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Here is where you will find all the ads that don't quite fit in another section.  These are the fun, the strange, the ads need to be seen!  Enjoy!

1941 - Two page ad for the comedy classic starring John Belushi.  A very busy ad.

AAU Shoes - It is the battle of the century!  The AAU Shuperstar versus the Sinister Sole!  Honestly, I cannot make up stuff like this.

Archie Glasses - Add the popular Archie characters to Welch's jelly jars and you have the recipe for a hit!

Attack of the Mutants - Here is a board game that I enjoyed as a kid. 

Bad News Bears Go To Japan - A fun movie cover for a decent movie sequel.

Banana Splits Club - Fleegle wants you to join the Banana Splits club.  Too bad you are are about 40 years late.-

Banana Talkies - Every kid wants to talk into a banana, right?  Guess it beats talking into a shoe.

Battlestar Galactica T-Shirts - There was a time when this show was popular.  What do you mean it is popular again?  Guess everything old is new again.

Beatles Yellow Submarine Art - Want some psychedelic wall art from the Beatles movie, Yellow Submarine?  Gives you some instant cred.  And is much cooler than a Bay City Rollers poster.

Bike Speedometer - Watch Santa Claus hawking a bike speedometer.  This guy is such a spokesman.

Blammo Bubble Gum - A cute ad for a bubble gum that I do not remember.

Blondie's Cook Book - Yes, an ad featuring Blondie and Dagwood for a cookbook.  Now you can find out the secrets to the Dagwood sandwich.

Bonkers - What does some woman who looks like she came off the set of Mama's Family have to do with bubble gum?

Camouflage Paint - What kid doesn't want Camouflage paint?

Casper Bed Sheets - Sheets so friendly, you will fly through space as you sleep.

Casper for Dentists - Who better than a ghost to show you the importance of good oral health?  Does he even have teeth?

Casper Pencil Clip - I always found things like this annoying as I tried to write.  But that is just me.

Casper for UNICEF - Remember collecting money for UNICEF as a kid?  Neither do I.

Charlie Brown Book Club - A club featuring all the Peanuts books.  I am down with that.

Charlie Chocks - Want to know how not to advertise, check out this ad.  I'm still not sure what it is about.

Christmas Ornaments - This is the start of plastic and Christmas.  I hope these ornaments look better in real life as they look tacky.

Cinderella Movie - Another of the great movie ad for one of Disney's classic animated movies.

Clark Bar Football Shirt - Buy candy bars and get a football shirt with your name or whatever name on it.

Cocoa Puffs - Watch Sonny the Cuckoo Bird tell his grandpa a dumb joke.

Collect Paper - This is one of those ads for paper drives during the war.  A nice look at a piece of history.

Comicscope - It is one of those items that allows you to project your comics on the wall.  With a comicscope, a pair of scissors and some popsicle sticks, you can do animation on par with those early Marvel cartoons.

Computer Brain - Scary to think there was a time when this was considered state of the art.

Cracker Jack Story - When you are really good, they call you cracker jack.  I have never heard that.  That or I wasn't really good.

Cracker Jack Jingle Beanie - It was all the rage for kids in the day.  Be honest, you wish you had a jingle beanie to wear.

Cracker Jack License Plate - Remember how you would go to an amusement park and get those license plate with your name on it and put it on your bike?  This ad was for ones that you could personalize.

Defend Your Home - Uncle Sam tells you to get this book to show you how to defend your home from an military invasion. 

Dogs Playing Poker - An ad for a true piece of artwork, the famous Dogs Playing Poker.

Donruss Baseball Cards - This ad shows the first year cards from Donruss. 

Dracula's Castle Soil - Real soil from Dracula's Castle or so they say.  They probably got it out of their backyard garden.

Electric Sprayer - Maybe if they advertise it as a Graffiti Sprayer it would sell better.  Just a thought.

Elvis - Ad for a tribute magazine to the King of Rock n Roll.

