(How utterly adorable!)

Blue's Journey
The first thing you will notice about this game is how sickeningly cute it is. The colors are as bright as the wallpaper in a baby's nursery. Lots of pink and powder blue. It is enough to make you gag or put some Barney music in the background. But if you can get past the color scheme, you have a pretty good game.

(Attack of the Killer McNuggets!)

Blue's Journey (with no relation to Blue's Clue, except in the cute factor) is a typical side scroller where you have to go from left to right to finish a level. There are your customary villains, with a wide assortment of beasties including dinosaurs and some creatures that look like giant chicken nuggets. Honest! I didn't know if I should hit them or dip them in some sweet and sour sauce. One neat feature is that once you whack a bad guy, you can then pick them up and toss them at other bad guys.

(Is that a pink dinosaur?  You have got to be joking!)

Want to know how cute this game is? You start off hitting the bad guys with a flower. Really! Flower power at its best! You later get some more manly bombs, but that is after alot of pansy pummeling.

As is the case with many side scrollers, there is the shop where you can buy stuff to aid you in your journey. You can get tougher flowers, things to heal and containers to hold all your pretty weapons. Of course, you pay by picking up flowers which seem to be the currency. My guess is that FTD would be the richest company in this world. That would make Merlin Olson some kind of deity, a very scary thought .

There are also the usual end of level bad guys, who need alot of hits to defeat. They are also quite cute, which makes beating them up all the harder. Give me a tough bad guy, not some cutesy tootsie. Don't let them looks fool you as they pack a wallop and will hurt you bad. So don't giggle at them, instead start battling as they will not stop for a chuckle.

So if you like side scrollers and don't mind bright colors and fighting with flowers, this is a pretty good game. It has a ton of challenges and keeps you on your toes. So go ahead and download it, but make sure you wear some manly clothes to offset all the cuteness.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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