Join in the ultimate food fight as you help Chef Peter Pepper fend off the Food Foes and make perfect burgers.


Can you help Chef Peter Pepper make delicious burgers and evade the tricky
Food Foes?

BurgerTime Recipe!

1 Chef
3 Food Foes - Mr Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle
Season to taste with pepper. and you!

Take one chef. Add three food foes. Season with pinches of pepper. Play at four skill levels on six tempting scenes.

Serve sizzling to one or two hungry players.

Chef Peter Pepper owns The Pepper Grille, the best burger place in town. The 
Food Foes--Mr Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle--are trying to stop Chef Peter

Pepper from making gourmet burgers for hungry customers.

As Chef Peter Pepper you must stay cool as a cucumber while you move around
The Pepper Grille, zipping across the tops of burger parts to make them drop into 
the plates below. While cooking delicious burgers for your hungry customers, you must try to flatten the pursuing Food Foes.

For one or two players Select from four skill levels

Use your ColecoVision controllers or Super Action controllers.



One-Player Game
Use the Port 1 Controller.

Two-Player Game (Alternating players)
Player 1 uses the Port 1 controller. Player 2 uses the Port 2 controller.
Player 1 starts cooking first and stays in the kitchen until losing a chef. Player 2
then starts cooking until losing a chef, and so on.

Choose Your Challenge

Press the Reset Switch. The Title screen appears on your TV. Wait for the Game 
Option screen to appear, then choose the number of players and the skill level:

Skill 1 is the easiest, suitable for an apprentice cook. You get seven pinches of pepper to fight off the Food Foes.
Skill 2 is for fast-food cooks. Action is faster than for apprentices; you have six pinches of pepper to use against the Food Foes.
Skill 3 is for short-order cooks and offers arcade level challenges. Orders pick up; you fend off Food Foes with just five pinches of pepper.
Skill 4 is the greatest challenge, suitable for a gourmet chef. You have only
four pinches of pepper to ward off the Food Foes.

Choose a skill level by pressing the corresponding number button on either 
controller keypad.


1. Keypad: Keypad Buttons 1-8 allow you to choose your skill level. Pressing
* after a game lets you replay your option at the same skill level and number
of players; pressing # after a game returns you to the Game Option screen.
2. Control Stick: Pressing the Control Stick in any of four directions (up, 
down, left, or right) moves Chef Peter pepper in the selected direction. Pressing the Control Stick up (away from you) when Chef Peter pepper is at or on 
a ladder makes him climb up; pressing the Control Stick down (toward you)
when Chef Peter pepper is at or on a ladder makes him climb down. Pressing the 
Control Stick left or right moves Chef Peter Pepper across the burger parts
or empty kitchen platforms.
3. Side Buttons (ColecoVision Controllers): Press either Side Button to fling a pinch of pepper in the direction Chef Peter Pepper is facing.
4. Action Buttons (Super Action Controller): Press the Yellow or Orange Action 
Button to fling a pinch of pepper in the direction Chef Peter Pepper is facing.

NOTE On the Super Action Controller, the Speed Roller and the Purple and Blue 
Action Buttons are not used.


The Cook's tour.

To build burgers for Chef Peter Pepper's' customers, move the Control Stick up 
or down to make the chef climb the ladders to different levels of the kitchen. 
Move the Control Stick to the left or right to zip the chef across burger parts 
to drop them down to the next lower level. Keep dropping burger parts until 
you've built complete burgers on the plates at the very bottom of the kitchen. 
Build complete burgers and cook your way through six delicious scenes. 

You earn points for each burger part you drop down a level. A cooking tip from 
the chef: Start at the top of the kitchen and work your way down. Drop a burger part down on another and set a food chain going. 

Add the Food Foes.

Lurking in The Pepper Grille are three playful, tricky types of Food Foes--Mr. 
Hot Dog, Mr. Egg and Mr. Pickle--who are cooking up trouble for Chef Peter 
Pepper. While you're building burgers, keep an eye peeled for these foes.
Climb up or down ladders or zip across burger parts to shake them off.

Getting creamed!

