(Here comes the spiders from Mars)
This is one of those little games that I never experienced before MAME.  My only exposure to it was the handheld by Entex that I saw go for big money on eBay.  Guess that is one tabletop that I will never add to my collection.  Anyways, we are here to discuss the arcade game and not the handheld (which I never played, so it would be a very short review, and it would go something like this "Never played it, so I cannot really review it. ").  

The game plays somewhat like Space Invaders.  You have the spiders coming down like the aliens in Space Invaders, but the difference is they are making webs and branching out and there are more and more spiders.  Your goal is to keep them from reaching the bottom of the screen, much like Space Invaders.  If they do, you are dead and the game is over.  

(Bummer, you let them reach the bottom.)

The graphics are simple, but do a good job.  You have the cocoons that turn into more spiders, who in turn make more.  You must shoot the oncoming spiders, who come down at you in waves, somewhat similar to Galaxian, except that when they reach the bottom, they go away, instead of popping back at the top.  So you need to avoid and eliminate them, first and foremost.  Then you need to get rid of the cocoons and clear the screen, before even more spiders pop up.  

This is a a good time waster.  The games are fairly quick and the action is pretty fast!  It will most likely not be one of your favorite games, but it still deserves a place in your library of games.  Now if I can just get my hands on that handheld.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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