Flintstones Mugs - While I wouldn't want to drink out of Fred's head, the Dino mug looks pretty cool.

Floress Lip Stick - A lipstick so good that it made the prom queen contest unfair.

Forest Fire Lamp - Is it just me or is this one warped item?  A lamp that shows a devastating forest fire.  Of all the stuff they could put on it, why did they choose that?  Wonder if there are any burning animals on it?

Frank Zappa - Crazy ad for Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.  Gotta love the line, "We're only in it for the money."

Free Baseball - Ad for a baseball glove where you get a free ball if you buy it. 

French Waist - I thought the inflatable doll ad was bad, but this one may top it.  They are selling girdles in comic books.  Sheesh.  And the lady in it is topless (but she is covering herself).  The text is pretty funny too.  

Fruit Stripe Gum - Remember the fruit stripe zebra?  What happened to him?  Please don't say glue factory.

George Brett - The hall of famer had a VHS tape showing the secrets of baseball. 

Government Surplus - We all dream of a cheap jeep.  That is until it arrives, unassembled.  Yikes!

Grape Nuts - This one could easily be put in the toys section, but we need more here.  It is for some really nice toy cars that you could get in Grape Nuts.  Never had the cereal, must try it one day.

Grog - A plant that looks like a dinosaur and regrows it tail.  They were real hurting for entertainment back then.

Grow Peanuts - Maybe it is me, but if I am ordering a peanut plant, I want the address to be from Georgia or a southern state, not Bronx, NY.

Halloween Costumes - Old ad featuring three classic costumes; Underdog, Bugs Bunny and Jaws.  Yeah,  I said Jaws.  The costume is a joke.

Harvey Records - Sounds like a good deal for records and comics.  Too bad that I am about thirty years too late.  Darn.

Haunted House Bank - A spooky way to save money!  Personally, I like putting my money under a mattress.

Hawaiian Punch - Yeah, the drink is good, but the free silver half dollar is better!

Honey Nut Cheerios - Did you know that bees live for hundreds of years?  Me neither.

Hubba Bubba Gumfighter - Want to learn to be a gumfighter?  Not sure what a gumfighter is?  Read this ad.

Huck Hound Club - Remember Huckleberry Hound?  Well, he had his own club and if you were lucky enough to live back then, you could have joined.

Huskies Anti-Drug - Huskies Shoes does an Anti-Drug ad.  This was the first anti-drug ad that I had ever seen. 

Icee Club - They used to have a club for Icee fans.  Good to see that they are still going strong.

Incense Magic - They really did sell everything in comic books.  Groovy!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Ad of the movie poster for a very creepy movie. 

Jonny Quest - An ad for the CBS cartoon lineup featuring Jonny Quest.  Some great cartoons on that day! 

Josie and the Pussycats - Buy Kelloggs cereal and get Josie records.  Beats a magnet.

Kelloggs Back to School - I had a friend who had one of those owl calculators.  Now I know where he got it from.

King Kong - This is an ad for the 1970's movie with Jessica Lange.  Cool poster, mediocre movie.

Kiss Solo Albums - Nice ad for the solo albums from the four members of Kiss.  Nice artwork.

Kraft Marshmallows and TWA Contest - A chance to fly with the pilot in an airplane.  Now that would never happen today.

Lakeside Tatooz - This company later became LA Ink.  Really and Mikey died from eating pop rocks.

Make Candy - Like Margaret O'Brien wants me to believe that Hollywood kids make their own candy.  Their servants may make it for them, but I doubt they do it.

Man Country - A sexist way of getting boys to sign up to learn to be a park ranger.

Meatloaf - Did you know he was the Humongous Star of the Universe?  Neither did I!  But he is, this ad says so.

Melody Time - Here is a nice ad for a classic Disney movie that most people are not familiar with.  But it did have Pecos Bill and the Three Caballeros. 

Mets Wrist Watch - A cool watch for the New York Mets starring Mr. Met.

MLB Pennants - Know how old this is?  There are only 16 baseball teams.

