There are strange games and then there are really strange games. This is a really strange game. If you lived during the 1970's, then you know one of the popular events were people streaking around in public places. For people unfamiliar with the term streaking (and I am not talking about cleaning windows, though there may be an interesting game concept there), it means taking off all your clothes and running through a public area. Sometimes it was done for protest, sometimes to attract attention. Whatever the reason, it came and went, with the leisure suit. But it was forever captured in this very odd little game.

Streaking is in its most basic form, a Pac-Man clone. You must run around the screen as a naked woman, picking up these pellets that keep you from getting fatigued. If you go too long without eating these pellets, then you die from fatigue. There are also energizers of sorts that teleport you out of harm's way. They can be used once. You are being chased by policemen who are trying to take your naked self down to be detained in prison. But you want to be free and natural, so you must avoid them.

The game is sorta like Pacman meets strip poker in reverse. If you are confused, let me explain. As you run around, a piece of clothing will pop up that you can run over and clothe yourself. Your ultimate goal is to get all your clothes back on and get a bag of money. You will usually get about two articles of clothing per level, so it will take you about 5 levels to finish it.

Now all you horndogs out there are probably already off to find and download this game. Let me put your mind at rest. The character is so small and so poorly drawn, that the only way I could tell it was a woman was that the second article of clothing was a bra. Of course it could be a transvestite too, but I am guessing it is a woman. You have to be really sad to derive anything from this game, other than a few chuckles. It is pretty harmless and is more of a novelty. The gameplay is very basic and if it wasn't for the novel approach, no one would ever care about this game. You will find that you may play it a few times and show it to a few friends for laughs and then you will forget all about it. Just like the streaking craze, this game is very fleeting and quickly forgotten.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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