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Remember the ads for companies that wanted you to sell seeds or Christmas cards?  Well, here are many of those classic ads with some of the coolest items for prizes.  From bikes and b-b guns to game systems and live pets, there are all kinds of great stuff here.

American Seed - Sell seeds for great prizes.  This was one of the first companies.

American Specialty Prizes - While I never sold seeds or Christmas cards from these ads, someone must have because there were a ton of them.  This one features some nice prizes. 

American Specialty Prizes #2 - I wonder how many cards were in one order?  By the size of the prizes, probably a ton.

American Specialty Prizes #3 - Yes, another ad.  This one in black and white.

Canary - Classic old ad with many neat items including a live canary.  Poor bird.

Gritboy 1 - Did you sell Grit?  If you did, then you were probably the dude like Grit Boy was!

Gritboy 2 - More adventures of everyone's favorite paper boy!   I have never seen an actual issue of Grit?

J.S.C.A #1 - The first of many Junior Sales Club of America ads. 

J.S.C.A. #2 - This is their bicentennial ad.  Very patriotic.

J.S.C.A. #3 - A two pager, so it may be slow loading.  Old ad with some very interesting items available.

J.S.C.A. #4 - This time they are offering chances to win college scholarships.  Hate to see how many items you need to sell.

J.S.C.A. #5 - A groovy psychedelic ad.  I am guessing a little chemical influence would help sell these items.

J.S.C.A. #6 - This time the Jolly Giant helps sell it, but he is not the green giant.

J.S.C.A. with Mickey Mantle - Yes, the Mick is helping get kids to hawk this stuff.  Wish I had a better scan.

Junior Space Pilots - If you read it carefully you will see two funny things.  First off, the kids are selling salve.  Would you buy salve from some kid at your door?  Second, you have to love a company that says at the bottom of the ad "We are reliable".  Of course you would say that.  I am not saying that Wilson Chemical wasn't reliable, I just find that funny.

Olympic - I am guessing by this ad that all the operators were named Dawn.

Red Ryder - A vintage ad with the big prize being a Red Ryder B-B Gun.

Sell Dresses - Another of those strange businesses.  I get Avon and other door to door, but dresses? 

Sell Salve - Not exactly the kind of product I would want to sell door to door.

Sell Salve #2 - Another ad for the salve sellers out there.

SLC Camping - This ad has a camping theme.  Love the girls hair.  Like junior Peg Bundys.

SLC Prizes - Newer ad with such prizes as a calculator and a pong game system.

Sunshine Cards - Take this quiz and see if your gullible enough...I mean ready to sell their cards.

Super Prizes - Great classic ad with a vintage Superman hawking the prizes.

Uncle Harry - How can you not trust Uncle Harry?

Wilson Chemical #1 - If you can guess their game, they gave you some worthless coins.  Sign me up!

Wilson Chemical #2 - This one has to do with flying saucers.  No, you didn't win those.

Wilson Chemical #3 - Another comic strip version with a treasure cave.

Wilson Chemical #4 - Because you can never have enough of these ads.



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