You start cooking with five chefs. If you get nabbed by any of the Food Foes, 
you lose a chef. So if you get wounded by a weiner or scrambled by an egg, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on cookin'

Season with pepper.

Spice up your cooking and fight off the Food Foes with a weapon that's nothing 
to sneeze at--pinches of pepper. When a Food Foe gets too close for comfort. 
turn to face him. Then press a Side Button or Action Button to fling a pinch of 
pepper at him. The pepper stuns, but doesn't eliminate the Food Foes. Once 
they're stunned, you can move right through them. Any Food Foe within range
of the pepper can be stunned with one pinch!

But try to be as frugal as possible with your pinches of pepper. You only have 
so many and will need them to get out of sticky situations later on. The higher 
your skill level, the less pepper you start cooking with, and the more you will need to keep out of the clutches of the Food Foes!

Get the drop on the Food Foes.

While you're building burgers, earn points by flattening those pesky Food Foes. 
The more foes you flatten, the more points you earn. To flatten a foe: Wait above him on a level containing a burger part. When the foe is directly underneath the burger part, move left or right across the part, dropping it to flatten the foe.

Foil the Food Foes!

Those Food Foes really dog your heels. To foil them: Entice more than one foe
to follow you. Wait for them to ketchup. Then slowly start across one of the burger 
parts. When the foes are right behind you, zip across! If you've timed it right,
the foes should take a ride down on the burger part! You'll end up with 
scrambled eggs, flattened hot dogs, and a lot more points! Drop more than two
foes on a burger part and they plummet more than one level.

Can't keep a good dog down.

Watch out--those little critters won't stay down long. After you flatten them or 
drop them into the kitchen, they quickly pop back up and get back on your trail.

Time for a treat!

Anyone as hard-working as Chef Peter Pepper deserves treats. From time to time 
while you're building burgers, tempting treats--ice cream, hot coffee and french 
fries-appear in the center of The Pepper Grille. Grab them for bonus points and 
an extra pinch of pepper. But move fast. Delicious treats don't hang around 

The Weiner and still champion!

If you make four gourmet burgers for your customers, you earn an extra pinch of 
pepper for the next round of food wars. Congratulate yourself and relax--but not 
for too long --you've got more customers waiting!

Frankly, my dear ....

The hamburgers were good, but now it's time to add cheeseburgers to your menu.  You cook them the same way you cook hamburgers. Zip across levels and drop burger parts into the kitchen. The Food Foes are still skulking about--faster
than ever. And they've brought in more foes to pursue you!

In a real pickle

Now you're really cookin' But waiting in the wings is a real dilly--Mr.Pickle! 
He'll try to make you eat humble pie. Just stay cool as a cucumber and follow
your past recipe for success. You'll soon have him eating out of your hand!

Bigger and better

Your burgers were a big hit with your customers. But greater challenges await
you on three more savory scenes. Remember, the more burgers you build, the
more Food Foes there are to pursue you--and they just keep on getting faster! So, 
take care. Roll with the pinches and don't trust any of those devilish eggs! Or else the yolk could be on you!

Starting over

Press * to replay the game option that you have been playing. Press # to go back to the Game Option screen.


The Reset Button on the console or ADAM stops the game and returns you to the
Title screen. It can be used to start a new game at any time, and can also be used in the event of a game malfunction.


You earn 50 points each time Chef Peter Pepper drops a burger part down one 
level. You also earn points for flattening Food Foes or for sending them for a ride on a burger part.

Counter Attack Points
Flattening Mr. Hot Dog.....100
Flattening Mr. Pickle......200
Flattening Mr. Egg ........300

Giving Food Foes a ride on the same burger part:
1 Food Foe ..................500
2 Food Foes ................1000
3 Food Foes ................2000
4 Food Foes ................4000
5 Food Foes ................8000
Grabbing Ice Cream Cone .....500
Grabbing Cup of Coffee......1000
Grabbing French Fries ......1500

Fast Food Turnover

You start cooking in BurgerTime with five chefs. Every time one of the Food Foes 
nabs you, you lose a chef. You earn a chef for every 10,000 points you accumulate.

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