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For one player only
Special "Practice Run" feature

Use your Colecovision controller or Super Action controllers.

Explore the icy Antarctic as you speed around the South Pole with an intrepid penguin explorer. Race against time as you try to raise flags of as many nations at Antarctic ice stations. Leap icy crevasses, hop over ice puddles and dodge playful, curious seals on your exciting journey.

WANTED Fearless explorers for Antarctic Adventure! Must be willing to travel. High tolerance for cold a must. Salary: all the fish you can catch! Fringe benefits: high adventure and lots of fun! Apply Admiral Bird.

Join a polar expedition as you help a spunky penguin explorer speed through ten Antarctic ice stations. Race against the clock to help him be the first penguin to circle the South Pole!

As you travel around the South Pole, icy crevasses appear with surprising suddenness! Leap over them and continue your adventure. Hop over ice puddles or glide around them. Watch out - playful, curious seals may pop up at any moment to surprise you! Capture the flags scattered over the ice and snap up the flying fish for extra points.

Make sure the Colecovision Unit or Adam is off before inserting or removing a cartridge.

One-Player Game
Use the Port 1 Controller

How to Start
Insert the cartridge; then turn on your game system. Press the Reset Switch. The title screen appears on your TV; then the Game Select screen appears. Press ANY Keypad Button to start your polar adventure. If you don't press a Keypad Button, a Practice Run screen appears. Use this screen
if you want to practice maneuvering the penguin across the snowy ice fields. When you're ready to start exploring, press ANY Keypad Button to start your adventure.

(Diagrams of the Colecovision Hand Controller and the Colecovision Super
Action Controller)

1. Control Stick: Press the Control Stick up (away from you) to increase the penguin's speed; press the Control Stick down (toward you) to slow the Penguin down. Press the Control Stick left or right to make the penguin move in the selected direction.

2. Side Buttons or Action Buttons: Press either Side Button or the Yellow or Orange Action Button on the Super Action Controller to make the penguin jump over ice crevasses, ice puddles or seals.

NOTE: The Keypad on the Colecovision hand controller is not used in Antarctic Advnture. On the Super Action Controller, the Blue and Purple Action Buttons and the Speed Roller are not used.


The Penguin explorer must make the run from one ice station to another, avoiding obstacles, before the timer counts down to zero. If the timer does reach zero before he arrives at a station, the game is over. When the penguin has just ten seconds of time left for his run, a warning alarm sounds!

(Screen shot of game screen: Score, High Score, Stage, Time Remaining, Distance Remaining, Speed Indicator, Fish, Flag, Ice Puddle, Seal, Ice Crevasse and Penguin.)

The explorer's first goal is reaching the Australian Ice Station. Press the Control Stick up to make him move fast. Once he reaches his "cruising speed", he stays at that speed until he skitters around an ice puddle or crevasse, collides with a seal or falls into an ice crevasse. Press the Control Stick down to slow the penguin down.

Slide and glide to the "Skater's Waltz" as the penguin speeds toward a station. Move the Control Stick left or right to make him waddle around ice puddles, ice crevasses or seals. Watch out - don't wander too close to the edges of the obstacles or the penguin skitters and loses valuable time!

Sometimes it's easier for the penguin to jump over obstacles rather than slide around them. Press either Side Button or the Yellow or Orange Action Button to make the penguin jump over an obstacle. Earn 30 points for a successful jump.

If the penguin falls into an ice crevasse, he must scamper out again. Press either Side Button or the Yellow or Orange Action Button to make the penguin jump out of the crevasse and back onto the ice. Press the Control Stick up to get him cruising again.

Playful seals are curious about the penguin's progress over the ice fields. As the penguin moves toward an ice station, one of the seals pops up frequently through holes in the ice to see what's going on! Press the Control Stick left or right to glide around this mischievous fellow. Press either Side Button or the Yellow or Orange Action Button to make a daring jump over this curious critter. Try to make the jump over the seal's shoulders since a head-on jump usually guarantees a collision. Earn 30 points for a successful jump.

Previous polar explorers have scattered bright green flags across the polar ice fields. Dart the penguin through a flag and earn 500 points!

Exploring burns up lots of energy and the penguin gets very hungry! As he races across the ice, fish leap up through the ice holes toward him. Earn 300 points for each fish the penguin catches.

When the penguin reaches an ice station, he hoists the station's flag and salutes. Congratulate yourself - you're definitely hero material! Warm up and keep on truckin'! You've got nine more ice stations to reach on your ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE!

When you end one ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE game, press ANY Keypad Button to begin

The Reset Button on the console or the ADAM stops the game and returns you to the Title screen. It can be used at any time to start a new game, and can also be used in case of game malfunction.

When the penguin completes a run into an ice station before the timer counts down to zero, you earn a bonus of 100 points for each second left on the timer. You also earn points when the penguin jumps over an obstacle, captures a flag or catches a fish.

Penguin Action Points Scored
Capturing a flag............500 points
Catching a fish.............300 points
Jumping over an obstacle.....30 points

You start your adventure with on penguin explorer; he is never eliminated from play. However, the penguin is slowed down by falls into ice crevasses, skitters around ice puddles or crevasses and collisions with seals. Each delay loses valuable exploration time. If time runs out before the penguin
reaches an ice station, the game is over.

This instruction guide provides the basic information you need to get started playing ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE, but it is only the beginning! You will find that this cartridge is full of special features that make the game exciting every time you play. Experiment with different techniques - and enjoy the game!

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