Baseball Stars 2
Think of your typical baseball game. You pretty much have the basic batter vs pitcher and then the fielding. While there are some minor differences from one game to another, they are all essentially the same. Then you have Baseball Stars 2, which is a loud, wild, supercharged game!

While the basic gameplay is your typical baseball game, the characters are very large and quite animated! While there are only six teams to choose from, this does allow the game to have a large variety of different players who actually do look different. There are quite a few differences, including different hair styles, facial hair, skin color and hair color. This adds to the game as you play more, you get to know different players and their abilities.

One thing that sets this game apart from other baseball games is the extra enhancements. The big one being the super charged mode. When you are batting, you can use some points that you accumulate to super charge your player. With this, your normal baseball bat becomes a huge bat. It almost looks like the unholy union of an aluminum bat and a whiffle bat. If you don't hit the ball out with this bat, you are hurting. Just remember that the computer or your opponent also has super charged points and they will also use it against you. I found that it is best to walk a super charged player. Even if the bases are loaded, one run is better than the three or four you will usually give up. So keep this in mind as the computer is quite deadly with a super charged batter.

The game is loaded with lots of funny little animations. Strike out and a player breaks his bat. Get called out running to a base and he will argue with the umpire. Things like this add to the game. Only wish they did more animations for each thing to add some variety. If a player struck out and sometimes would slam his bat down or throw his helmet, instead of just busting the bat over his knee, it would be a little more interesting. But this is a minor gripe in an otherwise great game!

All in all, Baseball Stars 2 is a fun and supercharged baseball game. It is alot like mixing MTV with baseball, but it is actually a good mix. Now that you can play it on MAME and not fork over the $200.00 for a cart, there is no excuse to ignore this wild and wacky game!

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.