Emerson Arcadia
Cartridge Scans

One may ask why would I bother scanning Emerson Arcadia carts?  They aren't very popular and they aren't very pretty.  But like the last puppy in the pound, they have a certain charm to them.  Plus, most people will never find them in the wild (aka: thrift stores, flea markets, etc...).  They are quite rare.  So here is a chance to see one of Atari's competitor's that bit the dust early.  

(To see a larger image, click on the cart or the name next to it)

alien invaders2.JPG (4270 bytes)     Alien Invaders                    

american football2.JPG (5604 bytes)    American Football              


brain quiz2.JPG (4484 bytes)    Brain Quiz                  

cat trax2.JPG (6057 bytes)     Cat Trax           

escape2.JPG (6320 bytes)    Escape

missile war2.JPG (4818 bytes)     Missile War

  Ocean Battle

  Robot Killer

space attack2.JPG (6729 bytes)     Space Attack

   Space Mission

  Space Squadron

space vultures2.JPG (5882 bytes)     Space Vultures

(All images are up for the enjoyment of classic gamers everywhere.   Copyright is the property of owners.  This is not meant as an infringement of copyright, but rather a chance for classic gamers to enjoy).

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