B.C. II: Grog's Revenge

Thor has completed his Quest For Tires. Now he must discover the Meaning of Life.

But it won't be easy. The Meaning of Life is hidden away; somewhere in a long maze of mountains.

Each mountain is covered with clams and Thor needs to gather 100 clams in order to pay the toll and advance to the next mountain.

The only way to Peter and the toll bridge is through the "real scary caves". There are lots of clams in the caves but watch out for stalagmites. Keep Thor's headlight sweeping back and forth for maximum clams.

Out of the cave, watch out for Grog, who saves clams from Thor. Thor also has to contend with rocks, potholes, and Tiredactyls (they'll eat his wheel) in his Quest for Clams and the Meaning of Life.


* Make sure the COLECOVISION console is connected to a TV and the power supply is plugged into your console.

* TV should be on and tuned to the same channel as the Channel Select Switch on the console.

* To play one-player GROG, use the controller plugged into Port 1 (the rear jack). To play two-player GROG, use both controllers.



Note: For a one-player game, use the controller plugged into Port 1. For a two-player game, Player 1 uses the controller plugged into Port 1; Player 2 uses the controller plugged into Port 2.

1. Keypad: The Keypad Buttons 1 and 2 allow you to select a 1 or 2 player game on the Game Option screen. The Keypad button 1, 2 and 3 allow you to select the level of difficulty for each individual player. In each level there is a special cave. If you press the correct sequence of buttons while in the cave, you will warp up one level. For example to automatically warp to level 2, go into the first cave you come to and press '22' and you will immediately go to level 2.

2. Control Stick: Move the Control Stick in any of its eight directions to move Thor. Thor moves in the direction you point your Control Stick.

3. Side Buttons: The Left Side Button will take you quickly through the blue information screens. During the game Thor will move at a faster speed when the Left Side Button is pressed. The Right Side Button is unused.


Note: If you are playing a two-player game, players take turns. Player 1 begins, and each turn lasts until the player completes a level or loses all his tires.
The screen has 3 sections - the play area, the scoring area and the preview screen.

1. The Play Area:

You are in control of Thor. Steer him along path. Avoid driving into the wall, over the edge of the cliff, or into rocks and potholes. You can drive into caves or around corners. Try to pick up as many clams as you can. You will need
them to pay your toll at the toll bridge.

2. The Scoring Area:

The number of clams you have collected is shown beside the picture of Thor. But you are not the only clam-digger around. Grog is also after clams. Make sure you get enough clams to pay the toll before Grog gets them all. The number of clams Grog has is shown beside his picture. If you make it past a toll bridge, Peter will take away the number of clams needed for the toll.

Note: If you have 25 clams extra AND have lost at least one tire, Peter will sell you a new tire for 25 clams.



CAVE CLAMS while going fast 20 2
WARPING up a level 1000

3. Preview Screen:

To get to the toll bridge you must know where Thor is and where you are sending him. The Preview Screen acts like a map. Where you are is marked by a square black cursor. When you go around a corner you will see the other side of the hill. WATCH WHERE THE TOLL BRIDGE APPEARS. Learn which paths are connected. Discover where caves can lead you. Find the best route to each toll

4. Grog:

Grog is also shown on the preview screen as a blue diamond cursor. AVOID GROG at all costs. If he should be on the same screen as you, it's "game over". The only visual warning you will get is on the Preview Screen. Be careful
that Grog's not just around the corner, or at the mouth of the cave which you are about to exit. Learn his ways. When Grog is about to come around a corner he will give a "beep-beep". Drive away. . . FAST. When he is on the same path as you, he forgets about clams and hunts you down. Listen for the sound of his approach. Drive away. . . FASTER! When there are no clams left, Grog will jump paths.

5. Caves:

In caves, Thor turns on his headlight. Collect clams and avoid stalagmites. Some caves have forked paths. Where you come out depends on which side of the screen you were on at the end of the tunnel. In each level the caves have only so many clams. The more you collect in caves the harder they are to find.

6. Tiredactyls:

Tiredactyls are another fun foe...prehistoric beasties that eat tires as their tread and butter. They curl themselves up into little green balls and may decide to pursue you as you drive by. Tiredactyls are afraid of the dark and of hair-pin turns, so you can always shake one by going into caves or around a corner. If you just go plowing through, you will have a hard time not feeding the little critter. If you
manage to avoid one, he will not pursue you, but will sit on the path and wait for you to go by again. Learn where they sit on each level.

If you meet up with a Tiredactyl traveling toward you in the same lane, turn around and travel in the opposite direction, OR go around him by changing lines and going faster. If you are not in the same lane as he is, to escape him, just speed up. The Tiredactyl may change lanes, or turn around and pursue sometimes.

At the higher levels, the Tiredactyls are smarter. They can change lanes and direction more often than they do at lower levels. Thor will have to do some fancy riding to avoid them. If you meet one on a corner, your best position is to be as high up on the LOWER lane as possible. This will put the Tiredactyl in the LOWER lane. Then drive towards the Tiredactyl and, at the last moment, speed up and go up and around him. Continue on quickly until you have lost him.


* Try to choose paths where Grog is gathering clams and pick up a few clams while you can. Grog is greedy and leaves none to chance.

* Leave a few clams lying around. If a path has no clams at all, Grog moves faster.

* When Grog is on the same path as you, he forgets about clams and goes for you. Try to lead him astray.

* Grog is afraid of dead ends, so use them as hiding places.

* Study the caves on all sides of the mountains. Remember where you've been.

Level A - Warp up by going into the first cave (on the left) of the path you start on, and press '22' to warp up to level two.

Level B - Every cave goes one way. If B is 2 and C is 3, how do U warp from B two 3.

Level C - Dead end Paths, Dead end Caves...4 Fortune warp to d.

Level D - Some caves go 2 ways. Go around the corner, through the cave, back in, stay left, back in again and press two keys four level five.

Level E - Drive down the path around the corner into the cave, into the cave and try to get to level 6 'too'.

Level F - Down the path around the corner, into the cave, around the corner, into the cave, press two keys for the Meaning of Life. It might be easier to pay the toll.

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