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Here you will find a wide selection of ads for the toys of your youth!  Whether it be Star Wars, Marvel action figures or Evel Knievel, you will find the ads here.   Check back for more ads to be added!

104 Different Cars - Yeah, an ad for a bunch of different cars.  I like the Chitty Chitty Bang  Bang similarities in the ad. 

AFX Factory Cars - You can tell this is a 70's ad as it just has the look.

AFX G-Plus - Nice pics of some fine slot cars.  I loved slot cars as a kid (my brother was into the trains).  What fun!

AFX G-Plus Penny Sale - A sale on cool slot cars?  What could be better than that?

AFX Racing - I remember these race cars when I was a kid. Wonder what I did with mine?

Aircraft Carrier - Love those old toys that would throw or shoot toys around.  Sure they blinded a few kids and household pets, but it was all in fun.

Aurora $50,000 Model Motoring Invitational - A cool ad for classic Aurora cars including the Ferrari.

Aurora '67 Ford Mustang Contest - A chance to win a Ford Mustang!  Now that is a classic car.

Aurora Anzio Beach - Yes, they made a model of the famous World War II model.  Wonder if they did any other similar ones?

Aurora American Astronaut Model - A nice picture of an astronaut.  Looks like another good model from Aurora.

Aurora Beat the Champ - This one features a famous racer that I never heard of.  But then I am not too familiar with many racers.  But with a cool nickname like Fireball, he must have been pretty good.

Aurora Bride of Frankenstein Model - A nice ad for the Bride of Frankenstein and a Witch model.  Aurora made some of the nicest models ever.

Aurora Cigarbox Racers - Racing cars that come in cigar boxes.  Talk about setting a good example.

Aurora Contest - They dare you to enter this contest.  Sorry to let you know, but you are about 30 years too late for the contest, so save the postage.

Aurora Flamethrowers Cars - These cars had working headlights!  I remember how much fun it was to race at night with headlights, until your car went off the track and you had to go turn on the lights to find it.

Aurora Get Smart - A cool shot of Maxwell Smart and his shoe phone.  I am still waiting to buy one. 

Aurora Land of the Giants Model - Awesome picture of a giant snake.  A very good show that I have not seen on television in a long time.

Aurora Marvel Models - See some cool models of Spider-Man, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk!

Aurora Model Motoring - Decent ad for slot cars.  Nothing special.

Aurora Model Motoring Buddy Learns the Secret - Want to know what the secret is that Buddy learns?  Then read the ad and find out.  I'm not telling.

Aurora Monster Models - See Scary monsters!  This is quite an enjoyable ad for some of the finest models ever made.   They may not have the detail of a huge ship, but they had something else, character!

Aurora Monster Models #2 - Another ad for the great Aurora models.  Man I wished I kept mine.

Aurora Movie Monsters - This one has King Kong and Godzilla!  I was a huge fan of both monsters as a kid and I still am.

Aurora Movie Monsters #2 - A different ad for the classic Aurora monster models.

Aurora Night Racing - Yeah, racing cars with headlights.  Now you can race in the dark.

Aurora Pirate Model Kit - There are actually four different models pictured here but pirates are so cool that I gave them top billing.

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes - Personally, I like the tarpit model kit with the Wooly Rhino.  Good stuff.

Aurora Speedline - An ad for a bunch of Aurora Racing Cars.  I personally like the Mako Shark. 

Aurora Sports Models #1 - This one features a large size view of Jack Dempsey and Babe Ruth.

Aurora Sports Models #2 - This one has the two above sports stars plus three more!

Aurora TV Models - Based on a bunch of super hero and TV shows.  There is Batman, Lost in Space and more!

Aurora Victim - That's right, Aurora sold a victim model.  You could get a girl model and construct her, or leave her in pieces.  Someone lost their job over this one.  Vampirella makes an appearance!

Avalanche - A board game that probably inspired Plinko on the Price is Right. 

