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Issue #73 - This was a milestone issue as it was the 40th installment of Many Faces done by Alan Hewston.  Quite a feat considering the newsletter only went 80 issues.

Issue #74 - Small issue with a review of the Intellivision 25 in 1 handheld controller.  Also, I did a go away message to all the people who kept asking me for roms.  I used to get a few hundred emails a month asking for them.

Issue #75 - The results from the question of whether or not to add more modern systems was in and more people said yes.  Also, there were reviews for Midway Arcade Treasures and Intellivision Lives for the Playstation 2.

Issue #76 - MAME reviews return!  I finally got a new computer and could run MAME again.  Also, I did an article about how much do you need with a MAME controller.  I looked at some of the different options and the games that worked with these.

Issue #77 - This issue we looked at the urban myth, Polybius.  Also, Adam King looked at the Odyssey 2 commercials which I always found quite humorous.

Issue #78 - The biggest issue in years!  I added the start of my pinball articles named Silverball Addiction.  Having found Visual Pinball and PinMAME, I was in pinball heaven.  Alan Hewston listed the top games of 1984.

Issue #79 - This is where I made the announcement that issue #80 was going to be the final issue.  Also did a humorous article about how Sony was not following the rules and actually supporting their eyetoy. 

Issue #80 - The final issue and what an issue it was!  Three pages full of articles!  Almost all the former writers return for one last article.  It was amazing and a great way to go out!


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