BLOCKADE RUNNER...A 3-D space adventure

You have a commander's eye view of the galaxy in realistic 3-D as you guide
your fleet of 4 merchant space freighters to Earth with vital supplies. Hostile aliens have sighted you and forced you into a dangerous asteroid belt. The skilled commander will avoid the asteroids, destroy Robot mines and alien ships, contend with fuel shortages, and prevent the deflector shields from over-heating.


Set up your ColecoVision(TM) or Adam(TM) according to your owner's manual
using controller 1, 2 or both. Insert game, and RESET. The # key pauses the action; press "0" to resume play.


The command can be shared by 2 players in BLOCKADE RUNNER. One person 
controls the ship's speed and direction using the side-buttons and joystick,
while the other fires missiles using the keypad of the second controller.
Players cooperate and join forces as a team; they do not have to alternate as they do in other video games. BLOCKADE RUNNER will also self-adjust to the skill level of the player! The more adept the commander, the more difficult the game. And the further the ship travels into the asteroid belt, the greater the effect of 
collisions with rocks.


Each freighter is protected with a deflector shield that converts the kinetic energy of asteroid collisions and space explosions into heat. If the shield is allowed to reach the critical temperature, the ship will self-destruct. The shield cools slowly with time and by contact with ice crystals which appear at random (your sonar will alert you). The ice also replenishes the limited nuclear fusion fuel that powers the ship.


If bars appear near the sights, you are approaching the edge of the asteroid belt. The ship is about to leave the "Trajectory Corridor" and since there are more rocks to avoid in this area, it is advisable to resume a more direct course as soon as possible. Heat-seeking Robot mines have been planted within the belt. You must attack immediately as they soon explode. To protect yourself, place the mine in the sights and fire a missile. The missile will actually tract the mine even if it does not remain in the crosshairs! Should you survive these dangers, alien ships will emerge and fire circular plasma blasts at your freighter. Since these weapons heat your shield by 30%, it is wise to steer clear of them. The alien ships must be damaged 3 times with missiles before they are obliterated.


You gain:
for each unit of distance traveled..........5 Points
for each refueling with ice crystals......1000 Points
for destroying a Robot mine...............2500 Points
for destroying an aline ship..............5000 Points
for reaching home planet.................10000 Points

You lose:
for each second of time elapsed...........50 Points
for each collision with an asteroid......250 Points
for every Robot mine explosion..........1000 Points
for each freighter lost.................5000 Points

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