Barbie and Midge - An ad for Carnation Milk where you could get free Mattel toys including Barbie and Midge.

Batmania - An ad for Mego toys with the emphasis on Batman.  I loved those toys as a kid.

Batman Model - See cool models of the Caped Crusader and they were only 99 cents each!  

Batman Photo - Want to make photos of Batman, Robin and others?  This kit could help you do it!

Battlestar Galactica Gold Cylon - A send-away for a gold Cylon commander.  How cool is that?  Wonder what they are worth now.

Battlestar Galactica Vehicles - An ad for models of the many ships.  Build up your Cylon army, literally.

Big Jim's P.A.C.K. - Always loved this ad as a kid.  Big Jim's team looked so cool.

Bionic Man - This was the hit with all the kids when I was young.  Here you get to see him battle Maskatron!  

Bionic Man #2 - Another cool ad for the Six Million Dollar Man!

Bionic Man Mission Control - All great action figures had to have a building for you to buy.  And the bionic man was no different. 

Bionic Man Movie Viewer - Yeah, he hawked stuff other than action figures and lunch boxes.

Bionic Woman -Not only a Bionic Woman ad, but one for her beauty salon! 

Bionic Woman Dome House - A cool house for one bad lady.  And I mean that in a good way.

Blythe - A doll that has groovy clothes and can change her eye color.  I could change a doll's eye color too, it is called magic marker.

BJ and the Bear - A model for the big rig from the TV Show, BJ and the Bear.

Black Hole Action Figures - Want to sell toys to kids, don't make them look like a bunch of middle age people.  Might as well call it "Your Parents Action Figures".

Boaterific - Remote control boats from Aurora.  And there is an offer for a free lighthouse!  Where is my time machine?

Boaterific #2 - Another ad for the cool boats with outboard motors!

Buddy L Trucks - These are the real steel trucks.  You know, the ones that can dent your head.

Captain Action - Forget Captain Action, we want the Dr. Evil action figure.  Sorry, but he does not look anything like Mike Myers.

Captain Action 9 in 1 - You can buy outfits to turn him into Captain America, Batman, Lone Ranger and others.  Licensing was such much easier then.

Captain Action Parachute - If they ever bring back Captain Action a good slogan would be "Get some Action with Captain Action."  Or maybe not.

Captain Aurora - Now here is a dork.  It looks like the guy is wearing a hairstyle that was in style back in .... actually never.

Car Models - A nice collection of vintage car models from 1919 up.  Not sure what they looked like in real life, but the ad looks good.

Chip Away - The toy that requires you to chip it out, paint it and clean up the mess.  Sounds too much like work to me.

Chopcycles - Choppers are cool!  Easy Rider did wonders for the coolness factor of the chopper. 

Corgi - Remember the cool little Corgi vehicles?  Well, here is an ad for some of the DC Heroes vehicles.  Too cool!

Corgi 2 - Another ad for Corgi DC Hero cars.

Cox Sure Flyer Planes - Remember these cool planes you flew around?  Dive bomb your brother!

Creepy Crawlers and Fright Factory - How do you sell Easy Bake Ovens to boys?  Make Creepy Crawlers!

Daisy Boys of America - Want to see a face only a mother could love?  This boy puts the "D" in dork.

Daisy Commando - An ad for some toy guns from Daisy.  Great way to start your child on a life of crime.

Daisy Diamond Hunting Trip - Want to get your mom to agree to let you kill small animals?  Bribe her with jewelry.  Works everytime.  How do you think you came to be?

Daisy Defender - I must applaud this ad for being very patriotic.  While I am not a big fan of b-b guns, this is a very nice ad.

Daisy Handbook - One thing I will give Daisy, they may have sold air rifles but they made an effort to get the message across of how to be responsible with them.

Daisy Toy Guns - I love an ad for a gun that says "harmless".  Sure it does not shoot but there are other ways you can get in trouble with a toy gun.

