For use with Coleco's Expansion Module #2
For one player 
Select from four skill levels

Your starcruiser lands in the hostile city of Araknid to collect precious Crystals needed desperately on earth. Your equipment: the mighty Ram-car. Use your Ram-car to bump Krystaloids, transforming them into precious Crystals! But
watch out for the evil Destructor and deadly Insektoids, protectors of the Krystaloids! Can you collect the invaluable jewel-like Crystals and fly home?



Choose your challenge!

The Title Screen appears on your TV. Wait for the Game Option screen to appear, 
then use the controller keypad to choose the skill level you want to play:

Skill 1 is just right for beginners. You get five Ram-cars for survival.
Skill 2 isn't as easy. You face tougher opponents with only four Ram-cars.
Skill 3 presents professional arcade action on your home screen. You get four 
Ram-cars to face the ruthless Insektoids.
Skill 4 is the ultimate challenge. How long will your four Ram-cars last?

Select a skill option by pressing the corresponding number button on the controller keypad.


Your starcruiser is millions of light years from home in search of precious Crystals in Araknid, a city on the planet Arthros. Your purpose is to collect Crystals and take them back to Earth. Your methods are many. Ram Krystaloids. The impact creates a chain reaction causing them to form into Crystals. Ram  Crystals into or fire them at Insektoids to stop their fatal harm. Fire Crystals at the deadly Destructor to stun it momentarily. Then quickly take the Crystals to your starcruiser for safe keeping! Use Coleco's Expansion Module #2 driving unit to guide the armored Ram-car through Araknid's maze. Search for the Krystaloid insects. Ram them to form Crystals, then push the Crystals to the starcruiser. Beware of the Insektoids. If they catch your Ram-car, they'll feast on it!

Keep an eye out for the appearance of Destructor, the ruthless Insektoid" master 
who threatens your survival! Destructor tracks your Ram-car to the ends of the 

The road is choked with ravenous Insektoids. They can be eliminated, but Destructor keeps on coming! In the end, it's either you or Destructor. Who will 


Assemble Expansion Module #2 as shown in its owner's manual. Connect the module to Port 1 of the ColecoVision console or ADAM. Connect a hand controller to Port 2. Turn the power ON.

1. Keypad: Before the game, Keypad Buttons 1-4 allow you to select the Skill 
Option you want to play. During the game, press any number Keypad Button to fire the Crystal that Ram-car is pushing.

2. Steering Wheel: The Steering Wheel turns your Ram-car just like a car steering wheel. Rotate the wheel clockwise to turn Ram-car to the right. Rotate the wheel counterclockwise to turn to the left.

3. Control Stick: Press the Control Stick up (away from you) to put the Ram-car 
in forward gear. Press the Control Stick down (toward you) to put the Ram-car in 
reverse gear. This also releases a Crystal that you are pushing. Pressing the 
Control Stick in any other direction has no effect.

4. Foot Pedal: Press the Foot Pedal to increase your Ram-car's speed. Release 
the pedal to decrease speed to a stop.

NOTE: The Side Buttons are not used in DESTRUCTOR.


Speed away!

Your Ram-car stands on the starcruiser ramp, ready to collect precious Crystals 
for Earth. You begin each turn in forward gear. Press the Foot Pedal to move the 
Ram-car off the ramp and down to the business of collecting!


The Crystals Needed indicator tells you how many Crystals to take back to the starcruiser. Higher Skill Levels require you to gather more Crystals than lower 
Skill Levels. The more missions you complete at any Skill Level, the more Crystals you'll have to gather as you continue playing. Better start moving through the Araknid maze to find those Crystals! 

Keep your eyes on the road.

The Ram-car is a hardy machine. It can bump the border or starcruiser without 
the slightest damage. But the Arthros acid river is another story. If the Ram-
car runs off the road into the acid river, it sinks and disintegrates! 


At first, the streets of Araknid appear empty, even safe. Look at the radar screen. Nothing appears to threaten, but don't trust the calm. At any moment, Insektoids can attack. Beware! Insektoids eat metal and synthetics. They feast on Ram-cars!

Crack a Krystaloid.

So where are the Crystals? They're inside the Krystaloids. Ram one and the impact creates a chain reaction that causes it to form a Crystal. Drive your Ram-car against the Crystal to grab hold of it. Now push your prize to the starcruiser.

Remember, you can't pull a Crystal. Going in reverse releases it. You can push 
one Crystal at a time while going forward or turning. Caution: Acid and Crystals don't mix! If a Crystal touches the acid river, it disintegrates. So be careful not to lose your precious cargo!

More is less.

Each sector of the city has a finite number of Krystaloids roaming its corridors. You may not always have swarms of Krystaloids around you. As you ram Krystaloids into Crystals, they seem to send out signals to others as a warning. The more Krystaloids you ram, the fewer and fewer show up looking to become your catch! What do you do? You'll have to search in other sectors of Araknid for more catch. But whatever you do, grab hold of a nearby Crystal and push it to your starcruiser. There's no time to lose!

Up the ramp.

When you get to the starcruiser, push the Crystal up the ramp. When the Crystal 
reaches the starcruiser's hold, it drops in, freeing you for another trek through the maze in search of more Krystaloids.

Battling the Insektoids.

Insektoids crowd your Ram-car. What now? Ram more Krystaloids and build a wall 
of Crystals to temporarily stop the enemy from getting to you. Insektoids cannot 
move Crystals, but they can move around them!

Here's a hint: Ravenous Insektoids like to eat isolated Crystals, those standing 
alone. And they sometimes like to eat Crystals that are touching others--those 
linked as Crystal walls. But usually they just turn away from the walls. The walls of Crystals can protect not only your Ram-car, but also the Crystals themselves!

Shooting Back.

