Armor Attack
This is one of those fun little two player games that only was ported to the Vectrex. Which is too bad as it is a very good two player game. Not much of a one player game, but a good two player game.

This time you are an army jeep and it is your job to take out tanks and helicopters. Doesn't seem fair to me, but you do have an advantage over the tanks. As you can probably guess, you are much faster and more mobile then they are. This is good as they can take you out with one shot. But they are the least of your problems. Much worse and quite a bit more unpredictable is the helicopter. That's right, death rains from above and this is one pain in the keister. It flies in swiftly and goes right after you. You can shoot it down, but it is a much harder target to hit than the tanks. Most of your frustrations will be targeted it at the helicopter and rightfully so.

Your playfield is a maze that is made up of destroyed buildings. There is a screen that you must download and put unzip into your "Artwork" folder. Without this, the game is practically unplayable as you cannot see where the buildings are and you are driving around blindly. So make sure to install this before you play the game.

As I mentioned before, the main draw of this game is the two player mode. With two of you working together, the odds seem a little better. You can actually use some strategies like have one person distract a tank, while the other comes around behind him and blows him away. Plus, two sets of guns will make quicker work of the pesky helicopter.

All in all, it is a very fun game. By yourself, it won't keep your interest for long, but with a friend it will be a very fun experience. So lock and load and get ready to kick some metal butt!

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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