Dan Gurney Road Rally - Not sure who Dan Gurney is, but he must be someone to have his own toy set.

Dark Shadows Model Kit - With Barnabas and a werewolf!

Derry Daring - The boys had Evel Knievel to play with and the girls get Derry!  Talk about a raw deal.

Dick Tracy Tommy Gun - A cool looking machine gun that is endorsed by Dick Tracy himself.

Ding-A-Lings - No, this has nothing to do with that Chuck Berry song.  These are robot toys.  

Dinosaur Hobby Kits - Great ad for all the different dinosaur and cavemen model kits they had.

Disneykins - Probably one of the first sets of Disney toys.  Bet they are worth a fortune now.

Duke - He wants you to be his master.  That's right, Duke the action dog!  Bark once if you remember Duke, twice if you don't.

Dungeons & Dragons Action Scenes - Models of everyone's favorite way to avoid the sun.

Dusty - Here is one of Barbie's rivals.  More of the girl next door look.

Dusty Bath - Is your Dusty Doll getting....dusty?  Then clean her up in the bathtub.  Sorry, I couldn't resist the bad pun.

Easy Bake Oven - See Sally go to the factory for some quality control.  Never tasted anything made in one of these, but I would love to try it.

Easy Bake Oven #2 - Who is the phantom who is stealing the goodies from the Easy Bake Oven? 

Easy Care Manicure - What better to prepare them for the future? 

Easy Curl - Want pretty, curly hair?  Head to the toy aisle.  Huh?

Electric Baseball - An ad for one of the first electronic handheld games.  Wonder how many kids got zapped from it?

Electric Football - I loved these as a kid.  The vibrating field that made your guys go whatever way they wanted.  Those were the days.

Electric Football #2 - Another fun ad for Electric Football, the 1950 edition.  Love those leather helmets with no face mask.

Electric Football #3 - Another cool ad for the game that shakes.

Electric Monorail - Not the best picture, but you get the idea.  Like the one built in Springfield, only more reliable.

Energized Spiderman - This isn't your father's Spiderman (actually it may be, depending on your age), rather it is ENERGIZED SPIDERMAN!  He climbs, shines light, the boy is awesome!

Erector Sets - Ad for the toy that allows you to build a bridge.  Just don't try driving over it.

Erector Sets #2 - Another ad for the toy that started many kids on the road to being an architect. 

Erector Sets Amusement Parks - You can build all kinds of rides from the amusement parks.  Cool!

Evel Knievel - Anyone over 30 fondly remembers this daredevil.  We all wanted to be Evel (except when he crashed, ouch!), but there was only one true Evel Knievel.  At least we could play with the toys!

Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle 2 - Another ad for one of my childhood heroes!  I can remember jumping over 20 cars, just like Evel.  Granted mine were hot wheels, but the dream was the same.

Evel and Robbie Knievel - How cool would it have been to be Robbie Knievel?

Evel Knievel Minatures - For when you want to take Evel everywhere with you.

Fearsome Foursome-If that name doesn't get you to check it out, nothing will.

Fighting Ships - Another ad for the teeny tiny toys.  When you were young, you were overwhelmed by the sheer number of toys you got, until you realize that they are the size of a goldfish cracker.

Flashback Race Car Set - Another nice ad from Aurora.  I think half the ads in this section are from Aurora.

Four Bargains - Half naked doll in a seductive pose, a smoking cowboy, exactly who are they selling these toys to?

Gabbigail - An ad for a doll that speaks Spanish.  Sorta the ancestor of Dora the Explorer.

GI Joe Club #2 - What toy ad section would be complete without at least one GI Joe ad?  This is the first of many for the GI Joe Club.

GI Joe Club #2 - Another classic ad starring Andy and George.  

GI Joe Club #3 - Like the action figure, you can never have enough GI Joe ads.

