Colecovision Manuals
Letters A to L
Click on any of the ones below to view the instruction manual
2010 Antarctic Adventure Aquattack BC's Quest BC's Quest 2: Grog Revenge
Beamrider Blockade Runner Boulder Dash Bump n Jump Burgertime
Cabbage Patch : Adventures in the Park Cabbage Patch:  Picture Show Carnival Centipede Choplifter
Cosmic Avengers Dam Busters Dance Fantasy Defender Destructor
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr Dr. Seuss' Mix-Up Dragonfire Driving Module
Dukes of Hazzard Evolution Facemaker Fraction Fever Frenzy
Frogger Frontline Galaxian Gateway to Asphai Gorf
Gust Busters Gyruss The Heist H.E.R.O Illusions
t's Only Rock n Roll! James Bond Jumpman Junior Ken Uston's Poker and Blackjack Kung Fu Superkicks
Ladybug Looping  

(These manuals are up for the enjoyment of classic game fans.  The rights are of the respective companies.)

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