads. Some sharp ones can make you grind against the roadside. That only puts a damper on your fire! You'll want to steer into the curve a little just to keep your balance. On straight-aways, keep steady and keep center.

City streets are hardly better. If you lose Jeremiah Stinge up ahead just keep going. You're bound to catch sight of him sooner or later. Once you do, watch carefully. He might make a fast left or right turn and scoot between the buildings. Follow right behind him! To make a left or right turn, take your foot off the peal and spin wheel. Take your turns quickly and sharply, or you'll miss 'em!

Once in a while there's a little hill in the road that lets you fly. You never know when one's coming up, so just keep a good grip on the wheel and high hope in your heart. Take the hill too fast and you're liable to skid. The hill tends to slow you down a bit, so keep your wits about you.

The yellow, diamond-shaped road sign lets you know there's a crossroads up ahead where you can turn off, if you've got a mind to. And the read octagonal signs' a warning that you're coming up on a washed-out bridge!

Watch it! Bridge out up ahead. Don't pay no never mind and just keep her steady. Watch your speed and keep control of the General Lee. If your speed's at least 75 mpg, it'll fly right over the gap. If you're not going fast enough, you'll wreck! Keep it centered just to be safe. The General Lee's shocks can take it. Can you? How're your nerves holding up?

Don't think you're going fast enough to make it over the bridge? There's a way out! You can make a bootlegger turn - that's a 180 degree reversal in direction.

First, you have to be going more than 35 mph in order to reverse direction. Hit the handbrake, turn the wheel fast and hope for the best. You'll slow down, but you'll be facing the way you came. Just step on it, start gearing up again and get going! Can you make it? Try it until you've got it down.

There's another time you can use the bootlegger turn to get out of a fix: when Boss Hogg is hot on your trail and getting too close for comfort. If you don't think you can outrun him, make a bootlegger turn to fake him out. But guess what? Now he's in front of you! Just pass him up and you'll lose him. Works every time!

Sometimes obstacles in the road try to trip you up. First, there are those oil slicks. Strike one and you skid and slow down a bit. Don't forget to downshift before gearing up again. Best bet is to avoid the oil slicks, if you can.

Naturally you don't own the road, so pay mind to other cars. Folks out for a nice afternoon drive don't know, let alone care, about your troubles. If you hit one, you'll spin around and slow down to almost nothing. A collision's a sure way to wreck a good chase! Keep sharp. Remember, Stinge is up ahead and that road Hogg's gaining on you from behind. Talk about between a rock and a hard place!

How do you get Stinge? When you pass him, you catch him. It's that simple, but it isn't as easy as it sounds.

When you get right up behind Stinge, you can bounce off his car if you're going at top speed. This only slows you down a bit and gives him a chance to speed ahead of you. Try to stay in the opposite lane from the one Stinge is in.

In the higher Skill Levels, no sooner do you get the right speed than Stinge begins to weave from side to side across the road ahead of you, just to trip you up. Take hold of the General Lee's steering wheel, wait for Stinge to get one side of the road, then bolt for the opposite side. If you can pass Stinge, you've caught him!

Remember, you've also got to keep Boss Hogg at a comfortable distance or you're done for. Got nerves of steel? You'll need 'em!

So, there you are - caught in the middle without a fiddle. You've got to get Jeremiah Stinge as fast as you can to earn a higher score. 

One thing about the Bonus Timer. If the timer runs out and you haven't caught Stinge, the chase is still on. If you then catch him, you get no bonus points. Of course, the chase starts all over and you have another chance. Don't blow it!

If truth be known, the chase need never be over if you know how to drive the General Lee. Each time you catch Stinge, your score tallies up and the chase starts all over again. There's no tying down a slick critter like Jeremiah Stinge when he's up to no good!

But if you wreck, or Boss Hogg catches up to you, it's the end of the line. So what's it going to be? Winner or loser? You're in the driver's seat - it's up to you?

Press * during the game to pause. The screen blanks and music plays. Press
* again to go back to your game exactly as you left it.

Press * after the game ends to replay your game option. Press # to return to the Game Option screen and choose another challenge.

The Reset Button on the console stops the game returns you to the Title Screen. It can be used to start a new game at any time or in the event of game malfunction.



Oil Slick 100
Oncoming Car 100
Bridge Out 200
Lose Boss Hogg 500
Catch Jeremiah Stinge 1000*

* plus 10 points for every second
left in the Bonus Timer

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