GI Joe Club #4 - See the soldiers get decorated and I don't mean by Barbie.

GI Joe Club #5 - The 5 Star Jeep looks and sounds really cool!

GI Joe Club #6 - This time it is Battle Grounds of the World.  Sounds like a Disney ride. 

GI Joe Club #7 - More GI Joe goodness.

GI Joe Club #8 - With land, sea and air figures. 

GI Joe Club #9 - This one has the Alpine Patrol and the Deep Sea Diver.  I wanted those as a kid.

GI Joe Meets Atomic Man - Looks like a cheap knockoff of the Bionic Man to me.

GI Joe Meets Bulletman - A man that flies like a bullet.  And he looks just like the golden age character.  Cool stuff.

GI Joe Meets the Intruder - A strong man from space?  Looks like a pro wrestler to me.  But some think they are from another planet.

Giant Doll House - Not only is it ginormous, but it is also electric.

Giant Planes - Want really big planes?  They this ad is for you.

Gigantic Frankenstein - The friend for weird kids.  Imagine walking down the street with your Frankie buddy.  Sure to get some stares and comments.

Gilbert Auto-Rama Fly Over Chicane - I had never heard of Gilbert cars but this ad makes me wish I did when I was a kid.

Gilbert Science Toys - There are quite a few toys shown on this two page ad.  Enjoy!

Go-Bots - Another of the many popular robot toys of the 1980's.

Green Hornet Model - Here is a model for the Green Hornet's car, Black Beauty.  Yeah, it is a sweet ride.

Green Machine - The cool alternative to the Big Wheel.  Every kid wanted one when they were young.

Gregory - Anyone can have a rubber bat, but one that shows its blood flowing and bites your finger?  That could only be Gregory!

Groovy Grabber Top - A magnetic top, is that cool or what?  I was amazed when I saw that tops were popular again a few years back.

Guns of the West Shootin' Outfits - Some nice cowboy outfits for the little buckaroos.

Hot Birds Metal Airplanes - When I hear hot birds, I think of chicken wings but that is me.  These are some pretty cool looking planes but I am not sure about this nearly invisible string.

Hot Wheels - Every toy car collector (and there are a ton of them, just drive by any toy or box store before they open and see them standing out there) will drool over this page.  Not sure what these are worth, but I am guessing quite a bit.

Hot Wheels Rod Runner - This is a cool device that sends your Hot Wheels ripping around the track.

Hot Wheels Super-Charger - I had a cousin who had this set-up and we got hours and hours of fun out of it.

Hot Wheels Tune-Up Tower - Another cool accessory for your Hot Wheel cars.

Hugo - The man of a thousand faces.  That's good as his normal face is pretty ugly.

Ideal Car Racing Track - Race tracks were a big when I was growing up.  And here is one that I really wanted.

Ideal Motorific Race Cars - Don't think Motorific is a word but these cars are pretty groovy.  I especially like the Mako Shark car.

Invaders Model Kit - Here is a nice model of a UFO from the Invaders television show. 

Jumbo Jet - This two foot plane was the mortal enemy of vases in households everywhere.

Kabala - Bring fortune telling home with Kabala.  Now you can win the lottery like all the psychics do.

Karate Kid - Now you can be Danielsan and wash the car and paint the house.  What fun!

KMT Electric Train Set - I was a big fan of race tracks and my brother was into the train sets.  We always talked about combining the two, but we never did.

Lazer Tag - A cute ad for the game that would become a phenomenon that is still played to this day.

Lazer Tag #2 - Made to resemble a comic page, this is another ad for the popular lazer tag.

Lazer Tag #3 - For some reason, when I look at this ad, it makes me think of the Planet of the Apes.

Lionel Train Catalog - Here was an ad for a catalog of Lionel Trains.  An ad for a book that is an advertisement.  Hmmm.  Anyway, I bet the catalog is worth some money these days.

