(Goodbye Tarzan)
Pirate Pete
When I went to play one of my favorite games, Jungle King, I noticed something that I overlooked before.  Under the list of games, there was a clone listed called Pirate Pete.  I knew of Jungle King and its replacement, Jungle Hunt, but I never heard of Pirate Pete.  I read the quick description and it told about how it was the same game with some changes, mostly cosmetic.  That was enough to get me to try it.  So will this clone by the same company (Taito) hold up against one of my all-time favorite games?

While the basic gameplay is the same, there are more than enough differences to make it a new experience.  The most obvious change is the first level that goes from a jungle to a pirate ship.  And now you are a pirate instead of a Tarzan clone or a jungle explorer as in Jungle Hunt.  The music is also different.  It has a sound like something from a Popeye cartoon.  One thing I immediately noticed as I lost my first pirate is that you cannot just quickly swing through the first few ropes as in Jungle King.  I also noticed that there is alot less time on the clock, about half as much.  It is still more than enough time, but you cannot waste nowhere near the time you could before.

(That is one goofy looking shark, but he sure can bite!)

When you get to the second level, you will see another big difference.  Gone are the crocodiles and in their place are sharks.  One odd thing is that when you kill a shark, it sinks to the bottom instead of floating to the top like the crocodiles.  The first time you kill one, you will think you are dead instead, until it sinks to the bottom. 

(Beware of sneaky snakes.)

This level offers another interesting change.  While the boulders are still rolling down the hill, you now also have to contend with snakes.  These perilous pythons come down from the trees and if you get too close, they grab you and pull you up.  So while you are jumping over the boulders, you must watch when and how high you jump or you may be snake food.

(I found out very quickly about the knives, ouch!)

The last level also adds one more twist to make it more challenging.  While you still have to jump over two bad guys (gone are the natives and now we have dancing pirates), you must also watch out for the guy up on the cliff who throws knifes at you.  So you cannot sit still too long or you will be stuck between the eyes.  Oh and the damsel is sexier (at least in my opinion).  Nothing like a raven haired pirate lass to set my heart aflutter. 

So while it is essentially the same game, there is more than enough to make it a new game and more challenging.  While I still like the original a little better, I think this is also a very good game and one that I am glad that I found.  Try it and see if you like it? 

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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