There are always those simple little games that drive you crazy. Games like Tetris and Hunt the Wumpus are ones that I find myself playing over and over, despite their simplistic nature. Well, Targ is another of those games. Everything about it screams out old, ancient and archaic. It is a simple game from a simple era. But like many classic games, it is the gameplay that is the main selling point!

When you first look at the game, you can imagine it as a public domain game. It looks alot like something a high school student would do. You have a bunch of blocks in rows and there are ships that come down them. I am being very generous in calling them ships as they are very generic in design. The look like the letter "v" and you look like an ugly green car. As you race up the rows, you try to shoot and destroy all the enemy ships. They do not shoot back, but instead take off and try to outflank you. They have sheer numbers on their side (ten to one). Simple right! Well, it is harder than it appears. Those blasted ships may start off by coming right at you, but they soon begin to avoid your bullets. To make matters worse, after a little while, a ship that looks like it belongs in a Star Trek game pops up and comes after you. Unlike the other ships, this one comes right after you. It is like a homing missile. It also makes a very annoying siren sound as it chases after you.

If you clear a level, you get a bonus and start all over again. Like I said, it is a very simple game! But it is fun and a bit addictive in its own way. Sure, it cannot compare to some of the other classics that came out the same year like Pac-man and Defender, but it is still a fun little game and worth a few rounds. But be careful as you may find yourself playing alot more than you bargained for!

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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