Pinball Reviews
(currently there are 21 tables reviewed)

Here is a collection of pinball reviews of both original tables as well as the ones you would find at the arcades.  The first handful came from Retrogaming Times.  More new ones will be added over time.

Adventure Original table based on the Atari 2600 game.
Air Aces A classic pinball table from Bally.
Baby Pac-Man Another pinball video game hybrid.
Bubble Bobble Original table based on the cute and fun arcade game of the same name.
Caveman First pinball table to blend with an arcade game.
Hercules The biggest pinball table ever but is bigger better?
Knock My Teeth Out Original table where you knock out someone's teeth.
Loch Ness Monster A recreation of a prototype table from Gameplan.
Mad Magazine Original table that captures the feel of the classic magazine.
Mario Tee Shot Original table that uses DMD.  Based on the video game character.
Mr. Do Original table based on the Universal arcade game.
Pac-Attack Original table based on Pac-Man that has a toy feel to it.
Q*Bert's Quest Actual pinball table about the arcade character Q*Bert.
Quarterback Original table from Bally based on the popular sport.
Rapid Vienna Kick n Roll Original table based on soccer with real moving players.
Road Runner Actual pinball table from Atari starring the Warner Bros characters.
Spooky Actual pinball table from Italy that has lots of atmosphere.
Ultimate Spider-Man Original table based on the famous comic book character.
Wacky Races Original table based on the classic cartoon show.
World Series 1937 Odd pinball hybrid.
Zombie This original table is based on the cult classic movie, Dawn of the Dead.

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