Crystals have many uses. The energized (flashing) Crystals pushed by the Ram-car 
are deadly to Insektoids. If an Insektoid comes into contact with an energized 
Crystal, both the Insektoid and the valuable Crystal are eliminated in an explosion. A small price to pay for survival!

Your Ram-car has two attack options. You can ram an energized Crystal into an 
Insektoid or shoot the Crystal. To shoot, aim the Ram-car at the Insektoid and 
press any number Keypad Button to fire the Crystal. If the Crystal makes contact, both are eliminated.

Enter Destructor!

Just when you have the feel of this alien world, Destructor appears. Now you realize that the king of enemies has arrived. You can first see Destructor when it appears as a black square on your Ram-car's radar screen. It's sniffing the streets of Araknid looking for you. Destructor stops to eat Crystals as it moves through Araknid's maze--even when it's out of sight (you can hear it munching). Destructor on the move.

Soon enough, Destructor shows up. It's on the move and you need protection. 
Quickly build walls of Crystals. These walls delay Destructor for a bit, giving 
you a chance to grab another Crystal and push it to the starcruiser! 

Destructor can never be eliminated, and continues pursuing you. Now you can be 
clever. If you ram Destructor with an energized Crystal, it stops to eat. But if you fire a Crystal at it, Destructor stops in its tracks, stunned for a few seconds. You've sacrificed another Crystal for survival. Use your costly time wisely.

Destructor Eggs.

See the harmless-looking, yellow-and-black form sitting in the road and motionless? It's a Destructor egg. Drive by if you must, but be careful.  Sometimes the egg hatches a new Destructor to chase you! Perhaps just to be safe, fire a Crystal at it. That'll take care of matters--for now.

Here one minute, gone the next.

Your Ram-car is trapped: Insektoids are closing in, Destructor is breathing down 
your neck and the starcruiser is clear on the other side of Araknid. What can you do? How can you escape? Quickly roam sectors of the city to find a remote 
Teleporter to get back to the ship. Drive into the Teleporter. Moments later the 
Ram-car appears in the Master Teleporter on the starcruiser. You're temporarily 
safe from Insektoid enemies.

Every time you use a remote Teleporter/ you always teleport to the starcruiser. 
When you re-enter the Master Teleporter, you always return to the remote Teleporter you originally came from. 

Whenever you start a new round, or whenever your Ram-car is eaten by an enemy
and you restart the same round, the Master Teleporter is deactivated. You must 
use a remote Teleporter to get back to the ship and activate the Master Teleporter. 

By the way, if your Ram-car pushes a Crystal into a Teleporter, both the Ram-car 
and the Crystal return to the starcruiser's Master Teleporter. Drive around the 
ship, go up the ramp and push the Crystal into the ship's hold. Safe! 

The Final Crystal.

The Crystals Needed indicator reads one Crystal to go. Your Ram-car places this 
final Crystal in the starcruiser and your first mission is now complete. Fasten 
your seatbelt--the starcruiser is ready to blast off to return to Earth! 

Second chance.

If you've survived your first go-round on Araknid, you return from Earth to land 
in a new location of a transformed city. What's different this time? Road onnections may have changed. Bridges may no longer cross canals. Teleporters are located in different sectors. And Araknid's residents are riled. You now must face more Insektoids and a mean, mean Destructor.

Nighttime means plight-time.

Depending on your Skill Level, your next round might take place at night.  Unfortunately, you won't be able to see everything you saw during the daytime. 
Some things are identifiable, though. You can see the acid river. And you can see roaming Krystaloids plain enough. You can even spot Destructor. But borders? 
Sorry. You'll have to bump your way around them. And Insektoids? Forget it!
They can sneak around in the dark to set ambushes for you!

Help in the dark.

There are some things that can help you in the darkness. Sounds, of course, continue to clue you in on activity. And you get a momentary flash of daylight 
when your ram-car bumps a Krystaloid, border or the starcruiser, fires a Crystal, or teleports. Now's your chance to take a quick look around and get your bearings. And lucky for you, Insektoids glow with excitement as they get near you.

But your plight at night is the same as during the day. Keep collecting Crystals 
as fast as you can. And don't forget you're safe on the ramp of your starcruiser!

Sounding it out.

Your ears are as important as your eyes. Get to know the sounds you hear. Day or 
night, they warn you of danger, help you keep on your toes, and reinforce your 
actions. For example, when you're pushing a Crystal, it's "energized" and emits 
a pulsating sound. That's good. But when you hear a warning sound, it means that 
Destructor is near. That's bad! There are other sounds to listen for, but you'll
hear them soon enough!

Round and round.

Survive your nighttime experience and you move on to further adventures. The 
farther you go, the tougher the job. Your commission is finally over when you've 
lost your last Ram -car.

Starting over.

Press * after a game to replay the DESTRUCTOR game option that you have just 
played. Press # to return to the Game Option screen.


Pressing the Reset Button stops the game and returns you to the Title Screen. 
Reset can be used to start a new game at any time, and can also be used in the event of a game malfunction.


Ram a Krystaloid .....................20

Eliminate with a Crystal:
Destructor Egg......................1000
Stun Destructor.....................1000

In each round:
Take first Crystal to starcruiser....100
Second Crystal.......................200
Third Crystal .......................300
and so on!


Multiply each of the above scores by the number of the round you're playing.

Bonus Points.

Each time you complete a round, you earn Bonus Points: multiply the number of 
Crystals you took to the starcruiser by 1000 points. For example, if you gathered 10 Crystals, you earn 10,000 Bonus Points at the end of the round!

Bonus Ram-cars.

If you earn 20,000 points, you win one bonus Ram-car. From that point on, you earn one bonus Ram-car for each additional 40,000 points earned, up to a total maximum of five bonus Ram-cars.

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