Lone Ranger Model Kit - More Aurora models, this time featuring the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

Lord of the Rings - Ad for Lord of the Rings and Buck Rogers action figures. 

M-16 Marauder - See the young boy with his toy gun.  Back then it was cute, now it is dangerous.

Magnetic Batman - Batman and Robin figures with magnetic hands and feet.  Think of the possibilities.

Major Matt Mason - An action figure with some ridiculous accessories.  Look at that moon suit.  Not even  Devo would wear that.

Marvel Mood Rings - This has to be one of the most ridiculous items I have come across.  Mood rings with Marvel characters.   They don't get any more trendy or corny than this one!

Mask - I was done with toys by the time these came out, but I had alot of requests for newer toy ads. 

Masters of the Universe - He-Man was one cool hero, even if his alter-ego was a weenie.  And the green tiger was pretty cool too.

Matchbox Rug Rally - What better place to have a rally, than a rug?  How about a hardwood floor?

Matchbox Superfast - All they need is some of those speed lines behind the cars to give them the feeling of motion.

Matchbox Super 6 - Six cool Matchbox cars!  Just add some track.

Matchbox Tabletop - I personally like Butter Dish Bend.  Very creative (and probably pretty slick).

Matchbox Torture Test - Reminds me of when we made a whole roadway out of a pile of dirt in my friend's back yard.

Matchbox Whitey Ford - The great Yankee pitcher is hawking toy cars. 

Mego - Remember those cool Mego dolls?  Well, here are some, including a Wonder Woman that you can change her outfits!  

Mego Wayne Foundation - Another Mego ad, but this time it is for the Wayne Foundation playset.

Micronauts - An ad for the very unique Micronauts figures.  The comic was pretty cool too.

Micronauts Battle Cruiser - While they never caught on like Star Wars or Transformers, they did have some cool toys.

Monagram Snap-Tite Van Model - How can you not want a van with a pun for a name like the "Vanana Split". 

Monsanto Airplane Models - Good to see someone besides Aurora advertising models.  Don't get me wrong, I love Aurora models but I like to see other model companies as well.

Moonbase Model - The moonbase lander and astronauts.  NASA logos optional.

MPC Monsters - These are like those magic tricks where you turn it and something changes.  Pretty cool.

MPC Zingers - Imagine cars and vans with ridiculously large engines.  If you have problems doing that, look at this ad.

Munsters Coach - We all thought the Munsters Coach car was the bomb.  Here is a model that you could build and then bomb.

Nutty Putty - Here is the difference between good marketing.  Here you have Nutty Putty.  Ever heard of it?  Thought not.  Then later you had Silly Putty.  Get the picture?

Patty Prayer - A praying doll, how special. 

Pete Rose Batting Practice - OK, get the jokes out about how it is the Pete Rose Betting Practice.

Pez Super-Heroes - See an ad for Pez dispensers of famous super-heroes.  Yummy!

Postage Stamp Trains - These are pretty cool.  Never seen them before but now I may have to add them to my list of stuff to look for on ebay.

Postage Stamp Trains Greyhound Bus - Yeah, you can add a bus line to your train set.  Not everyone can afford to travel by train.

Princess Yachts For Sale - Not found in a comic book but it would still be anadventure to sail one.

Rat Patrol Hobby Kit - Remember the Rat Patrol?  If you do, they you probably had the model kit as well.

Razzy Racers - I remember cool racing cars that you used a balloon of air to shoot.  Mine were Freakies cars but it was the same principle.

Red Baron Hot Rod Model - Cool model but I would not want to accidentally sit on it.  Ouch!

Revell Animal Models - Sad thing is that these animals are still endangered.  25 years later and no real changes.  Sad.

Revell Bug Bomb - Here is a model for a souped up VW Bug.  I know it sounds like an oxymoron.

Revell Gemini Spacecraft - Some unlucky parents had a child win this monstrosity.  Imagine storing that in your yard.  Your insurance rates would skyrocket.

