I decided that now that my comic store has been closed for a number of years (closed in May of 1998 after being open for 13 years), that I would share some of the stories from the store.  Having been around for over a decade, I saw my share of stuff happen.  Some good, some bad and some downright funny.  I will also do some articles that are helpful for people who want to think about opening a comic book store and/or website.  If you ever plan on opening a comic book or any collectible store, you may want to read these.  While it was alot of fun, it was also alot of hard work.  Just so  you know, all the names have been changed to avoid lawsuits.  Check back often for more Comic Store Stories.


Fun Comic Store Stories

bullet Buying Comics - Some Words of Warning
bullet Comics in the Trash
bullet Death of Superman - The Day
bullet Pray For Late
bullet The Fall of the Distributors
bullet The Little Investor
bullet The Writing on the Wall
bullet Late Night Surprise

Help Opening and Running A Comic Store Articles

bullet Newsletters, Better than a Business Card
bullet Website Pros and Cons
bullet Starting A Comic Store - 3 Quick Tips
bullet Comic Store Owner's Biggest Mistakes
bullet Finding Your Niche
bullet Selling Comics Online - What to Sell?
bullet Selling Comics On Ebay - Some Tips
bullet Answering Machine - Cheap Advertising
bullet Eat In
bullet Be Professional
bullet Hiring Employees



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