How a game this cool, got such a stupid name is beyond me.  I could think of a dozen better names, like "Escape from Justice" or "The Fugitive" or anything more clever than Bagman.  Sounds like a drug dealing game or a grocery store worker.  Enough about the dumb name, lets get to the game itself.  Bagman has you playing the role of a convict on the run.  But you are not just some fugitive breaking from prison, you are stuck in a mine, where you are trying to collect bags of gold, while being chased by guards.  Why you are in a mine and why bags of gold are laying everywhere is a mystery to me.  But in the fine tradition of classic video games, logic doesn't really matter as long as the game is fun.  

(Level One, notice how the guard is immune to the mine cart.  Cheater!)

The main idea behind winning the game is to collect all the bags of gold and put them in your wheel barrel.  This is much easier in theory than execution.  First off, the guard is relentless.  He heads after you and will take you down.  He is also later joined by other guards.  While he has a gun, your weapons are the money bags (which can be dropped on his head, ouch!) and a pick axe that will send him running.  The only problem with dropping the money on his head is then you have to go and retrieve it.  Ditto for the pick axes, while an effective weapon, they do have another use, namely to knock down walls to get to trapped money bags.

(Level Two, Check out the nifty elevator, a great way to get away from that pesky guard).

There are also different ways to get around.  You can use the tried and true method of walking.  While this is probably the safest, it is also the slowest and there is a bonus meter running.  The next way is to hitch a ride on the mine cars.  This is done by grabbing one of the hand grips on the ceiling and waiting for the car to come by and dropping in.  If you stand in front of the car, you will be run over.  The guards are not affected by the mine cars, making me believe they are ghosts of some kind.  But why would a ghost run from a pick axe or be hurt by a bag of money?  Puzzling indeed!  

There are other things that can help you in the game.  There are elevators that go up and down (real smart Tom, what way is an elevator supposed to go) and ladders to climb around on.  There is also some passages that are sloped, so the money bags will slide down them.  These all add some strategy in your battle to not only outwit the guards, but also in your quest to get all the money bags (carrying one will slow you down considerably).  All in all, it is a very fun game and one I do recommend!  While it has elements from other games, the whole package makes it a very original game and a very fun one!  

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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