Revell Racing - Either that track is huge or those kids are hobbits.

Richie Rich Board Game - The richest kid in the world has a game with the goal of getting rich.  What a shocker there.

Ricochet Racers - A nice ad with Spider-man and Captain America pushing the toy.

Road Rockets - Cool two page ad for a car target game.

Road Runner & Coyote Model Kits - Hope the real models look better than the drawings.

Rom - Sure he was a comic book, but he was also a really cool action figure!  The space knight would provide hours of entertainment for youngsters everywhere.

Sealab - You can win a trip to live under the sea with the Sealab people!  Whoopee!

Schwinn Bike - See a cool Schwinn bike and one of my childhood favorite's Captain Kangaroo!  But what happened to Mr. Green Jeans? 

Sgt Rock Toys - Never knew they made Sgt Rock Toys but with his longetivity, I guess it was inevitable.

Sgt Rock Toys #2 - Another ad for toy sets based on the man who killed a million enemy soldiers in WWII.

Shirley Temple Doll - The dream toy for little girls (and probably some boys) of that time era.  People forget she was the first and still one of the biggest child stars. 

Shogun Warriors - I remember having them battle my little brother's Godzilla figure.  Launch fist!

Silly Putty #1 - Ad for the stretchy toy. 

Silly Putty #2 - Another ad for the toy that can be used in so many ways.

Skittle Bowl - I remember playing this as a youth.  It was fun for awhile, but it was more fun when we lined up army guys and knocked them over.

Skittle Pool - This one I do not remember.  But doesn't the guy in the ad look like Maxwell Smart.

Smash-Up Derby - This was one of my favorite toys as a youth!  Sure you could only get a head-on collision about one out of every hundred times, but when you did, it was memorable!

Snap Tite Model Kits - Some cool construction vehicle models.  I think every boy thought bulldozers were cool.

Snoopy Model Kit - Snoopy and his airplane dog house model kit. 

Speedy Wheels - A good reason to eat your chex cereal.  Toy cars as a prize! 

Spinja - A two page ad for a toy I never heard of.  Ninja tops, who would ever have thought of that.

Spirograph - I think everyone over 30 has owned one of these cool toys.  A very nice ad for a great product!

Spirograph #2 - Another ad for the drawing toy.  This one shows how you get Spiromania.

Squirt Gun Collection - Sure the super soaker would annihilate these, but who cares.  These look so cool that it would be worth getting soaked. 

SSP - Cool cars and a pretty neat commercial!  Ah, the memories!

SSP #2 - More great SSP cars including the cool Copper Car.

SSP #3 - This ad features the new racers for 1972.  I still remember how much fun these were. 

SSP #4 - What a cool idea, a time trials!  Too bad I never had this, alot more accurate than the kitchen stove clock.

SSP #5 - Did you know these cars were wind tunnel tested?  Neither did I.

Star Trek Action Figures - This great figures were a favorite of my friend Davey and I.  We bought them at Gold Circle and had hours of fun with them.  I especially liked the Gorn.

Star Wars Contest-Here was a contest for Star Wars Action figures and such.  Don't enter as it was over eons ago.

Star Wars Figures - Before Power of the Force and A New Hope was the original Star Wars Figures.  While they came out after I quit playing with toys, my brother Joe had plenty of them.  When no one was looking, i would go downstairs and play with them.  Hey, we never truly grow up!

Star Wars Figures #2 - An awesome two page ad with a ton of Star Wars action figures, vehicles and playsets.

Stretch Armstrong - Cool figure that would stretch and stretch (hence the name).  I knew a person who cut one open to see what was inside.  It was not what we expected (then we were kids and figured it was a big wad of bubble gum).

Stunt and Drag Race Set - Combine stunt tracks and drag racing into one set!  How cool is that? 

Super City Skyport - A cool looking toy from Ideal.  Why didn't my parents ever buy me toys like this?

