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Currently there are 1195 different ads!


Welcome to our Comic Book Ads!  These are posted for the enjoyment of all comic book fans.  These ads are as much a part of the history and lore of comic books as the stories themselves.  What kid did not order or dream of ordering such classics as Sea Monkeys, Polaris Subs or X-Ray glasses that we saw in the comic books.  Well, this section is here to immortalize these great ads.  

Classic Ads
From Charles Atlas to Sea Monkeys they can all be found here!
Comic Ads
These are the ads for comic books. 
Hostess Ads
Everyone remembers the clever Hostess ads!
Miscellaneous Ads
These are the ads that do not fit in any other section.
Remember all those ads for prizes if you sold seeds, Xmas cards or salve?  Here they are, with the prizes!
These are the ads that used the same format and characters over a period of time.
Subscription Ads
This was the companies way to get you to subscribe to their books.
Super Heroes
Here are ads featuring the Superheroes of Marvel, DC and other companies as they sell stuff.
Toy Ads
Our most popular section!  From GI Joe to Corgi to the Bionic Woman!

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These ads are up for the enjoyment of fans.  All rights are of the respective parties.  We only post these for fans to enjoy and do not mean to infringe on any rights. 

This site offers nothing for sale.  All ads shown here are old ads and up just for enjoyment. 



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