Robotron 2084
This is the best all-time game for people who want pure action. Forget Doom, get real Quake, they cannot hold a candle to this classic. Robotron is nothing short of pure action. Mix that with the V-Stick and the two joysticks and you have nirvana. This is one of the few games that you can get so immersed in that your house could be burning down around you and you wouldn't know it.

The gameplay on Robotron is as simple as any game ever made, shoot everything. If it moves shoot it, if it doesn't move shoot it. Nothing should be spared from your endless rain of bullets. Don't worry about the survivors you are supposed to save, they are bulletproof. But everything else kills them, so you must try to save them before the robots crush them. Making them bulletproof is probably the biggest stroke of genius in this game. This way you don't have to worry about being careful with your guns, so not to kill some innocents. Instead you can concentrate on mowing down those buckets of bolts and making the world a better place.

There are many different enemies from the straightforward grunts to the devious brains that transform the innocents into vicious weapons of war. Each level has a new challenge and get faster, harder and more crowded. After about ten levels, things are real hairy and you survive on a combination of skill, luck and pure instinct. On some of the higher levels, you don't think, you react. You just shoot and move and some little part of your brain takes over and keeps you going. There is no planning, no rationalizing, just pure instinct. This is when you become oblivious to the outside world.

I really don't need to say anymore about this game as it is well known and well respected. It is probably the best pure action game ever and they will be hard pressed to ever top it. Nuff said!


This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.