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These ads were the imaginative creations to get you to subscribe to the respective companies comics.  Sometimes free comics or reduced rates were used.  Often they were funny!

Archies Holiday Subscription - Santa comes to help Archie hawk comic subscriptions.

Archies Gag Bag Subscription - This one even has a comic strip to read with it!

DC Subscription with Aquaman - The king of the seven seas is here hawking his subscriptions at a buck. 

DC Subscription with Bob Hope - That's right, one of the kings of comedy had  a comic from DC and it is the center of this ad.

DC Subscription with Horror - A subscription ad for all the great DC Horror comics.  Cool ad!

DC Subscription with Penguin - If an overweight villain cannot get you to subscribe, what would? 

DC School's Out Subscription - Superman tells you that with school out, it is time to read DC Comics!  Better advice than Alice Cooper gives.

DC Superman Subscription - Once more the Man of Steel helps you get your DC Comics. 

DC Two Year Subscription - Comics for a dime, those were the days.

Dell Christmas - What better present than comic subscriptions?  And you get a penny back!

Dell Comics Club - Felix the Cat shows you the coolest comics club around.  Too bad you are about 50 years to late to join.

Dell Pen - Little Lulu says it is a good deal.  I say she is nuts.  You can get a free pen anywhere.  And it isn't even that nice.

Dell Rabbit's Foot - Yeah, you get a lucky rabbit's foot with a subscription.  How many subscriptions does it take to get the whole rabbit?

Dick Tracy - An ad for Dick Tracy Comics.  Nothing special but still decent.

Disney Comics and Stories Subscription - Check out those low prices.  A buck for a year subscription!

Disney Subscription #2 - This time you get a free circus picture with every subscription!

Disney Subscription #3 - How about two free books with your subscription?   It's my final offer.

Disney Subscription #4 - This one features iron-on transfers as an incentive to order.

Hawkeye - See Hawkeye shoot an arrow through the very book he stars in.  The blasphemy!  

Krazy Komics - A very colorful ad that is quite nice.  And it features a smiling pig and everyone loves smiling pigs.

Looney Tunes - Gotta love a subscription that is a dollar for a full year of Bugs Bunny comics.  Sign me up for two!

Looney Tunes #2 - This is a Christmas one with Santa Claus himself!

Marvel 4 for 3 - This is the exact ad that I ordered from as a kid.   Those were the days!

Marvel Don't Leave Home - Not really a subscription ad, but this section is a little sparse.  It is a take-off of the famous American Express ads.

Marvel Fantastic Four - A deal so good that Reed Richards and Dr. Doom agree on it! 

Marvel Flying Shield - Sure it is just a frisbee, but what a cool frisbee.

Marvel Free Star Wars - One of Marvel's worst offers, but if you were a Star Wars fan, you may think otherwise.

Marvel Holiday - Deck the halls with Marvel Comics, falalalalalala!

Marvel Holiday #2 - Spidey Claus brings comic subscriptions while the villains sing Christmas Carols.  Crazy stuff.

Marvel Magazine - A nice ad for the Marvel Magazines including Savage Sword of Conan and Howard the Duck.

Marvel Savings Certificate - I always liked this ad with the Stan Lee Money.

Marvel Sold Out - What do you mean sold out?  A funny little commercial from the house of ideas!

Marvel Villains - The Kingpin makes you an offer you can't refuse.  I would listen if I was you.

Marvel What's Wrong - Know those pictures where you have to figure out what is wrong?  This ad is one of those.

Red Ryder - Vintage ad for a subscription to the Red Ryder comic series.

Superman - The Man of Steel becomes the Man of Deal!  If you can't trust Superman to give you a good deal, who can you trust?

Tom & Jerry - A nice holiday themed subscription ad.  Even Santa makes an appearance.

Woody Woodpecker - Get a Dell subscription and get a cool wallet.  With classic character Woody Woodpecker!

Woody Woodpecker and Santa - Another Dell ad with Woody, Andy Panda and the ultimate spokesperson, Santa Claus!


Note: These ads and all characters in them are the respective right of the companies.   We merely post them for your enjoyment!



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