Disco #1
Right from the Title, I could tell this was a silly game. As I played it, I realized it was pretty much the same gameplay as Thin Ice for the Intellivision. Instead of being a penguin cutting out the ice around other penguins, you are a disco dude who is dancing blocks around girls. Honest! Just like Thin Ice, the object is to make a block around all the girls, one or two at a time, without them touching it. When you do that, they disappear and a picture replaces the square. Get them all and you get a new level and a harder one.

Where Thin Ice gave you polar bears and seals to contend with, this game gives you what appears to be mobsters and a psycho janitor who doesn't like you drawing lines all over his floor. While these guys chase you around, the girls are oblivious to this and just keep shaking their booties. If you touch a girl, she will freeze in place and it makes it easier to draw the square around her.

The biggest problem is the janitor. This man is on a mission to get you and makes a beeline right for you. There are ways you can ditch him, but they are only temporary. You can go through the tunnels and gain a few seconds of freedom or you can make him run into someone and this will stun him. Also, you can go over the pictures left when you completed a block over one of the dancing queens. This will also slow him (much like diving in the holes in the ice in Thin Ice).

Around the screen are drinks scattered around. Most look to be cocktails and you can pick them up for extra points. They don't do nothing else. Overall it is a fun game. If you like Thin Ice (and I love Thin Ice), you will enjoy it. While Thin Ice is a cuter game, this one has the humor factor. So grab your boogie shoes and make like a Macho Man and do your best to be Stayin Alive! Gotta love the night life and you gotta boogie!

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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