The Restrictor Shield, 99 sectors deep, now surrounds the Earth. You are the Beamrider, on a mission to clear the Shield. There you must demolish an onslaught of alien frights as you dodge from beam to beam. Sector after sector,
the deluge deepens...


1. Insert cartridge into your game system with the power OFF. Then turn power ON.

2. 2600- users, skip to number 10.

3. Select number of players by pressing the appropriate number, 1-4, on controller keypad.

4. Select level of difficulty by pressing its corresponding number on the keypad.

Level: Begins at sector:
1 1
2 5 
3 10

You will immediately be in the Space Station. Its control panel displays your score, two reserve ships, sector, number of enemy saucers in sector and three torpedoes.

5. To start the action, move the Control Stick up. The hatch doors will open,
thrusting you through hyperspace to the Restrictor Shield. 

6. Your Light Ship will move left or right when you move the Control Stick 
left or right. To fire laser lariats, press the left side button. To fire torpedoes, press the right side button.

7. To begin a new game at any time, press Reset on the game console.

8. Pause the action whenever you like by pressing zero (0) on the hand controller. Screen will go to black. To resume the game, press any other key.

9. To drop out of a multi-player game without interrupting the other players, 
press 5 on the hand controller when your turn begins. Your score will be omitted and the sequence of play will adjust to the remaining players.

10. 0n the 2600: Press reset and move Joystick to start the action. Laser lariats are fired by pressing the red button: to fire torpedoes, push Joystick forward.

11. Use the left difficult switch to select 2600 level of difficulty: A = Advanced, B = Basic.

12. Turn power OFF before removing cartridge.


The Space Station. When ever your ship is destroyed or when you complete a
sector, you will return via hyperspace to the space station. When you're ready
to continue, move the Control Stick up. The hatch doors will open and you'll
be on your way. The Space Station does not appear in the 2600 version.

Enemy Saucers: There are 15 enemy saucers in each sector. They all must be
destroyed before you can goto the next sector. Every time a saucer is hit, the
number in the upper left corner of the screen will countdown by one.

The Sector Sentinel. When all 15 white enemy saucers have been destroyed in a
sector, their Sentinel ship will cruise across the top of the beams. Only a torpedo can destroy it.

Weapons. Laser lariats are only effective against certain invaders (see "Dangerous Encounters"). Torpedoes, however, will destroy the first object
they meet on a beam. You are only given 3 torpedoes per sector. Use them sparingly since they are your only weapon against the Sector Sentinel.

Yellow Rejuvenators. Occasionally, yellow rejuvenators will float through the
beam matrix. Allow them to land on your deck, as each connection will add a
bonus ship to your fleet. If you shoot or torpedo a rejuvenator by mistake,
it will turn red from the heated blast. Get out of the way! The wreckage will
destroy you on contact.


With the first swing of your laser lariat, the white enemy saucers approach.
But there's more. As you progress through the Restrictor Shield, a sinister
collection of aliens will materialize. A new danger is added with every other 
sector, up to sector 16.


1 White Enemy Saucers Yes
2 Brown Space Debris No
4 Yellow Chirper Ships Yes
6 Green Blocker Ships No
8 Green Bounce Craft No
10 Blue Chargers Yes
12 Orange Trackers No
14 Red Zig Bombs Yes 
16 Magnetic Mines No

Only "vulnerable" objects are affected by laser lariats (saucers and chirpers 
are destroyed; chargers and zig bombs are deflected! Everything else can only
be dodged or, in extreme cases, torpedoed. Magnetic Mines will pull you over 
unless you keep moving the Control Stick in the direction opposite the mine.

Points are scored each time an enemy saucer, chirper ship or Sector Sentinel
is destroyed. Point values increases you progress to higher sectors.

The exact point value for each hit appears in red, briefly replacing your score the moment an enemy craft is destroyed (on Coleco version only).

Also, if you manage to destroy the Sector Sentinel, you'll receive an additional bonus for each ship in your fleet.


Beamriders are a breed all their own. Part warrior, part astronaut and part daredevil. If that sounds like you, and if you've made it to sector l4 with a score of 40,000 points or more, join the club. Send us a photo of your TV  screen showing your sector and score, along with your name and address, and we'll send you the emblem that will identify you as an official Beamrider. Be sure to write "Beamrider" and your score on the bottom corner of the envelope. Indicate Coleco or 2600.


Tips from Dave Rolfe, designer of Beamrider

Dave Rolfe is seasoned software designer with an academic background in 
engineering and computer science. In his spare time, he can be found bicycling
or listening to rock 'n roll.

Greetings from sector 26 and moving! If you want to make it to the outer sectors, pay attention to these tips.

Maintain precise control by learning to TAP the Control Stick to move your
ship a single beam at a time . And stay near the center beams so you won't get
boxed into a corner with no where to run.

Zap the white enemy saucers as early in their approach as possible. And check
this out: You can hit them when they're slightly off the beam, before they can 
drop their missiles.

When you see a yellow rejuvenator, don't abandon all caution as you move to
catch it or you'll likely wreck your ship. If an enemy object is blocking the rejuvenator, you can use a torpedo to blast it out of the way. Then, catch
the rejuvenator. But remember, you only have three torpedoes and they're your
only weapon against the Sector Sentinel.

And while we're on the subject, when the Sentinel is about to approach, don't
sit on the beam you plan to shoot from. Green Blockers will swarm onto it 
immediately! Instead, wait on a beam you're not going to shoot from (like the
one nearest the Sentinel's first sighting). As soon as the Blockers are 'locked' onto that beam, zip over to an unblocked beam and torpedo the ship.

Last, but not least, take time to notice the enemy attack movements. They
generally follow a pattern of motion that allows you to anticipate many of 
their moves.

With practice, you'll be in the outer sectors before long. If you get too far out, come down to Earth for a while and drop me a line. Because reading your 
letters is the next best thing to designing games.


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