Morning Funnies - Don't remember this cereal, but it opened up so you could read funnies while eating your cereal.

Mr. Bubble - An ad featuring some kids who like to get dirty...and then clean.

NBC Saturday Morning Cartoons - Check out this ad for classic cartoons like Godzilla, Space Ghost and the Herculoids!

NBC Saturday Morning Peacock Club - A quiz for peacock members only.

Necco Stamps - Eat the candy and get some stamps.  All you get these days is cavities.

NFL Helmets - If you were like me as a kid, you had a stack of these.  I used to play all kind of games with them.  Memories.

NFL Yearbook - Check out those stars, Fran Tarkenton, Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath.

Ninjutsu - Learn the secret art of the Ninjas.  Then you can star in a bunch of cheesy Hollywood movies.

NRA Medals - Bet Ted Nugent had a few of these as a boy.

P.F. Canvas Shoes - A cool ad in the style of the Hostess ads, but about shoes.  Gotta like shoes made from BF Goodrich.

Polio - Here is an ad from a 1950's comic on how to prevent polio.  I am not sure if this information is accurate as it seems a bit extreme.

Popeye Pop Ice - Yes, the sailor man hawked more than just spinach and chicken.

Popsicle - A groovy 60's ad for popsicles.  Made you wonder what they were made of then.

Psychedelic Love-Ons - Trippy stickers for the hippy wanna bes.

Quik Bunny - Forget Gatorade, it is Quik Chocolate Milk that motivates athletes.

RC Cola Cool Under Fire - Stop a fire and get rewarded with RC Cola.  Priceless. 

RC Cola Drama on the Highway - See the power of RC Cola as it helps foil a robbery.

RC Cola Duel in the Sand - Similar to the Joe Weider commercials, but it is RC Cola that helps.

RC Cola Four Against the Sea - Can the mighty sea claim the lives of RC and Quickie?  Tune in to find out.

RC Cola Give the Heel the Boot - No one likes a heel and RC and Quickie are no different.

RC Cola and the Mysterious Blonde - What is the secret of the blonde?  Read and find out.

Record Deal - And you thought the deals you see in magazines now are whacked.  This one gives you 60 songs for a low price, but if you read it, nowhere does it say they are the original songs from the original artists.  I did one of these deals when I was young and ended up with what sounded like a wedding band doing bad versions of pop songs.  It took years of therapy to get over that.

Reeses Pieces - Keeping with the alien theme (remember the candy being used in ET?), they decide to showcase an uglier alien.

Rolling Stones Black and Blue - See a drawing of the famous band.  The drawing is so so but their music is awesome!

Royal Jello #1 - This one gives you pics and stats of famous sports and movie stars.  Gotta like how they call him Gordon Howe.

Royal Jello #2 - This time they are offering pics from the classic Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland.

Saturday Morning Fever - Ad for Saturday Morning Cartoons. 

Saturday Morning Fonz - Another ad for Saturday Morning Cartoons.  This one features the Fonz.

Schmoo Savings Bond - Even the Schmoo helped with the war effort by selling US Savings Bonds.

Schwinn Comic Book - Here is an ad for the Schwinn Comic Book given away with the bikes.  Never heard of it.

Schwinn Roy Rogers and Trigger - What does Roy Rogers like to ride when not on Trigger?  A Schwinn bike of course! 

Scribbler - Ever heard of Scribblers?  Me neither.  Think their name made mothers pass on it?

Sears Winners - The secret to Michael Jordan's success if finally revealed!  Bet you didn't know that he had Winners hidden under that Nike shell.

Six Flags - Look how few parks they had then.  Bet they had alot less debt too.

Slim Jims - An ad that is requested often.  People like the werewolf, I guess.  Personally, I want to know what happened to the bacon flavored Slim Jims.

Slim Jims Vampire - Another monster going after the Slim Jims.

Snippys - Ever want to cut paper with Woody Woodpecker or Tweety Bird?  If the answer is yes, look at this ad and go search for a pair of Snippys.

