(This building has more agents than an all-star game).

Elevator Action
This is one of those fun little games that for some reason, missed the whole classic game era.  My guess is that since it came out in 1983, by the time the rights were secured and plans to make it were underway, the market was in a downward spiral.  Too bad as it is a great game!  It did finally make its console appearance on the Nintendo, but by then it was largely overlooked by the next generation of gamers.

The game has you playing a secret agent who is sneaking into a building to steal plans.  Well, you are either a very brave or very stupid agent as the building is crawling with enemy agents.  They are popping out of doors all over and ready to shoot you dead!  A little planning could have prevented this.  

Anyways, you are in the middle of a fracas and you need to be ready!  You have two weapons at your disposal.  First there is your Hollywood gun, you know the kind that never need to be reloaded.  Secondly, you have the ability to high jump and land on the heads of your adversaries.  

(Boom, boom, out goes the lights!)

There are a few other ways you can deal with your foes.  They are a little more creative and more fun to pull off.  The first one is that you can shoot the hanging lights and drop them on their head.  But even if noone is there to get plonked in the head, it will put the building into total darkness for a few seconds.  This makes me wonder about the wiring in this building.  Guess it was wired by agents and not by real electricians.  

The goal of the game is to go to all the red doors and collect the plans.  You must go into every red door or you cannot complete the level, so keep this in mind.  Once you accomplish this, you need to use escalators and elevators to get to the bottom and hop into the car and drive away.  Then it is of to another building to start over again.  

(Nothing makes for a quicker getaway than a sports car!)

This is just one of those fun little games.  Who doesn't want to be a secret agent and drive fancy cars and get all the hot women?  There are no women in this game, but you can imagine that you are driving off to the waiting arms of a gorgeous woman.   

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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