Superman Model Kit - I had an older cousin that had this model.  I always thought it was cool to see Superman smashing through a building.  I wanted one with him stopping a speeding train.

Super Powers - A nice ad for the DC Heroes action figures.  This was a good set with lots of heroes and villains you didn't normally see in an action figure.

Switch n Go Battle Set - These tanks actually look like fun.  I am sure if someone saw an adult like myself playing with them, they would be creeped out, but it still looks like fun.

Switch n Go Race Car Set - Just like the tanks, these look like alot of fun.  Too bad I never got any as a kid.

Taffy Maker - Another device that I never had a chance to try out.  Oh well, I guess that I will have to guess how it tasted.

Tarzan Model Kit - "Me Tarzan, You Build" is the slogan for the ad.  Sounds like an order he gave Jane before she hit him in the side of the head with a coconut. 

Thrill Set - This just screams out 1970's.  A very gaudy ad, but still fun.

Toy Cars - I like the look on the little girl's face.  Is she shocked by the amount of cars or is it fear for the mess her brother made.

Toy Circus - Even if they are only about a half inch tall, I bet those clowns were still creepy looking.

Toy Pirates - I think of all the toy soldiers, these look the coolest.

Toy Soldiers Civil War - When you want to redo the Blue versus the Grey battle, here is your collection of miniature toys.

Toy Soldiers Convoy - No, not the truck convoy, but rather one of battleships and aircraft carriers.

Toy Soldiers Revolutionary - Get a whole bunch of revolutionary soldiers the size of boogers.

Toy Soldiers Revolutionary #2 - A very old ad for toy soldiers.  At least these soldiers were full sized (that or the kids were miniature).

Toy Soldiers Romans - Want some classic Roman Legionnaires?  Now you have have a bunch of them and they are the size of raisins. 

Toy Soldiers Space #1 - Why only fight on Earth, when you can battle in space.  In space, no one can hear you scream "Medic!"

Toy Soldiers Space #2 - This time you are battling Martians! 

Toy Soldiers Task Force - This time you also get teeny tiny planes and ships.  These are a little bigger, almost the size of a half of a crayon.

Toy Soldiers Vikings - With real floating long boats and real working catapults, how could you resist?

Trik Trak - Now this looks like a fun racing track!  Lots of crazy stuff.  Beats the ones they do now with a shark or dinosaur.

Trik Trak #2 - A second ad for the cool looking racing car set.

Tyco Car and Train - Are  you a train or slot car fan?  I like to combine them together.

Tyco Christmas - A Petticoat Junction train set? Wonder if it comes with the hot girls from the show?

Tyco Curve Huggers - More nice race cars from Tyco.

Vac-U-Form - Gotta like a toy that lets you make more toys.  Sorta like having your own elves.

Viewmaster - If my mom dressed me like this, I would hide behind a Viewmaster too.

Voltron - Another of the newer toy ads.  They even had their own comic and cartoon show.

Warlord - I finally found one of these after years of looking!  Now all I need is the Arak figure.  Anyone have a spare one?

Wen-Mac Racing - I had an uncle who was into these types of cars and planes (mostly planes).  I thought they were cool but were way out of my price range as a kid.

Wham-O - Ad for the various plastic toys from Wham-O including the frisbee and the horribly named, Fluid Fantasy.

Wild Riders - Kenner's attempt to cash in on the Evel Knievel craze.

Wreckmobile - The predecessor to Smash Up Derby only made of metal instead of plastic.

X-Men Action Figures - An ad for the old Toy Biz figures.  Before McFarlane toys, this was the ones to collect.

Zeroids - Mobile robots from the planet Zero.  I did not make this up, read the ad and see. 


Note: All ads and images are the properties of their respective owners.  Tomorrow's Heroes does not own these, we just post them for your enjoyment. Mr Lucas, if you don't cease and desist us, I promise to see all new movies at least 10 times each!  Honest!