Snoopy Pencil Sharpener - I knew a kid that had one of these, when I was young.  I hate to admit it, but he was a more popular kid than I was.  Could it have been the pencil sharpener?

Snurfer - This ad is both weird and creepy.  Want to snow board on a giant bug with a human face?  If the answer is yes, this ad and some therapy is for you.

So Dear to my Heart - Another great ad for a classic Disney animated movie. 

Song of the South - A great ad for one of my favorite Disney films.  Zip a Doo Da!

Speedy Wheeler - The kid with the horrible name is hawking Schwinn Bikes (See there is a reason for his bad name).

Spiro Agnew Watch - Yes, they made watches with the former vice president on them.   Also the Tricky Dick Nixon watch.

Star Frontiers - One of the follow-ups to Dungeons & Dragons from legendary game designer, TSR.

Star Trek Collectibles - See a bunch of stuff that probably sells for a fortune on ebay now.

Star Trek the Motion Picture - Ad for the first Star Trek movie.  Whatever happened to the bald woman?

Star Wars Belt and Buckle - The force can do many things, but it will not hold up your pants.  That is what the Star Wars belt is for!

Star Wars Watch - You can't save the galaxy if you are late, so get the Star Wars watch and be on time for the princess.

Sugar Daddy Pro Sports Tickets - Free NFL tickets?  Nope.  Free MLB tickets?  No way.  But you could see a Professional Lacrosse game.

Swiss Chalet Clock - A really nice clock that I can guarantee goes for alot more than the price shown on ebay.

Switchblade Comb - When you need style when styling your hair, the switchblade comb delivers.  It may also get you killed, but you must suffer for style.

Thom McAn with Bob Feller - This time we have hall of fame baseball pitcher, Bob Feller hawking Thom McAn shoes. 

Tigerboy - Give the kid some new tires and a striped shirt and he becomes a big deal.

Tiki Gods - Want a real Tiki God head for your keychain?  Then pass on this one that was made in New York.

Toot Sweet - Remember the whistle candy from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?  Well, this ad is even stranger.

Tootsie Roll Christmas - Get a load of the giant Tootsie Roll that Santa is packing!

Tootsie Roll Circus - A nice classic ad with an elephant, clowns and more!

Tootsie Roll Indian Legend - Want to look really different?  You would with all these Tootsie Roll clothes.

Tootsie Roll of Honor - Tootsie Rolls help with the war effort and recognize those who help.  And you thought they were just candy that people always seem to throw at parades. 

Tootsie Roll of Honor #2 - Another classic ad for Tootsie Roll and how to help the war effort.  This one even has Uncle Sam in it!

Tootsie Roll Outer Space - In space no one can hear you eat Tootsie Rolls, but they still taste just as good.

Tootsie Roll Rocket - What is better than a Tootsie Roll?  One you can shoot like a rocket.

Tootsie Roll Thanksgiving Float - Macy's and Tootsie Roll teaming up for Thanksgiving?  Sure, why not.

Topps Sports Club - A club for baseball card collectors.  Nice 1975 Brooks Robinson card shown.

Touch-Ems - While I am not big fan of the stickers, I do like the ad with all the classic cartoon characters.

Toy Story - Nice movie poster ad for the classic Pixar film.

Trix Bike Flag - Even though those kids won't share their cereal with him, the rabbit looks out for them.  Sucker.

Trix Cereal - This is before the Trix Rabbit and I for one am glad he came along.  What an ugly box design. 

Trix Rabbit #1 - This is more like it, watching the rabbit fail miserably.

Trix Rabbit #2 - Another failed attempt by everyone's favorite white rabbit.

Triolette Underwear - Another of those ads for women's underwear that were coveted by teenage boys in the day. 

T-Shirt Transfer #1 - A cool ad for Roach Transfers with many popular shirts of the time.

T-Shirt Transfer #2 - Another ad for the T-Shirt transfers.  I had a few of these.

Tubble Bubble Soap - Join Tubby the Whale and a kid who looks like the girl from Wendys.

