Super Dodgeball
In school you either loved dodgeball or hated it.  I liked the game but they I was pretty good at it.  But I knew enough people who hated it with a passion.  And that is understandable as the goal is to hit people with a ball.  No matter how good you were, sooner or later you would get hit and it would hurt.

This game is probably the first time that I ever saw dodgeball as a professional sport.  Your team will travel around the world and battle other dodgeball teams.  So there is the desire to work your way across the world.  It does add to what would otherwise be a decent game.  Each country has its own team with their own colors and personalities. 

(Each stadium is designed for the country you are in.)

The gameplay itself is nothing to write home about.  It is alot like a game of soccer but you use your hands instead of feet.  You can pass the ball back and forth between players and then you throw it at the other team and knock one of them out.  Most of the time you can easily lob it over and knock one of their pansies over.  There is usually one big guy on the other team that can catch the ball and throw it back.  Besides him, the rest of the team is pretty easy to beat.  They get tougher later on, but never that hard.  One annoying thing is that when you knock their team, they go to the sidelines and can throw the ball at you.  And can keep hitting them but it does no good.  Back to the big guy, he usually takes more than one hit to take down.  But that is about it to the game.

The graphics are cute but nothing special.  The guys do laugh when they beat you and it is funny to see them fall over.  But there is nothing that stands out.  The stadiums have some nice little touches that show the country you are in.  And each floor is designed to fit the country.  It is nice to see the extra step taken by the art team.  The sound is also acceptable but not overwhelming.  I would have liked to hear a few screams and some crying.  I sting a guy with the ball, I want to hear some real crying.

(Lose a match and you will be laughed at.  Poor sports.)

The game is best played with two people.  With one person it is fun, but when you are battling a friend, the game improves greatly.  Nothing is better than beaning your best friend and then doing a victory dance.  But you may want to watch out as he/she may grab a real dodgeball and whack you in the head. 

While it is probably the only dodgeball game out there, it is still pretty decent.  As a one player game, it is nothing special but it is fun to try and beat all the countries.  As a two player game, it really shines.  And with this game, you do not have to worry about being picked last.  And that alone is worth the price of admission.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.