Sometimes you play a game on a home system and go through your whole life not knowing it was an arcade game. That is how Anteater was for me. My first knowledge of the game came when I bought it as a birthday present for my Uncle Ron. It was a TI game and it looked pretty cool. Little did I know there was an arcade game out there. That was 1982 or 1983.

Jump forward to 1997 and I am looking over the list of MAME games. Anteater? The name was familiar, but I wasn't sure from where? When I loaded the game, it came back. I remember this game! Plays alot like Oil's Well for the Colecovision. Well, I played it a few times and forgot about it again.

Then Doug comes over and as we are looking over the list of MAME games, he asks about Anteater. Well, we boot it up and he starts playing it. After a few games, he starts to figure the game out and moves to the next level. Well, after he leaves I begin playing the game. Now I have found myself addicted to the little game.

The game is quite simple, you just move the anteater's tongue through the the ground and clear out all the dots. Along come ants that you can eat. But make sure not to let them bite your tongue. You have to grab them with the tip of the tongue. There are also other creatures scurrying around. Some can be eaten from behind and others you need to flip the tongue over it.

Well, there is a time limit to this game. As the sun moves across the sky and it gets dark, out comes the spider. This bugger cannot be eaten and will end your game.

There are some nice tasty queen ants at the bottom of the screen and if you eat one of them, then you clear the screen of all the bad guys. This can be a regular lifesaver.

Anteater is just one of those fun little games that you will find yourself playing. Not as addictive as Robotron or Defender, but still an enjoyable little game.

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