Twinkles Cereal - A cereal before my time, but this one came with a record! 

Underoos - A popular underwear that allowed you to at least dress like a super hero.

Very Special People - It is a book full of people who are often labeled freaks. 

Vulture Squadron - Cool ad with Dick Dastardly of Wacky Races fame.

Wallets - Here is a whole bunch of cool looking wallets or billfolds as they are called.  Which one is your favorite?

Warner Bros Jungle Habitat - Never visited it, but it sounds like fun.  Bet they are out of business now.

Wheaties Foreign License Plate Offer - Eat Wheaties and get some unique looking license plates from around the world.  Sure beats the prizes they give you now.

Wheaties with Al Rosen - The great Cleveland Indian gives some hitting tips.  Pay attention kids.

Wheaties with Bob Feller - Featuring Hall of Famer, Rapid Robert.

Wheaties with Buddy Rosar - They didn't do this man any justice in his portrayal.  The drawing makes him look like a giant Cabbage Patch Doll.

Wheaties with Don Hutson - We need a few football players to round things out as it is mostly baseball players. 

Wheaties with Eddie Joost - Never heard of him, but he must have been good to make a Wheaties ad.

Wheaties with Eddie Stanky - Bet he got teased alot as a kid with that name. 

Wheaties with Frank Thomas - No, not that Frank Thomas.  This is the famous college football coach.

Wheaties with George Kell - More great tips for aspiring baseball players.

Wheaties with George Mikan - Basketball great George Mikan shows the spark that fuels a true champion.

Wheaties with Hal Newhouser - Great Tiger pitcher, Hal Newhouser stars in this ad.

Wheaties with Hank Greenberg - Another Hall of Famer who made Wheaties their breakfast cereal.

Wheaties with Martin Marion - Wonder if his house was cleaned by Maid Marion?

Wheaties with Mel Parnell - Swell Mel is the star of this ad.  40 wins in his first two seasons!

Wheaties with Pee Wee Reese - This was one player that played much bigger than his nickname.

Wheaties with Phil Rizzuto - From great player to great broadcaster to Wheaties spokesman, he did it all.

Wheaties with Preacher Roe - Great Baseball Pitcher, Preacher Roe uses the Wheaties Spark to shut down the opposition.

Wheaties with Ralph Kiner - One of the many great ads that Wheaties did with professional athletes.  This one features Pittsburgh Pirate great, Ralph Kiner.

Wheaties with Rudy York - From the picture, he looks more like a steak and eggs kind of guy than Wheaties.

Wheaties with Stan Musial - "The Man" gets his hall of fame power from the toasted flakes of Wheaties.

Wheaties with Tom Fears - This one features football great Tom Fears of the Los Angeles Rams.

Wheaties with Tommy Holmes - I think he holds the record for the most words in a Wheaties ad.  But he was a very good hitter.

Wheaties Voit Football Contest - 10,000 winners!  Now those were some pretty decent chances.  Not like today when they say "Many will enter but few will win."

Wheaties with Yogi Berra - Wonder if he had any Yogisms about Wheaties?

Whoppers in History - Whoppers influencing history?  Now that is the biggest whopper of them all.

Winthrop Shoes - Ad for shoes starring baseball star, Fred "Dixie" Walker.  Guess times have changed because I don't think a nickname like Dixie would be too manly these days.

Witchcraft - An ad for a book that teaches witchcraft.  Tried to make it readable but the text is so small.

Wonder Bread - Buy Wonder Bread and get cards from the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  I would rather have Star Wars cards, but that is me.

Woodstock - For all those hippie wanna be's who could not make the concert, now you can wear the jewelry.

Wubble Bubble - Big deal back then, but now you can get the same thing at a dollar store.


All characters, products and trademarks are the rights of their prospective owners.  The display of these ads is in no way an infringement on their rights.  Rather it is for all fans to enjoy.  Meatloaf, please don't sue us, we really did like your performance in Rocky Horror Picture Show.



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