Legend of Success Joe
If you boil it down to its basic gameplay, you have a simple side scrolling fighting game. But what sets this one apart from the others is its attempt to try and tell a story as well. This is what actually keeps you playing the game, where most games of this genre would have lost you after a few games.

(Your first big opponent, a purple punk!)

The story starts off with you in a Boy Reformatory School, where you have to fight for your survival. You appear to be the person who some thugs want to rough up and it is up to you to show they you are no light weight. Once you dispatch this group of ruffians, you capture the attention of a boxing coach, who gets you into the wonderful world of boxing, where you get to get paid to beat people up.

(To see your name in lights, every ruffians dream!)

As you work your way along, you find that while the settings change, there is still other bullies that you need to contend with, both in and out of the ring. The story is pretty comical as you make your way along. The action is pretty basic, with a straight ahead punch, a body blow and an uppercut. You can also block punches, but that is about it. There are the power meter, so you can gauge your health as well as your opponents (don't you wish these existed in real life).

(You aren't even safe in the locker room.  Bet Rocky never had these problems.)

While it isn't anything groundbreaking and once you complete the game (with the aid of lots of continues), you probably won't want to play it again. But it is a fun run, while you see what happens to our hero and how the story ends.

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