Gun Dealer
This is one of those odd Japanese only games that defies logic. Everything about it makes no sense. But it is a very addictive and extremely fun game, despite its quirkiness. As I said, it is a game that wasn't available over here in the states, though I am sure that shareware versions of the main game play do exist over here.

First thing about the game is the title, Gun Dealer. From this title, you would think it is some Ikari Warrior clone or even an Operation Wolf ripoff. Even a Double Dragon, side scroller is a good possibility, but the game has absolutely nothing at all to do with the game play. The game is a tetris clone, where you get a deck of cards that fall one card at a time. You need to clear as many of the cards as possible before the deck runs out. You do this by making three in a row matches. They can all be the same suit or in numerical order or three of a kind. The more difficult the combination, the more points you get. Getting a flush (three of the same suit) will only yield you 10 points, where a 3 of a kind will yield 500 points. While you may not think that getting tougher matches does more than just pad your score, it is vital to your success. When the level ends, you lose 100 points for each remaining card. So the higher your score, the more cards you can have left. This compounds over the levels, so it is important to build up a surplus of points.

You may think that the game play sounds pretty normal and despite the odd title, it is a pretty basic game. But things get a little strange here. When you finish a level, you are treated to a screen of a practically naked female. Why they even have this in a game that could easily be an all ages game, is beyond me. I think this actually detracts from the game (but then I was never aroused by animated characters, not even Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit). So you have a strange title, a normal game and a mature only bonus for completing rounds. Go figure! If you can ignore the brief glimpses of nudity, you are treated to a very addictive and enjoyable game. I highly recommend it as long as you are not playing in front of a minor.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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